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Irish Beer report 04 ? Metalman
In the latest Irish Beer Report we enjoy a couple of beers from Metalman Brewing from Waterford | Pale Ale American style pale ale | Sgt. Pepper sage & pepper saison We also look forward to where you can try some of the best Irish beer in the UK this St Patrick’s Day.   We?ve […]Listen

Hopinions 23 ?Choices?
This week we’re joined by guest and beer sommelier Ruth Mitchell to talk about the choices we make about drinking. Beer | Edinburgh Beer Factory ‘Paolozzi’ & Flying Dog ‘Easy IPA’ Gin | Wayfarer & Renegade Brewery ‘Ukko’ Hopinions | With off trade sales overtaking on trade why do you choose to drink at home instead of the […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 11 ? High Planes Drifter
For March’s Flavour of the Month with Little Leeds Beer House, our listeners chose the Deya Brewing Company & Verdant Brewing Co ‘High Planes Drifter’ DIPA. We’re joined by our first ever guest on Flavour of the Month as beer sommelier Ruth Mitchell joins us to chat about the beer and to give a run […]Listen

Hopinions 22 ?10 Things You Never Knew You Wanted To Know About Beer Festivals (Part I)?
In our final crossover podcast of the series, we sit down with Wayne & Janice Dunne (AKA The Irish Beer Snobs) to talk about 10 things you never knew you wanted to know about beer festivals. Beer | Station Works ‘The Foxes Rock IPA’ Hopinions | The best thing about beer festivals / The worst thing about […]Listen

Irish Beer Report 03 ? Coming Soon
In the latest Irish Beer Report we chat to Liam & Colin from Ireland Craft Beers about the growing Irish beer scene and Cormack from Honest Brew about bringing Irish beer into the UK. The folks from Honest Brew have also given our listeners a discount code so that they can get 10% off any Irish beer […]Listen

Hopinions 21 ?On Trend?
This week we’re looking back at some great beers we’ve had recently and chatting about what it means for a beer to be “on trend”. Beer | Six Degrees North/Magic Rock ‘Magic Six’, Chorlton/Vocation ‘Sour & Death’ & Lervig/Hoppin Frog ‘Sippin Into Darkness’ Hopinions | Should beers in a brewery’s core range change to stay on trend? […]Listen

Hopinions 20 ?Wake Up & Smell The Coffee?
In our third crossover podcast, we’re with Roland from Steve & Roland’s Beer Podcast talking about coffee, beer, coffee and beer and coffee in beer. Beer | Elusive Brewing/Affinity Brew Co ‘Brimful of Masha’, Põhjala Brewery ‘Must Kuld Colombia’ & Weird Beard ‘Double Pearle (Jim Beam Barrel  Aged)’ Hopinions | Coffee beers… Are they any […]Listen

Hopinions 19 ?Decisions, decisions?
This week we return to our ‘second studio’ Brewdog Shoreditch to record a collab within a crossover with a guest! We’re joined by Michael Lalley of Bushcraft Beer and Stu McKinley from Yeastie Boys to discuss the things that influence our buying decisions. Blog | Michael’s ‘Three Bullet Tuesday’ that was the catalyst for this […]Listen

Hopinions 18 ?Revitalisation?
This week we’re straight from a British Guild of Beer Writers event with the CAMRA Revitalisation Committee to talk about what’s next for CAMRA. Beers | Bude Brewery ‘Haven’ amber ale, ‘Porthbud’ pale ale & ‘Black Rock’ porter Hopinions | In today’s beer world, is CAMRA still needed? Blogs | Myles talks FOMO, Beer Manchester considers his ‘local’ […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 10 ? Roy, I Want A Hilux
Our latest Flavour of the Month with Little Leeds Beer house introduces a slightly revised format. Now, you get to choose the beer we drink each month, and this month you chose Verdant Brewing Co’s ‘Roy, I Want A Hilux’ pale ale. If you’ve had this beer, let us know your comments below or on […]Listen

Hopinions 17 ?The Ten Untappd Commandments (Part I)?
This week is the first part of the beer podcast crossover event of 2017 as we sit down with Ross & Tom from Beernomicon to talk through the first five Untappd Commandments. Beer | Throughout the recording we enjoyed ‘1048’, ‘1060’, ‘1064’ & ‘1070’ from the wood courtesy of Beer Nouveau Hopinions | This week’s question was […]Listen

