Disappointment, frustration, self-loathing and parenting.

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#141 ? I Hate Nazis Though
Nick and James take a bold stance on Nazis. I mean apparently it is a bold stance on Nazis in 2017, so that gag no longer makes any sense. Also, they talk about Pixar vs Dreamworks, and the ennui of children.Listen

#140 ? Your Opinions On The Extension To The M3 Motorway
If the M3 had a bus lane, we would probably throw our parents onto it. In our first episode in a long time, Nick stumbles into a therapy session with James.Listen

#139 ? 911 Conspiracy Theories
Nick and James have some fun, and then Nick introduces a subject that probably needs a content warning.Listen

#138 ? There Were Three Bears
Nick reads a couple of his favourite childrens' story books, in the hopes of staving off complete system breakdown.Listen

#137 ? Offering Out The Spaniards
Alternative Title: "A Shoe-In For Actual Cancer" Up for discussion: Why are the English such a pestilence on this planet?Listen

#136 ? Southampton Superpod: A Dangerman Will Come?
Recorded live at Southampton Superpod 2017, with special guests Stacey Taylor and Michael Georgiou!Listen

#135 ? The Flavour Of The Room
James is making coffee, and Nick has to apologise to his son, but passive-aggressively.Listen

#134 ? The Infinite Monkey Problem
Nick and James have what passes for an argument in polite society about their fetishes.Listen

#133 ? Generation X Has Got This
James doesn't know how to take a compliment, and Nick doesn't know how to give one.Listen

#132 ? Cycle Power Go!
Nick worries about James getting Final Destinationed.Listen

#131 ? Sexy Cheese On Toast And Entropy
Nick asks a simple question about genitals. James totally hijacks it with his SJW agenda. He's such a cuck.Listen

#130 ? Only Fools And Horses Work
Nick learns all about James' real best friend, and James listens to Nick read James' words.Listen

#129 ? Numbers Are Arbitrary
Alternate title: The Disproportionate Amount Of Celebrities Who Died In 2016 It's 2017 and everything is Britannia Music now. James talks about The Nook, and Nick is the spirit of 2016.Listen

#128 ? Non Specific Cancer Is Funnier
Nick and James talk about fine British food, Christmas songs, and how all parents are perfect.Listen

#127 ? The War On Gratitude
Nick and James look through a guinea pig darkly, while doing their first proper live recording.Listen

#126 ? To Every Season Turn
Our first show in ages. We don't talk about any of James' stuff, but we do talk about entropy, and using Dan Harmon as a barometer for how to live your life.Listen

#125 ? Special Episode: Recorded at Twittercomic2016 ? Another Conversation About Mental Health Treatment
In this very special episode, recorded on the 15th October, 2016 at the Twittercomic2016 event, James talks to Timothy Swann, Beth and George Beedham and David Wynne about mental health and the NHS.Listen

#124 ? Special Episode: Recorded at Twittercomic2016 ? A Conversation About Mental Health Treatment
In this very special episode, recorded on the 15th October, 2016 at the Twittercomic2016 event, James talks to Beth and George Beedham about their personal experiences with mental illness and mental healthcare.Listen

#123 ? Listener
Nick and James do a live broadcast. It is exciting!Listen

#122 ? Not Now, Nutbrown
Nick goes on an ill-conceived adventure in children's books and reading.Listen

#121 ? A Couple Of Braying Manbabies
Alternate name: Resident Willy Expert James wants to build a computer, and Nick suddenly finds himself thinking about HR Giger for the weirdest reasons.Listen

#120 ? Nice Beavers
Nick and James are Totes Cray Cray. This is us accidentally talking about politics again, by the way. Sorry!Listen

#119 ? A Herd Of My Time
Nick has a hard out, and James has to make a meal of something. A short episode this time, and there's some awfully ropey sound at the beginning. It levels out really quickly, though, we promise.Listen

#118 ? Proper Grown Adults
James thinks all women should be one way, and Nick thinks everybody should think like him.Listen

#117 ? Gardens Of The Galaxy
After a long time Nick and James reunite at the same old studios on the same old day of the week to talk about dog medication, kid gymnasts, boring diagnoses and coping with Trump.Listen

