Series 2 of the world heard AhhGee Podcast. Comedy for your ears and knees. Ladies and gentlemen the AhhGee Podcast returns for series 2! Team AhhGee brings you top quality comedy from the UK. Join Andy Harland, Grax Bishop and Michael Bell


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We've moved our podcast feed. Make sure you never miss an episode. Here are instructions on how to resubscribe.Listen

AhhGee Rewind 3: The Lurve Edition
We rewind the podcast clock to talk about lurve. Andy's dating experiences, Michael Bell's fake marriage and Babs the sex robot. Listen

AhhGee Rewind 2: Smurf lady, Grax Sound Proofing and Mike?s Accidental Holiday
Michael Bell's introduction, attacking blue ladies and sound proofing? Let's step back in time with AhhGee Podcast Rewind.Listen

AhhGee Rewind 1: The very first proper podcast
We go back in time with AhhGee Rewind. Today listen back to episode zero of Series 1. Sofa conspiracies!Listen

Mr and Mrs game, Andy is Van People and the end of Series 2: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 28
How does one end an incredible podcast series? With a domestic between two best friend that leads to a thrilling ending. You don't wanna miss this!Listen

Egypt Facts, Sheep Date and Mike the one man school band: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 27
Egyptian facts, Michael 'One man school band' Bell, the MAX INTERVENTION, Ton 10 Stains on Sofa? It's only the AhhGee Podcast episode 27.Listen

Entrance music for love, Terrible Ed Fringe preview and 13 year old spirit girl stalking: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 26
Grax's entrance music for sex, terrible EdFringe preview and 13 year old ghost girl? It's the AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 26.Listen

#OhMyVlog, #AhhGeePoemcast and Tudorian Heckling: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 25
We give our thoughts on the magazine Oh My Vlog and we also have a plethora of poems while Michael Bell is on holiday.Listen

Performing at nuns and the final round of King Of The Castle: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 24
Mike and nuns on episode 24.Listen

Grax?s New Sound, Andy?s Magic Book and The Town With A Dirty Name: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 23
Andy finds magic book, Grax replaces the bell sound effect of Michael Bell and it's round 4 of King Of the Castle. It's the AhhGee Podcast episode 23.Listen

Tips From Andy Murray, Surrogate Mike and Superior Crisps: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 22
In the Summertime when the weather is hot Andy, Grax and Michael Bell are sweating it out to bring you another sizzling episode of the AhhGee PodcastListen

Birthday Grax, King of TV Detectives and toilet paper review: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 21
Grax's birthday, blobfish at a restaurant, and the best TV detective for King Of The Castle? It's the AhhGee Podcast!Listen

AhhGee Interviews: Maddy Anholt
We interview Maddy Anholt about her show Diary of a Dating Addict, which will be at the Ed Fringe festival 2015.Listen

Burning Questions Special Vol 2
It's the AhhGee Podcast Burning Questions Special vol 2.Listen

King Of The Castle, Sleep Talker and Spiritual Healing: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 19
Sleep-talking, teenagers on trains, healing spells and more. It's episode 19 of the AhhGee Podcast!Listen

Mike gets lucky, Grax hates ducks and Andy says ?Thank you?: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 18
Team AhhGee are back from the Brighton Fringe Festival. Turns out that Mike is lucky in casinos and Grax hates ducks. Why? It's all in this week's #AhhGeePodcast.Listen

AhhGee Podcast LIVE at Brighton Fringe Festival 2015
It's the AhhGeePodcastLIVE show actually live show! Andy, Grax and Michael Bell take the weekly podcast show to the Brighton Fringe Festival and these are some of the clips that survived Grax's bootleg recording.Listen

Eurovision Lyrics, Sea Shouting and Fecal Feasting: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 16
Our Andy has been down the the Brighton seaside to promote the AhhGeePodcastLIVE. Can Grax and Andy be seduced by Michael Bell?s reminiscence of his formative years as a waiter? Andy?s got his best Eurovision lyrics for the guys to decipher.Listen

Deal or No Deal, Shifty Balloon Bell and Andy?s Premier Inn: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 15
Has Grax and Michael Bell bitten off more than they can chew on a very #AhhGeePodcast's Deal Or No Deal? Have we finally cracked Antarctica??Listen