Hopinions 16 ?Festival Overload??
As the aftershocks of #CaskGate continue to rumble on, this week we turn our attentions to the growing number of craft beer festivals in the UK. Beer | Hawkshead/Cigar City ‘Tiramisu Imperial Stout’ & Siren/Cigar City ‘Barrel Aged Caribbean Chocolate Cake’ Hopinions | Is the UK reaching craft beer festival saturation point? Blogs | Pete […]Listen

Hopinions 15 ?Looking Forward?
We’re back for 2017 with a huge show to get the year going! Will it all be #CaskGate and Murk Bombs? Beers | Theakston ‘Distiller’s Cask Range’, Wylam ‘Solar Terminator’ & Brewdog ‘Hop Shot’ Hopinions | What do you think will be the biggest beer trend this year? Blogs | #CaskGate – this handy round […]Listen

Hopinions 14 ?Trilogies?
It’s the final part of our Golden Pints 2016 Trilogy and in this mammoth episode we look at Best UK Brewery, Best Overseas Brewery, Best New Brewery of 2016, Best Pub/Bar/Taproom, Independent Retailer of the Year, Online Retailer of the Year and Beer Festival of the Year. Beer | Fullers Past Masters 1910 Double Stout […]Listen

Hopinions 13 ?Train Beers?
In our latest show we’re joined by guest and friend of the show Clayton Chisholm as  we look back at an amazing Crimbo Crawl in Newcastle and discuss train beers. It’s also the second part of our Golden Pints trilogy in which winners for #TrainBeer, Supermarket, Branding, Blog/Website, Beery Podcast and the Simon Johnson Award […]Listen

Hopinions 12 ?Beer of the Year?
This week is all about the trilogy! We start off our Golden Pints by looking back at our beers of 2016. Beer | Northern Monk Trilogy ‘Yeast’ (with Cigar City Brewing), ‘Hops’ (with Epic Brewing) and ‘Malt’ (with De Molen) Hopinions | Can you name your beer of 2016? Prizeless Prize | Congrats to first time winner Andrew […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 09 ? Stille Nacht
Our latest Flavour of the Month with Little Leeds Beer house is a Christmas Special! Steve is joined by Hopinions host Martin as we try ‘Stille Nacht’ from De Dolle Brouwers. Not just one bottle, but we’re lucky enough to try the 2016 and 2015 versions. We’d be keen to hear your thoughts and what […]Listen

Irish Beer Report 02 ? Rascals
In the latest Irish Beer Report we feature  a couple of beers from Rascals Brewing Co from Dublin. | Wunderbar IPA | 8:01 Mint Choc Stout   We’ve been sent these beers for free by the folk at Ireland Craft Beers but this hasn’t influenced our thoughts on the beers that we featured.  Listen

Hopinions 11 ?Craft?
In an episode that closes our current story arc, we discuss whether there really needs to be a definition for craft beer in the UK. Beers | Nobby’s Brewery Best Bitter & American Pale Ale Hopinions | Does craft beer really need a definition? Blogs | Mark Johnson, Pete McKerry and Sarah Finney Link | Relief from Alcohol Products […]Listen

Hopinions 10 ?Rites of Passage?
This week we’re talking about the Rites of Passage through beer. What does you journey look like and is it important? Beers | Fullers ‘Black Cab Stout’, Bob & Sarah Maxfield’s homebrewed DIPA & Liberty Brewing Co ‘Knife Party IPA’ Hopinions | If you go back to the start of your beer journey knowing all that you […]Listen

Hopinions 09 ?Goose Island? (Part II)
In the second part of our Goose Island special, we continue to chat with Josh & Jonny about some of their special releases. Beer | Halia & Bourbon County Brand Stout (2015) Hopinions | Does big beer ownership impact on your buying decisions & Is selling up the same as selling out? Blog | The Moral High Ground: […]Listen

Hopinions 08 ?Goose Island? (Part I)
In the first part of 2 very special episodes, we sit down with Josh & Jonny from Goose Island to discuss beer, ownership and history. Beer | Goose Island 312, IPA & Brewery Yard Hopinions | Is big beer ownership of smaller brands a good thing for the industry? Blog | The Moral High Ground: Shades of grey […]Listen