#116 ? Stacey?s Pop Culture Parlour Live 2 Preshow and After-Party
Alternate titles: Jimmy Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine / Harmon Piss Nappy / The Spirit Of The Escalator / It's Time For Our Party Trick James and Nick guest star on the amazing Stacey's amazing Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour Live 2, a 24 hour podcast for charity. This is what happened before and after it.Listen

#115 ? To Comfort The Bystander
We didn't want to talk about the referendum, but it's the first time we've been in a position to, so there's that.Listen

#114 ? A Lovely Cinnamon Vagina
James and Nick reunite after too long apart. James has taken up cycling but doesn't mention it once, and Nick is definitely a nice person.Listen

#113 ? Can?t Get Away With That
Nick struggles with masculinity – mainly his own – and talks at length about bad dads and Jay Edidin’s excellent column How To Be A Guy. You can read Jay’s first column (as discussed) here: “How To Be A Guy” by Jay EdidinListen

#112 ? Drive-By Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Nick is feeling a bit mentally unhealthy, but has some thanks to deliver…Listen

#111 ? One Gay Man
Nick and James are a nonsense, but they’re the nonsense you deserve. Also, Nick has a persistent nasal whine in this one. Sorry about that – no filter exists to get rid of it. Also we’re raising funds to cover hosting for the next two years! If you want to help, click here! Things: Disney Princess Magiclips […]Listen

#110 ? Dang Tangfastic
Nick and James return after a short and unplanned break with renewed internet and rekindled anger at the world. No real shownotes this week, because we only talk about really obvious popular culture, and Nick has to take the boys to the childminder at some ridiculous time in the morning. Our Patreon, for those who […]Listen

#109 ? 3 Grown Men
James worries about easy erections, Nick wants to have a Freudian conversation off mic, and Jon visits! Remember, if you want to support us, there’s always Patreon!: patreon.com/totp (Or you could buy something from one of the Amazon links down there…) Show Notes: “The Birdie Song” by The Tweets: Rod Hull – Wikipedia Johnny Morris […]Listen

#108 ? Everyday Different
Nick talks directly to you, the listener, and the show has an existential crisis. Also featured in this episode: “Everyday Different” by Nicolas Papaconstantinou – link Mentioned in this show: Inside Out – “Your desperation is making me sad”: Anomalisa: Naked (a totally unrepresentative trailer): David Thewlis – IMDB Jennifer Jason Leigh – IMDB The […]Listen

#107 ? Not Being Racist
Nick and James are crammed into a very cosy space, and Nick is slowly succumbing to a very coldy nose. Also, James makes some room in his life for his PS4, and Nick does some advertising. Not a lot of shownotes this week – it wasn’t a particularly shownotey week! Just these two nuggets: Here’s […]Listen

#106 ? Medication Validation
James and Nick do a podcast about stuff. It’s kind of even more free-ranging than normal, and ends up with a conversation about cock. Show notes: “Do Re Me So Far So Good” by Carter USM: Carter USM – Wikipedia / Amazon Tim and Max Learnt Everything They Know About Life From Popular Culture ? […]Listen

#105 ? Two White Men Talk About Race
Nick and James talk about the Oscars and diversity and how they want to argue with people. Also: Are the Prodigy monsters? Show Notes: Faith No More – Wikipedia Queen?s Greatest Hits: ?Here Come The ABCs? by They Might Be Giants – Amazon ?Smack My Bitch Up? by Prodigy – YouTube / Amazon ?Kiss With […]Listen

#104 ? Sit Down and Do Big Talk
James and Nick talk about comedy and giving their children nosebleeds and inequality. Show notes: “Andy Weir: The Martian” – link Rick from “Rick and Morty”: Dan Harmon from Harmontown: Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby disgrace themselves: Denis Leary – Wikipedia Steven Wright – Wikipedia Sam Kinison – Wikipedia Sam Kinison’s First Appearance on Letterman: […]Listen

#103 ? Diamond Bullet Memories
Is this a self-indulgent podcast episode, or the MOST self-indulgent podcast episode? This episode has two full grown men on it, but both of them are Nick. Sorry, everyone! Show notes Those “Under Pressure” (by Queen and David Bowie) isolated vocals (download here): That Elephant Words image: 10/01/2016 Image ? ?The Enola Gay? by Trey […]Listen