Escape from sleepy girl, UFO sheep sightings and Secret Tories everywhere! AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 14
The Tories are in and Mike rages. But there's still a bit of train antics, local news, Texas the Psychic Horse and your #BurningQuestions. Special hello to Noel Edmunds. Thanks for following us!Listen

Duck Tales, Water Swearing and Hide And Seek: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 13
Grax recovering from Asian chocolates and whisky? Andy pranking people at laser quests? IKEA stopping hide and seek shenanigans? Texas interrupted by THE MAX SHOW? It's the AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 13.Listen

Sham Marriage, Stripping at Funeral and The Whisky Challenge: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 12
Michael Bell's sham marriage, Andy trapped on a bus, Grax drinking whisky during the show?? It's time for the AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 12.Listen

Scarecrow screwing mystery, inverse superpowers choices and being banned from Morrisons | AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 11
We start this week's episode with a Texas the Psychic Horse story. A pedigree cat had passed away and Texas sheds the reason why. And then Grax, Andy and Michael Bell discuss some philosophical choices. Such as which super powers they would have.Listen

Stylus over Substance, Banana King and a Very Sneaky Mike | AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 10
DISCIPLINARY ACTION IS REQUIRED! Grax strolls back to AhhGee HQ and is greeted by Michael Bell giving him a stern telling off for “running away”. Andy’s drunken podcasting antics has not been forgotten and Michael Bell dispenses a fitting punishment to a now-sober Mr Harland. On the plus side, Andy’s being drunk gives him and […]Listen

The Bell Bonanza Show, Cat Nightclub and Andy?s on the Tizer | AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 9
Grax has gone and dumped Andy and Michael Bell of the Internet *ding* for snow and snow related sports so it?s a bit of a sad occasion. But it?s ok, we?ve got drinks and chat. Then things went slightly downhill for one of us.Listen

Ginger Jesus, Jesus the Musical and a very camp Judas | AhhGee Podcast Series 2, Episode 8
It's the end of March and that can mean many things but on today's show it's Easter week! Michael Bell of the Internet has been out to see another youth production, but this time he is inspired to write his own hit musical!Listen

Mike?s Sex Video, Youth Dance-Off and Stress Inducing Bread | AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 7
In this week's podcast team AhhGee do a little bit of research into how people find the AhhGee Productions website. But that's nothing compared to the interest run-in that Andy had when returning to his car.Listen

Ugly Wall, Favourite Biscuit and Supermarket Hero | AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 6
Andy has a realisation that he might rather middle class. The main clue to this is how he searches high and low for a cafeteria. But he doesn't even like coffee... does he? Oh how middle class of us.Listen

Dodgy Ozzie, Radio 4 Punch up and a Bitey Kitten Problem | AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 5
This week's show is a culture fest, Grax has been to the theatre with a very enthusiastic audience member, whilst Michael Bell of the Internet has been hanging out with a radio four crowd. What could possibly have gone wrong?Listen

Bae on Bae, Robot Grax and Llamas on the Loose: AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 4
It's a new week and it's a new episode of the nearly world heard AhhGee Podcast! This week Grax seems a little bit different, Andy and Mike decide that it's clearly a dastardly plan from the mercurial Gav Cross of Funny Looking Pod fame.Listen

Pancake Bender, 50 Shades Stats and Rats from The Other Side | AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 3
What's this?? Did Team AhhGee manage to get Gav Cross of Funny Looking Pod fame onto the AhhGee Podcast this week??? No... no... it's just Grax being ill and is waiting for the medication to kick in.Listen

Valentines Surprises, The Perfect Dating Profile and A Bad Pilot | AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 2
This week has seen the international day of Love - so we get straight into Grax's romancing on Valentines day. Mike's not been so active in Love, as ladies have been giving him the brush off with devious deception!Listen

Series 2 Premiere, Trapped In The Closet and Spirit Stressing Dog | AhhGee Podcast Series 2 Episode 1
Team AhhGee managed to keep Michael Bell signed on for another series. Which is a good thing too, because Michael Bell share his story about how he survived a derailed train and now he is paranoid about dying at any point. Listen

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