Hopinions 07 ?Cask Beer?
This week we take Hopinions into the field as we’re in the store room at The Alehouse in Chelmsford, chatting to the former landlord Alex about cask beer. Hopinions | Tell us your thoughts on cask beer using #Hopinions on Twitter Prizeless Prize | Back in the game, Sparkyrite returns to claim the big box […]Listen

Hopinions 06 ?Follow the Bear?
This week we chat about old beers coming back, branding and when re-branding is done well. Beers | Adnams ‘Dry Hopped Lager’ and Pilsner Urquell Hopinions | Hofmeister is back as ‘craft’. Are you going to try it and what other beers would you like to see make a comeback? Blogs | Mark Johnson, Yes! […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 08 ? Double Heathen
This month’s hottest new release is ‘Double Heathen’ from Northern Monk Brew Co. ‘Double Heathen’ follows hot on the heels of the popular ‘Heathen’ and ‘Heathen Mango Lassi’ that NMBC have released this year. Will this 10% double IPA be too much for Mark to handle?   This show is supported by Richard & Bryony […]Listen

Hopinions 05 ?Indy Man?
This week it’s all about the Independent Manchester Beer Convention, or Indy Man as it’s know to most of us. Beers | Brewdog ‘Born To Die 04.11.16’ Hopinions | How was your Indy Man? Prizeless Prize | Congrats to first time winner Mrs Beer Snob #McKerryBomb Interview | Steve chats to Jonny Heyes from Indy Man about the […]Listen

Hopinions 04 ?Are You Being Served??
This week we’re chatting about supermarkets and the role that they are playing in (craft) beer. Beers | Odyessy Brew Co ‘Ego Wars No 2’ and ‘Double Zombie Blood’ Hopinions | With the advent of craft beer sections in supermarkets are new drinkers being duped by cheap/macro impersonators? Blogs | A Female View, The Telegraph & […]Listen

Hopinions 03 ?Pictures?
In a sudden change of plan due to rail problems, Martin, Steve and guest Matt Chinnery find themselves downstairs in Brewdog Shoreditch recording this week’s show. Beers | Matt – Brewdog ‘Doodlebug’, Brewdog ‘Live Dead Pony Club’, Celt Experience ‘Battle of the trees’ & Brewdog ‘Ship Wreck’ / Martin – Stone ‘Citrusy Wit’, Hammerton ‘Pentonville […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 07 ? Lupuloid IPA
He’s back! Mark returns to the airwaves to bring you the latest Flavour of the Month from Little Leeds Beer House. This month we’re drinking the beer that everyone is talking about, the latest addition to Beavertown’s core range, ‘Lupuloid IPA’   This show is supported by Richard & Bryony from the Little Leeds Beer […]Listen

Irish Beer Report 01 ? White Hag Brewery
We’ve teamed up with the folk at Ireland Craft Beers to bring you monthly reviews of some of the great Irish craft beer that’s now making it’s way to the UK. For the first show our focus turns to The White Hag who are based in County Sligo, North West Ireland. We were sent over […]Listen

Hopinions 02 ?Alcohol Free?
For this week’s Hopinions, we drink 4 beers, all without alcohol and chat about whether they’re actually any good. Beer | Beck’s ‘Blue’, St Peter’s ‘Without’, Brewdog ‘Nanny State’ and Erdinger ‘Alkoholfrei’ Hopinions | Alcohol free beers (we’re talking 0.5% and below)… Blogs | The Ale Trail, Beervana and the Pub Curmudgeon Prizeless Prize | Congrats […]Listen

Hopinions 01 ?Drink Fresh?
The first ‘proper’ Hopinions show is packed full of news, 3 great beers fresh from the US and some chatter about labelling and freshness. Beer | Cigar City Brewing Invasion Pale Ale, Jai Alai IPA and Jai Alai IPA aged on white oak Hopinions | Should breweries include bottled/canned on dates as well as BBD? […]Listen

Hopinions 00 ?Pilot?
Welcome to Hopinions, the new podcast from the Beer O’clock Show. In this pilot episode, Steve & Martin get to grips with presenting a new show, play around with some sour beers and talk about the latest Hopinions. Beer | Petrus Aged Pale, Petrus Oud Bruin & Petrus Aged Red Hopinions | Should GBBF feature […]Listen