#102 ? About Dan Harmon: The Star Wars Episode
Alternate title: “Always be flagging” Reunited after a bloody long time, Nick and James contend with Star Wars, Nick wrestles with bad audio, and James struggles with people being allowed to have opinions. Shownotes: “Compton” by Dr Dre – Amazon “Sax Man” by Lonely Island – Amazon / YouTube “Flutes & Trombones” by Tenacious D – […]Listen

#101 ? A Quick Update
Nick has just a few quick bits of information for you, listener!Listen

#100 ? Semi-Colons That Weren?t There Before
Alt title: “Who Gives A Fuck About The Oxford Comma?” Nick tries to talk about procrastination. James stages an intervention. They talk about the nature of flaking. Show notes: “The Garden Centre” by James Gillie – link Waterworld – IMDB / Amazon Amanda Bird at Elephant Words – link Alex Jury at Elephant Words – link […]Listen

#99 ? The Guinea Pig Is Still Alive
Alternate title: “I was a Commie chef” or “I Do Think About The Corrs A Lot”. Yes, folks, we’re still here. This episode has been cursed, but here it is! THE GUINEA PIG IS STILL ALIVE! Nick and James get mired in politics and ideology and stuff, and then mention their kids at the very end. […]Listen

#98 ? They Haven?t Invented A Pill Yet That Can Help You
James is back at work, and Nick is upset about Dan and Erin. They talk about a lot of other podcasts in this episode – see the show notes for details of which ones! Show notes: “Incredibad” by The Lonely Island – Amazon Comedy Bang Bang #312: Grounded Me@ – link “Hi Ho Silver” by Jim […]Listen

#97 ? A Bit Reductive
James has some good news and some pop knowledge, and Nick is an accidental M?ori racist. Also, what car does Morrissey drive? And should a pig-fucker apologise for slavery? Show notes: “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul: How to pronounce M?ori: Cliff Curtis – IMDB Temuera Morrison – IMDB               […]Listen

#96 ? 21 Months To Report It
We don’t quite get the whole pig-fucking thing out of our systems. This episode is basically a running commentary of what was going on at a Starbucks in Southampton as we recorded. Show notes: #piggate – link James’ pieces at Elephant Words – link “Video explains the world’s most important 6-sec drum loop” – YouTube […]Listen

#95 ? November 9th
Nick gives James some writing advice, and James tells us a very personal story about his father. Show notes: Elephant Words – link Elephant Words posts by James Gillie – link “Laika” by Nick Abadzis – Amazon Pot Noodle Peperami: Lisa Faulkner – IMDB “mixTape” by Nicolas Papaconstantinou – link “Je Suis un Rock Star” […]Listen

#94 ? The Kid With The Rat On His Neck
Nick and James try to work out what to call this episode, and also review their favourite mental health apps. James also tries to explain Cricket to Nick. Apps! Please vote for us at the UK Podcasters Awards! We’re actually quite into the idea now! Alternate titles: A Sallow Walrus I Trust Their Algorithm Show notes: […]Listen

#93 ? You Can?t Fake Spontaneity
James and Nick try to process being nominated for an award, and Nick fails to control a guest. Vote for us at the UK Podcasters Awards here! Show notes: Point Vs Point – link “The Elephanta Suite” by Paul Theroux – Amazon “The Burning Land” by Bernard Cornwell – Amazon “The First Chronicles of Druss […]Listen

#92 ? Darth Vader?s Evil Ministry Of Sound
James and Nick are joined by a very special guest – one of the main subjects of our show! It is amazing! And barely awkward at all! Show notes: Sprinkles – link “Good Morning” by The Beatles (fan video) – YouTube My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks – IMDB My Little Pony: Equestria Girls […]Listen

#91 ? Suffocating Waves Of Self-Consciousness
James and Nick talk about all sorts of stuff in a really uncomfortable place. Not the welcome back episode anyone was hoping for, but it was lots of fun talking to each other, so, you know. Show notes: Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic Con Panel – YouTube Smodcast #33 – Kevin Smith on SDCC […]Listen

#90 ? A Lot More In Common With Doctor Robotnik?s Mean Bean Machine
James and Nick have LISTS! It doesn’t help things go more smoothly. As they go through them, they take in smoking dope, drinking alcohol, the relative dangers of flags and guns, and toilet humour. Show notes!: Doctor Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine – Wikipedia Friday Night Dinner – YouTube Elephant Words – link Elephant Words hiatus […]Listen

#89 ? Is It A Toblerone?
Alternate title: “Hathing Fun With Smurths And Bingo” James and Nick talk about how they’re both lost causes when it comes to diction (and everything else), and Nick discussed a half-baked theory of how society evolved that he only vaguely remembers. Show notes: Harmontown #81: Hot Dog With Lettuce (with Laraine Newman, Dr Chris Ryan) […]Listen

#88 ? Oranges Are Not The Only Black
Nick and James talk about audio holograms, porncrastination, and the nature of memory. Also, why we should be scared of certain animals, and how we feel about our teenage selves. Show notes: Locke & Key vol 1 by Joe Hill & Gabriel Rodriguez – Amazon Swamp Thing by Alan Moore, Titan volumes: Steve Bissette in […]Listen

#87 ? Full Facial Tattoos With Swastikas
Nick and James are back in the saddle… or studio, if we’re being finicky. The conversation is ALL OVER the place, but familiar old touchstones – awkwardness, music, drugs, the past, children – get visited along the way. OH YES WE ARE BACK. Shownotes: Paulton’s Park/Peppa Pig World – link Relentless Energy Drink – Wikipedia […]Listen

#86 ? Probably A Lapse In Self Awareness
Nick has ten minutes to talk before his dinner is ready. He doesn’t make it. Shownotes: Nigella’s Slow Roasted Garlic and Lemon Chicken – recipe Avgolemono – Wikipedia / recipe Mad Max: Fury Road – IMDB Mulan 2 – IMDB Frank Miller’s CBLDF image (that Nick used to have on a tee-shirt): The Comic Book […]Listen

#85 ? Help! I Have A Monstrous Fat Face!
A weird solo episode from Nick, this one. Hope you enjoy it!Listen

#84 ? Unjustly Maligned At The Bus Stop
Nick and James discuss how to spot a feminist, dealing with trolls, and the final episode of Mad Men. Among other things. Two of those other things were podcasts you should listen to: Unjustly Maligned #11 “Hudson Hawk” – link Regular Features #138 “Richard Burton?s Urban Shit Farm” – linkListen

#83 ? One Grown Man
Nick talks to himself, and takes his own sweet time about getting it edited, because he’s a dick, you know? “The English, English Party Manifesto” featuring Professor Jack Darcy – YouTube Video Game High School – YouTube David Wynne’s Rachel And Miles X-Plain The X-Men art for sale – linkListen

#82 ? (No Time Is A Good Time To) Look At Your Genitalia
Nick intends for this to be a very quick episode, but reckons without his own distracting record collection, and James educates Nick about the horrors of The Water Babies. Also, you can tell a lot about a person based on how they say “garage”. And people drank young where James is from. Shownotes: Vinyl, innit?: “The […]Listen

#81 ? Ken Dodd Cloning Programme
We’re finally back! This week, Nick is worried about genitals, and James is all about Periscope, and both of them prefer Tangled to Frozen, and tell you why. No show-notes this week… normal service will hopefully be resumed once Nick’s life stabilises a little – chyuh yeah as if huh?Listen

#80 ? Maximum Jake
A very special episode of 2 Grown Men, with only 1.1 Grown Men attending. Introducing Maximum Jake!Listen

#79 ? Let?s Have A Nice Old Knees Up For Africa
Alternate title: “We’re living in an Alan Bennett dystopia” The conceit in this episode is that we’re trying to make a trailer. And we kind of were, but it’s possible that we’re not that good at making trailers. We’re pretty good at talking though, so there’s that. Show notes: Paul Merton – Wikipedia Lenny Henry […]Listen

#78 ? Loving You Since The Miners? Strike
James and Nick talk about nostalgia, pop music, consent, Mel and Kim, and the murder of squirrels. Things that may help with this episode: “Listen To The Radio” by Pukka Orchestra – YouTube “Can Porn Empower Women?” on Woman’s Hour – iPlayer “The one mystery Backstrom can’t solve? Women!” Backstrom trailer – YouTube / IMDB […]Listen