Episode 157 ? The End of The Road
It’s our last ever show and we’re live from Hop Burns & Black in what was an emotional evening as we said goodbye. Featuring two collab brews that we made – ‘Echo Peach’ our salted peach IPA with Northern Monk and ‘Starship Fleet: Wave 2’ with Elusive Brewing. We’re also joined by Andy Parker from […]Listen

Episode 156 ? Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
On 26 July 2012, we released the first ever ‘Beer O’clock Show’. Almost 4 years to the date we’re now releasing our last ever ‘studio’ show. It’s an emotional episode as Mark & Steve are joined by long-term #No1Fan Myles Lambert to reminisce about the past and to enjoy Almasty Brewing Co’s ‘Bourbon Barrel Aged […]Listen

Episode 155 ? Mariage Parfait
In our penultimate studio show, we’re joined by long term friend of the show and serial guest, Justin Mason. He brings with him the classic Brouwerij Boon ‘Gueze Mariage Parfait’ for us to enjoy. Plus the week’s beery news, loads of #Hopinions and another big box of nothing wings it’s way out of the door […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 06 ? Common Grounds
Our latest flavour of the month supported by Little Leeds Beer House is Magic Rock’s stunning triple coffee porter ‘Common Grounds’. You can check out the blog referenced in the show here. It?s Flavour of the Month!Listen

Episode 154 ? Summer Smiles American Wheat
This week we’re joined by more long suffering listeners as Bob & Sarah Maxfield are with us to review Fixed Wheel Brewery’s ‘Summer Smiles’ American Wheat Beer. There’s the normal news, normal service is resumed with the #prizelessprize and another prickly subject is tackled in #hopinions. It’s Beer O’clock!   Check out the Midlands Beer […]Listen

Episode 153 ? Homebrew Special #8
This week it’s all about those homebrewers again! In what will now be our last ever Hombrew Special we are joined by Rob Woodland, Paul Hadfield and Rich Caller as they share their beers with us. Rob gives us ‘Prime’ an American IPA with no bittering hops, from Paul we have single hopped saison ‘Springtime […]Listen

Episode 152 ? Double DIPA
Once in a while the planets align and everything comes together, this week’s show was one of those times. When we first asked Rob Derbyshire from Hopzine to come on the season his first response was “only if we do something big and hoppy”. This week Cloudwater released V4 & V4 of their DIPA series […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 05 ? Bloody Notorious
Our latest flavour of the month supported by Little Leeds Beer House is the Beavertown and Boneyard collab ‘Bloody Notorious’, a blood orange DIPA. Plus, there’s a special announcement from the guys which you can read more about here. It’s Flavour of the Month!  Listen

Episode 151 ? Mad Dog Double
Making his long-overdue Beer O’clock Show appearance, the legendary Sparkyrite joins us to review two beers from Mad Dog Brewing Co. Featuring ‘It’s All Propaganda’ BIPA and ‘All Day Granola Stout’ this week’s show proves to be an experience sensation for the taste buds. A little bit of news, the newly rebranded #Hopinions section and […]Listen

Episode 150 ? Neapolitan Milk Stout
Another of our long-suffering listeners joins us this week and brings an interesting beer with them. We tuck into Saugatuck’s ‘Neapolitan Milk Stout’ and chat to Louise Mathias about the beer. There’s news of some new beer releases and events, a #hoptopic discussion that gained the most votes to date and another empty box finds […]Listen

Episode 149 ? Death By Coconut
We welcome our second listener pick for season 10, ‘Death By Coconut’ by Oskar Blues Brewery from Colorado. Joining us to review it’s bountyful delights is Luke McGlynn. There’s loads of news as Steve rambles on about the Manchester Beer Week, a prickly #hoptopic and another empty box goes out of the door for the […]Listen

Episode 148 ? Session IPA & Shape Shifter
We’re back for season 10 and it’s an exciting season for us as every beer has been selected by one of our listeners. First up is Martin Oates who blogs at Beer Is The Answer and who selected two Fourpure IPAs – their session IPA and the new Shape Shifter West Coast IPA. Both beers […]Listen