#77 ? A Fat Man Smoking Cigarettes In The Rain
Nick and James talk about having too much empathy, being too famous, the neurological rationale for being a pedant, and handling fear of death and IT in children. Things that may help with this episode: “Dreamweaver” by Sabbat – Wikipedia / Amazon “The Kenneth Williams Diaries” by Kenneth Williams & Russell Davies – Amazon Reply […]Listen

#76 ? A Lumpy Trip
Nick and James talk about shame eating, and how their experiences wouldn’t make good sitcoms. Things that may help with this episode: The Professionals – IMDB / Amazon The Office UK – IMDB / Amazon The Office US – IMDB / Amazon “Simply The Best” by Tina Turner – YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXytRC0k-K8 Nathan Barley – IMDB […]Listen

#75 ? Unchained From A Lunatic
From an impromptu recording studio in a big echoey box high above the earth, Nick worries about holding a baby, and James holds it all together remarkably well, despite bringing up Russell Brand. Things that may help with this episode: Community – IMDB / Amazon George Melly – Wikipedia “David Cameron rap” by Cassetteboy – YouTube […]Listen

#74 ? Homoerotic Audrey Hepburn
Nick and James talk therapy, and mental health, and child-vomit. Listener! As you know, you are a trained psychiatric professional! Will you tell us, won’t you please: Is Batman a psychopath or sociopath? Or something else altogether? Actual useful links: Occupational Health – Wikipedia / link MIND – link Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Wikipedia Psychodynamic […]Listen

#73 ? Interesting Times And SJWs
Nick and James sit around the Gillie dinner table, and talk about, among other things, cartoons, Tony Blair, and telling your child about tidying etiquette. Shownotes: A Mad Mad Mad Mad World – IMDB / YouTube Tim and Max Learnt Everything They Know About Life From Popular Culture Episode 1: Childhood, Play and Learning – link […]Listen

#72 ? Too Cosy A Home In Your Heart
Nick and James do a Skype. The intention is to do a really short episode that can ease everybody from the two excellent Gillie Family episodes to the normal dour Two Grown Men Bang On state of affairs. But that doesn’t happen. Music, anxiety, depression, cynicism and wanking. That’s the secret formula, and in this […]Listen

#71 ? Who?s Finlay?
It’s the second special Gillie family episode of 2 Grown Men, so it seems a good time to update the FAQ. James gets started, by asking Scarlet and Nicola some Very Important Questions. To varying levels of success. Show notes Important: Rose Road – link Pam Ayres – Wikipedia “Opposites Attract” by Paula Abdul & […]Listen

#70 ? A Family Tragedy
Episode 70 is a very special show for our first of 2015 – Nick is ill, so James has two guests, one of whom gives pretty much the best advice you will ever get on making a podcast in the first five minutes. James also talks about his Christmas, and we get a new and […]Listen

#69 ? Unicorn Heaven
In a very special episode, recorded at James’ tea table, James and Nick take guidance from their significant others (all four of them), discuss illness, the overstretched NHS, and equine classification. Merry New Year! Things: Lando Calrissian is all sex. I mean, look at him: Correction… we weren’t a bit “Two Ronnies-ey” in #68, we […]Listen

#68 ? The German Word For Schadenfreude
Alternative titles: Shitty Pretty Dress Sayings and Nasty Nicey Talk Nick and James talk about loads of different stuff, but fail to talk about Christmas until the very end. The good news is it’s longer than usual! But the bad news is the sound quality is awful! Our recording situation was different from usual, and there was […]Listen

#67 ? Avoid The Paranoid
Nick and James decide not to talk about Gamergate. Also, Nick struggles with being surveyed, and James schools Nick on the origins of Reddit. Show Notes Reddit: Tips for dealing with a toddler that slaps/hits for fun? – link People: Pepe Le Pew – YouTube / Wikipedia Songs: “Thank You For Being A Friend” by […]Listen

#66 ? Default Podcaster
Nick fills for time, talking about a few first experiences he’s had this week, and life insurance. No show notes this week. He just talks nonsense, honestly.Listen

#65 ? Superstars Of Tramp
Nick and James talk about Band Aid again, and other things, in an episode that might as well be called “confused meta-textual podcast about podcasts and the homeless and a confused relationship with privilege”. Show Notes Further Listening: Dissecting Worlds S9 Ep3 “Horror Espionage” – link We Have Issues – link Geek Syndicate Ep 232 – link “Do […]Listen

#64 ? Boil In The Bag Perversion
Nick exposes exactly how progressive he is (not very *sadface*) and James exposes how very well-adjusted he’s been lately (not very *sadder face*). Honestly, people, if you can get through the first half of this episode, James is pretty amazing when Nick eventually shuts up. Show notes People: Leah Betts – Wikipedia Eddie Izzard – […]Listen

#63 ? If You Like Us, Don?t Like Us
In another short episode that runs long, Nick has a few things to say about Thoughtbubble 2014, and a lecture on how we consume our entertainment online. Show notes Podcasts: Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour (also home of Podcast In A Half Shell) – link Fantasticast – link Psycomedia – link People: David Wynne – link […]Listen

#62 ? Cynical About Kindness, Fearful Of Sincerity
A filler episode that just won’t quit… Nick runs the gamut from concerned to flippant to sincere. It’s a rollercoaster! If you’ve got a bit of spare cash in November, please do consider donating to Helen & Douglas House. It’s here: http://www.helenanddouglas.org.uk/ Show notes Games: Planetary Annihilation – Wikipedia Dungeon Of The Endless – link […]Listen

#61 ? Wanyama Delighted After Hull Wondergoal
Nick talks about his background in chemistry and his angst about childcare, and James talks football and depression. Shownotes: Wanyama Delighted After Hull Wondergoal – YouTube Takeshi’s Castle – YouTubeListen

#60 ? All Roads Lead Back To Admiral Ackbar
We discuss animal intelligence, George Lucas’ kids, horse suicides, cheese, and God. Show Notes People: Adolf Hitler – Wikipedia Nathan Fillion – IMDB / Wikipedia Dave McKean – IMDB / Wikipedia / Amazon Brian Cox – Wikipedia / Amazon Carl Sagan – Wikipedia / Amazon Aliens: Cardassians – Wikipedia Mon Calamari – Wikipedia Klingons – Wikipedia […]Listen

#59 ? Schrodinger?s Podcast
Nick and James take on mortality and the impending apocalypse, and ask why everything about Gamergate, including anti-Gamergate, is a dumb poo-poo head. Show notes People: David Wynne – link James Deen – Wikipedia Movies/TV: Luna – IMDB / YouTube The Crystal Maze – Wikipedia / YouTube Podcast: 99% Invisible #132: Castle On The Park […]Listen

#58 ? An Uninterrupted Flow
Nick and James talk about how awful the 60s and 70s were, how vile pop music is, and how hard it can be to give a compliment. Shownotes People: Mahatma Gandhi – Wikipedia OK Go – Wikipedia / Amazon Lynda Bellingham – Wikipedia Charlotte Church – Wikipedia Katherine Jenkins – Wikipedia Jools Holland – Wikipedia Further Reading: Hinduism – Wikipedia Charlotte Church/Brass Eye convergence […]Listen

#57 ? Charlotte Speaks!
In our 57th show, James is at home, and Nick is at home, and they both feel ill, and struggle through the episode. There’s a bright spark of awesomeness in the middle, but this is mostly two grown men feeling every minute of their combined 80 years. Back to normal soon we hope!Listen

#56 ? As Best Friends As We Are
Audio problems abound in this episode, which is probably just as well. Most of it is about masturbating. Shownotes People: Derek & Clive – Wikipedia Eric Morecambe & Ernie Wise – Wikipedia Greta Garbo – Wikipedia Listen and Watch: Regular Features – link Angry singing Irish two year old – YouTube Further Reading: “What If […]Listen

#55 ? Hydraulic Lift And Tilt
Nick and James cover a lot of disparate ground in this episode – from Metallica to the X-Men, from the Pope to Dr Who, from Nuclear Armageddon to Adventure Time. Special guest spot by Matt Farr and Kehaar of Dissecting Worlds. Shownotes Other podcasts: Dissecting Worlds – link Rachel And Miles Xplain The X-Men: #22 […]Listen