Revisited 09 ? Un-Human Cannonball
Only one beer could resurrect the revisited series and it had to be something Unhuman… We go back to one of our most memorable beers from the early days as we enjoy the 2016 release of Magic Rock’s Un-human Cannonball TIPA. It’s Beer O’clock. Revisited. Click here to listen back to the original review of […]Listen

Episode 147 ? Go West: Bristol Beer Live
For our season 9 finale, we’re giving you another live show from Hop Burns & Black featuring a range of beers from the growing beer scene in Bristol. First up we feature Arbor’s ‘Shangri-la’, followed by Moor’s collaboration with Fullers and Domus ‘Relentless Optimism’ before we finish with Wiper & True’s ‘Milk Shake’. We’re also […]Listen

Episode 146 ? Saison Dupont
It’s the last beer on our journey of Belgian discovery and we take on the classic Saison Dupont with first time guest Matt Chinnery, AKA the Half Pint Gent. We also have a review of the season fuelled by this week’s #hoptopic and the final #prizelessprize of the season is awarded. We’d like to take […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 04 ? Little Leeds Birthday Beers
April’s ?Flavours of the Month? supported by Little Leeds Beer House are two collaborations that Little Leeds did with Northern Monk and Runaway Breweries to celebrate their first birthday. First up is the Neopolitan Pale with Northern Monk, and this is followed by the Victorian Brown Stout with Runaway. It?s flavour of the month!  Listen

Episode 145 ? Sussex Brewery Showcase
In our second county showcase, we’re joined by Rachel Smith from Look At Brew to take us through the best that Sussex has to offer. We tackle four beers selected for us by Rachel to highlight where the Sussex brewing scene is right now. Embracing modern beer packaging , we have cans from Gun Brewery […]Listen

Episode 144 ? Troubador Obscura
We head back to Belgium for the penultimate time this season as we dive into this Belgian stout/dark beer from Brouwerij The Musketeers. There’s an interview with Brew Club plus the usual news. #hoptopic and another #prizelessprize is awarded. It’s Beer O’clock!Listen

Episode 143 ? Manchester Beer Week
This week it’s all about Manchester as we having the driving force behind the Manchester Beer Week with us on the show to review two beers from the event’s headline sponsor, J.W. Lees ‘MPA’ and ‘Evening Star’ As always there’s a ton of news, another #hoptopic and we award one more #prizelessprize It’s Beer O’clock! […]Listen

Minisode 02 ? It?s A Kind Of Magic
This had to happen one day.  But it needed it’s own space, it’s own show, it simply couldn’t be part of a normal season… In this one-off special we take a taste of Magic Rock Brewing‘s recent High Wire canned released and also Steve’s all time favourite beer, Cannonball. It’s a kind of magic!Listen

Episode 142 ? Wake Up Juice
Continuing our Belgian theme but from the heart of England, this week we feature ‘Wake Up Juice’ and Belgian Tripel from Twisted Barrel Ale in Coventry. There’s also an interview with Ritchie Boswell and Carl Marshall from Twisted Barrel. The’s a ton of news including the most anticipated beer release of the year, another #hoptopic […]Listen

Episode 141 ? Homebrew Special #7
It’s that time again… The highlight of every season, where we’re lucky enough to get to sample some amazing beers that are being produced in people’s homes. This time around we’re drinking a porter from Will Millard, a sweet brown from our first international homebrewer, Sarah Finney and finally a barley wine from Richard Harrall. […]Listen

Episode 140 ? Tongerlo Blond
This week we head back to Belgium to try Haacht Brewery’s award winning ‘Tongerlo Blond’. There’s plenty of news, some pointless discussion about a TV programme, another full on #hoptopic and we award another big box of nothing in the #prizelessprize All of this plus we give you the low down on this year’s Birmingham Beer Bash with an […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 03 ? Even More Jesus VIII
March’s ‘Flavour of the Month’ supported by Little Leeds Beer House is a collaboration between Siren Craft Brew and Evil Twin Brewing. Even More Jesus VIII is an imperial stout that has been barrel aged in hazelnut liqueur barrels. It’s flavour of the month!Listen