#54 ? Retarded Ejaculation
After a couple of weeks without recording, Nick treads clumsily through uncomfortable territory, and James talks about his first day back at school. Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen Further Reading: “Dear Mom on the iPhone: You’re Doing Fine” by Jennifer Hicks – link “His Dark Materials” by Phillip Pullman – Wikipedia […]Listen

#53 ? We?d Smash Capitalism, Definitely
Nick and James talk about the cloud of tiny deaths that follows James everywhere, online dating, and baking. Alternate titles: Herbie Gets Refused Service For Breakfast In A Macdonalds And Goes On A Killing Spree Funny, Successful, and Very Likeable Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen Shownotes Video: Scott and Picard – […]Listen

#52 ? A Single Cut Jib
James and Nick talk about 2 Grown Men’s first birthday, which this is. They also talk about some huge news for Nick and Amy, and a new lease of life for James. Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen Shownotes Wardrobe by: Imaginary Foundation – site Film and TV: Whisper Of The Heart […]Listen

#51 ? Catchphrase Airlock
Nick and James talk about Robin Williams, depression, and kids and toys. Show notes People: Robin Williams – Wikipedia / Amazon Bobcat Goldthwait – Wikipedia / Amazon Eddie Murphy – Wikipedia / Amazon Richard Pryor – Wikipedia / Amazon Andy Kaufman – Wikipedia / Amazon Rick Moranis – Wikipedia / Amazon TV/Film: Mork & Mindy – IMDB / Amazon Bicentennial Man – IMDB / Amazon […]Listen

#50 ? A Big Week In Southampton Podcasting
This week is totally a filler episode. Very short, and just Nick. Back to normal next week, we hope! This is going to sound a bit ridiculous, but as I was finishing off tidying up the audio on this, and doing the shownotes, the news about Robin Williams broke, and I haven’t been able to […]Listen

#49 ? Looking Wistfully At A Binary Star
James and Nick talk with Dan (of NeedToConsume et al) about Star Wars virgins and podcast life-partners, and loads of other things. People: Dan/Duke Of Havoc – Twitter Kia Sunda – Twitter John Venn – Wikipedia Podcasts: 3 Bods 1 Pod – link British Bodcast – link Things: Venn Diagrams – Wikipedia Nine Worlds – Link Need To […]Listen

#48 ? The Good/Bad Parent Paradigm
Nick and James discuss two recent articles, one about the judgment of mothers by society, and the other about the neurology of being a father. Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen 2GM on Soundcloud ? link 2GM on Stitcher ? link Links: “Raised By Narcissists” sub-Reddit – link “Motherhood […]Listen

#47 ? The Loss And Regret Countdown Clock
Nick talks about a landmark birthday, and James talks about Reward schemes. Videos: Tunes – YouTube “Seven Days Of The Week” by They Might Be Giants – YouTube / Amazon Links: Reddit thread about Reward Charts – RedditListen

#46 ? There?s Always Money In The Banana Stand
James talks about spending quality time with his wife, and Nick talks about snacks. And James isn’t scared of Nick at all. Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen 2GM on Soundcloud ? link 2GM on Stitcher ? link Donate!: Stacey’s Pop Culture Podcast Just Giving page – link Music: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” by The Rolling […]Listen

#45 ? The Best You On Your Worst Day
James talks about a landmark birthday, and Nick talks awkwardly about great and good parenting. Oh, also, we got this: Cool, huh? It was by Michael Georgiou, who can be found here – http://www.mikedraws.co.uk/ Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen 2GM on Soundcloud ? link 2GM on Stitcher ? link Show Notes Alternative episode titles: […]Listen

#44 ? Classic Fat Dude Denial
Nick talks about snobbery, James talks about his family, and both of them talk about the patriarchy, again. Nick also gets bent out of shape about BBC linkbait, and James checks in on Nick’s mental state. Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen 2GM on Soundcloud ? link 2GM on Stitcher ? link Show notes: Alternative […]Listen

#43 ? Squirt Validation Into My Mouth
Nick talks about crawling as a metaphor for being Nick, and James talks about how his daughter is slowly killing him. Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen 2GM on Soundcloud ? link 2GM on Stitcher ? link Show notes: Websites: Bleeding Cool – link MOMBcomics – link People: Rich Johnston – Wikipedia Tucker Stone […]Listen