Episode 139 ? Custard Porter
Anyone for pudding? This week we feature ‘custard porter’ a collaboration between Cloudwater and Brouwerij Kees. In the news we’re talking events and beer releases, there’s a defining #hoptopic and another stunning #prizelessprize Plus we look forward to ‘Go West: The Bristol Beer Live Podcast’ which will be our next live event at Hop Burns & […]Listen

Episode 138 ? Achel 8 Bruin
This week we head back to Belgium to sample an Authentic Trappist Product in the ‘Achel 8 Bruin’ from possibly the brewery with the longest name ever, Brouwerij der Sint-Benedictusabdij de Achelse Kluis. There’s news, more discussion in #HopTopic and another fantasic #prizelessprize for you to feast your eyes on. All this plus an interview […]Listen

Episode 137 ? Northern Star
The North Is Coming. We head back to our favourite UK beery city this week as we feature Northern Monk’s ‘Northern Star’ mocha porter. To cement this episode’s northerness we have Rob Derbyshire from HopZine joining us for the review and also have an interview with Russell and Tyler from Northern Monk. If that wasn’t […]Listen

Episode 136 ? Gauloise Ambrée
This week we head back to Belgium to tackle Brasserie du Bocq’s ‘Gauloise Ambrée’. There’s a bumper edition of the news featuring new beers, new twitter events, new podcasts and some stuff about the actual beer industry. We’ve another twitter-busting #hoptopic for you to get involved in and an old friend smashes this week’s #prizelessprize. […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 02 ? DIPA V2
February’s ‘Flavour of the Month’ supported by Little Leeds Beer House is Cloudwater’s DIPA V2. The first version was Steve’s beer of 2015, so how the will the latest version fair? It’s flavour of the month!Listen

Episode 135 ? Session IPA
This week we drink a beer ‘best served with music’, Island Records & Two Tribes Brewery ‘Session IPA’. Plus we have an interview with the guys behind the beer. We also have Pete McKerry from Brewgeekery to review the beer with us and to provide us with one of the most Twitter-busting #hoptopic conversations we’ve ever […]Listen

Episode 134 ? Viven Imperial
We’re back for another season of beer fueled fun! Season 9 is here and we’re finally taking on the Belgians with thanks to Beautiful Beers in Bury St Edmunds. First up is Brouwerij van Viven’s ?Imperial IPA?… Also on this week’s show, there’s a recap of the biggest news stories from the last month, the #prizelessprize […]Listen

Flavour of the Month 01 ? Applelation
Welcome to ‘Flavour of the Month’ supported by the fantastic Little Leeds Beer House. Each month we’ll be taking the latest and most discussed beery release and putting it under the Beer O’clock microscope. For January 2016, we’re looking at Beavertown’s bramley apple saison ‘Applelation’. It’s flavour of the month!Listen

Episode 133 ? All Black
In our first ever Winter Special, we’re broadcasting live from Hop Burns & Black again, and this time it’s all about New Zealand. We feature and taste 5 beers with a live audience and we chat to Todd from the NZ Collective and Stu from the Yeastie Boys. On the menu for tonight’s special was […]Listen

Beer Nation 2015
Beer Nation brings together the UK beer podcasting community for a collaboration broadcast and takes a look at the state of the beer nation in 2015. Hosted by our very own Mark and Sophie from The Beertalkers, we also welcome to the table Roland from Steve & Roland’s Beer Podcast, Daniel from the Original Gravity podcast, […]Listen

Episode 132 ? Vintage Ale 2014
It’s the end of another season and we say goodbye with a beer that’s becoming our staple end of year finisher, the Fuller’s Vintage Ale (2014 edition). We take a look back over what has been our biggest season ever and chat about our highlights of the season. We also talk Golden Pints for which […]Listen

Episode 131 ? Two Hundred Fathoms
This week we welcome Mr & Mrs Beer Snob, Wayne & Janice Dunne back to the Beer O’clock studios to review Galway Bay’s barrel aged imperial stout ‘Two Hundred Fathoms’. We catch up on all the news, give away another first time #prizelessprize and there’s a bonus interview with Caroline Hennessy, author of the Irish […]Listen

Episode 130 ? Sourdough
This week we feature Wild Beer’s ‘Sourdough’ with guest reviewer Ben McCormick. Ben will be know to many on Twitter as the originator of the beer advent calendar, and this beer features part of his calendar for this year. We also chat to Ben about the rise in popularity of the ‘beer advent calendar’ and this […]Listen

Episode 129 ? Yellow Belly
This week we welcome Buxton Brewery head brewer Colin Stronge to the show talk to us about all things Buxton including the Yellow Belly imperial stout with us. No news this week, just wall-to-wall chat with Colin, plus listener questions, the #prizelessprize and another Twitter-engaging #hoptopic. All this plus an interview with beer writer and […]Listen

Revisited 08 ? Sierra Nevada Double
  To finish our Revisited series, we go back to the first American beer we ever tasted and the one which we feel gave us our ‘beery revelation’, Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. If that wasn’t enough, we also take on the pale’s bigger and badder brother, Torpedo IPA to see this series off in style. […]Listen

Episode 128 ? Revelation
We’ve all been there. We’ve all had that moment, and this week we enjoy Dark Star Brewing’s ‘Revelation’ in cans. Plus thanks to the guys at Dark Star we’ve giving you a chance to win a six pack in #BeeryRevelations. In the news we talk about another craft acquisition, the rainbow project, Irish beers taking […]Listen

Episode 127 ? Homebrew Special #6 (The Imperial March)
It’s time for our seasonal trip down homebrew lane as we invite 3 homebrewers from the first 3 homebrew specials back for a slight variation on a theme. This time round, we told the guys what we wanted and laid down the groundrules… the beers had to be black, had to be impy and had […]Listen

Episode 126 ? Organic Chocolate Stout
  We go all out traditional this week with Samuel Smith’s Organic Chocolate Stout – a beer that we both tried while on one of the Dragon & Flagon Pub Tours in London. While Mark has been a little poorly (#manup / #poormark), Steve goes a little crazy and in the news we chat about […]Listen

Episode 125 ? Essex Brewery Showcase
This week is something new for us as we focus on a single county in our Essex County Showcase jointly hosted by Justin Mason. We tackle four beers that have been carefuly selected for us by Justin to highlight where the Essex Brewery scene is right now. Starting with Crouch Vale’s ‘Brewers Gold’ we then […]Listen

Episode 124 ? N7
This week we dive head first back into the big smoke with Hammerton Brewery’s N7 and the author of Total Ales, Matt Curtis. We have news of our next live event ‘All Black’ to be held at Hop Burns and Black plus we discuss the recent takeover of SAB Miller by ABinBev. The #prizelessprize goes back […]Listen

Revisited 07 ? Bengal Lancer
  For this revisited we head back to a beer we tackled in one of our early shows, Fuller’s Bengal Lancer IPA. The first time round we struggled to identify some flavours, how will we get on this time? It’s Beer O’clock. Revisited. Click here to listen back to the original review in episode 6Listen

Episode 123 ? Snowball (and Indy Man)
  This week’s show has loads of great reviews from the UK’s greatest beer gathering, Indy Man. We look back at the convention and talk to Myles Lambert, Paul Grant, Bob Maxfield, Carl Marshall, Roland Glew, Beer Farts and Claudia from Indy Man about the beers and their thoughts on the event. Plus, we do […]Listen

Episode 122 ? NZ Hopfen Weisse
  This week we feature not one, but two beers from the Manchester-based Cloudwater Brew Co. Our feature beer is the NZ Hopfen Weisse from their Autumn range plus we also crack a US Hopfen Weisse from their Summer Range for comparison purposes. If that wasn’t enough Cloudwater for you, there’s also an epic interview […]Listen

Episode 121 ? Espresso Stout
  This week we features Manchester blogger, Twitter pest and friend of the show Connor Murphy reviewing Squawk Brewing Company’s Espresso Stout with us. Plus there’s our first interview not hosted by Steve as Connor chats to Oli from Squawk. In the news we look back at what the #BigBeeryNight achieved, chat about reports and awards […]Listen

Revisited 06 ? Jaipur
  This time we’re revisiting an absolute classic, Thornbridge Jaipur. What will will think of this classic IPA the second time round? It?s Beer O?clock. Revisited. Click here to listen back to the original review in episode 24Listen