#42 ? Father?s Day
Nick and James talk about a fatherhood website, parenting statistics, and how they both feel about Father’s Day. Also a tiny bit of football. Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen 2GM on Soundcloud ? link 2GM on Stitcher ? link Show notes: Keith Chegwin – Wikipedia Philippa Forrester – Wikipedia Thierry Henry – Wikipedia […]Listen

#41 ? Frank Zappa And His Chubby Friend
Nick and James talk a lot about death, reconcile religion and science, and wonder why people are so hungry for the anxiety of parents. Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen 2GM on Soundcloud – link 2GM on Stitcher – link Show notes: People: Rik Mayall – Wikipedia / IMDB Tracy Morgan – […]Listen

#40 ? Some Weird Familial Version Of The Hunger Games
Nick and James talk about money and debt, and the pressure on teenagers. Admin: Mailing list ? tinyletter.com/2gm Email ? 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen 2GM on Soundcloud – link 2GM on Stitcher – link Show Notes: Miscellaneous: Wunderlist – link Kirstie Allsopp: ‘I don?t want the next generation of women to suffer the same heartache? – link […]Listen

#39 ? I Do My Own Meditating
A filler episode, recorded at James’ dinner table, while waiting for roast chicken. Admin: Mailing list – tinyletter.com/2gm Email – 2gmpodcast@gmail.com Facebook page – facebook.com/2GrownMen In This Episode… Music: “It Was A Good Day” by Ice Cube – YouTube / Amazon “The Way It Is” by Bruce Hornsby and The Range – YouTube / Amazon “The […]Listen

#38 ? I Never Really Minded The Snow Anyway
Nick and James respond to some feedback, and try not to hurt our kids, with food or clumsiness. Books: “Baby-led Weaning: Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food” by Gill Rapley and Tracey Murkett – Amazon “Is That You, Wolf?” by Steve Cox – Amazon “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney & […]Listen

#37 ? Burpo Is For Real
“Times are bad. Nicolas no longer obeys his parents and James is writing a book.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero In This Episode… Things That Daddy Likes: Ricky Lambert – Wikipedia Saints – Wikipedia Lawrie McMenemy – Wikipedia Panini Stickers – Wikipedia People: Dean Gaffney – IMDB Rhona Mitra – IMDB Bob Geldof – Wikipedia Rolf Harris – Wikipedia […]Listen

#36 ? Another Cup Of Tea
In a very special show, we have a cup of tea and make loads of background noise on the table, and ramble. Shownotes: MOMBcast FCBD2014 Special – link Stacey’s Pop Culture Parlour – link New Mutants #45 – link Amazing Spider-Man #36 – link Women Eating On Trains – Google Kids React To… Gay Marriage […]Listen

#35 ? Fat Like You Read About
Nick patronises James, and James is really offended. Most of this episode is about us talking about the article “4 Ways Parents Teach Kids That Consent Doesn’t Matter” by Paige Lucas-Stannard. A link to it is in the shownotes below! In This Episode… Further Reading: We Are Comics – link “4 Ways Parents Teach Kids That […]Listen

#34 ? Lord Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy
James is in Devon, Nick is in Southampton, together they solve CRIMES. Or at the very least commit BLASPHEMY! In This Episode… Film/TV: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – IMDB / [amazon_link id=”B000ERVG6G” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link] Fight Club – IMDB / [amazon_link id=”B00028493E” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link] Daddy I’m A Zombie – IMDB / [amazon_link id=”B008UQZT6G” target=”_blank” container=”” […]Listen

#33 ? Young, Ignorant, Drunk and at the Football
James enjoys the full gamut of football emotions in middle class comfort, and Nick looks like Gilbert Shelton drew him. In This Episode… Media: Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers – Wikipedia / [amazon_link id=”0861661591″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link] ID – IMDB / [amazon_link id=”B00004W4H5″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Amazon[/amazon_link] People: Bubba Watson – Wikipedia Tiger Woods – Wikipedia Gilbert […]Listen

#32 ? A Tiny Little Diamond To Cut Yourself With
James is ill, and Nick is reminiscing, and neither of them gets round to doing the shownotes until it’s far, far too late.Listen

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