Episode 120 ? Jack of Clubs & Queen of Hearts
It’s another double episode this week as we take on Wild Card Brewery’s Jack of Clubs Ruby Red and Queen of Diamonds IPA. Plus there’s an interview with the girls behind Wild Card Brewery. It’s a slow news week, so in the news we reveal a season 8 new beer and in #HoptTopic we ask […]Listen

Episode 119 ? Jakehead IPA
This week we head to the North East to drink a beer that recently won the 100 Hottest Beers in Britian, Wylam Brewery’s Jakehead IPA. In the news we’ve got the lowdown on this year’s Indy Man, the #BigBeeryNight and in #HopTopic we talk about the recent Heineken investment into Lagunitas. All this plus another […]Listen

Episode 118 ? Cwtch & 14|02
We’re back from our summer break with our biggest season ever and we’re celebrating with a double review episode! This week we feature CAMRA’s Champion Beer of Britain, Tiny Rebel’s ‘Cwtch’ and Brew By Numbers 14|02 ‘Wai-iti Tripel’. If that wasn’t enough we’ve also got an interview with Tom from Brew By Numbers. We review […]Listen

Revisited 05 ? Punk IPA
  Our original Punk IPA episode is our most notorious for many reasons. Maybe it was that we suggested Brewdog were from Edinburgh. Maybe it was our lack of appreciation for the marketing at the time. Maybe it was Mark’s Scottish accent. Maybe it was that we just weren’t ready to drink the beer. For […]Listen

Episode 117 ? Tastes Like Beer
Our final summer special comes to you live from Hop Burns & Black (well, recorded there at least). In our first ever live show in front of a group of beery friends we work our way through three beers – our very own white stout ‘Tastes Like Beer’, Gipsy Hill’s ‘Beatnik’ and Gosnell’s ‘London Mead’. […]Listen

Episode 116 ? UBrew
  The second of our trio of summer specials documents our recent brewday at UBrew where we brewed our very first beer, the aptly named ‘Tastes Like Beer’. This show looks at the brewing process from beginning to end with recorded clips from the team at UBrew. Many thanks to the UBrew team for inviting […]Listen

Episode 115 ? Mash Tun No 1
  Happy Birthday to us! We’re 3 years old and in the first of our summer specials for this year we celebrate our birthday with a very special beer, Shepherd Neame’s ‘Mash Tun No 1’. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got serial guest Justin Mason to share the beer with us and we’ve got […]Listen

Revisited 04 ? Junction
  Once again we go back to a beer from the early days and taste it with our more refined palate. This time, it’s the fantastic Sambrook’s Junction, a beer we loved so much the first time round that we were desperate to try again. It?s Beer O?clock. Revisited. Click here to listen back to […]Listen

Episode 114 ? AB:18
We’ve reached the end of another season and our 6 nations of beer tour concludes with a beer from the Brewdog Abstrakt range, AB:18, an imperial brown ale. We look back at the shortest season we’ve ever done and pick out our highlights. Plus there’s a bumper news segment, hop topic and a completely self-indlugent […]Listen

Episode 113 ? Homebrew Special #5
  It’s the highlight of the season, the homebrew special! This time round we’re joined by what we believe to be Britain’s smallest pico-brewer Oli Watts from Watts & Co Brewing, Ben Vickers and Rich Caller who share with us their bitter, salted pineapple wit, and merlot old ale homebrewed, yes homebrewed beers! We chat […]Listen

Revisited 03 ? Duvel Double
  We delve into our back catalogue again and pull out the first beer that we ever reviewed with a guest, the classic Duvel. And if that wasn’t enough, we also throw in a review of this year’s Duvel Tripel Hop for good measure. It’s Beer O’clock. Revisited. Click here to listen back to the original review […]Listen

Episode 112 ? L?Angelus
  Notre visite des 6 nations se poursuit cette semaine avec une visite à la France et ‘L’Angelus’ de Brasserie D’ Annoeulin. Or… our tour of the 6 nations continues this week with a visit to France and ?L?Angelus? from Brasserie D?Annoeulin. Shocking scenes as Mark loses his palate and in the news it’s all […]Listen

Episode 111 ? Britannia?s Brew
  Raise a glass and celebrate all that is British as we toast Beer Day Britain with a beer brewed exclusively to celebrate the event, Britannia’s Brew by Brewster’s Brewery. The brains behind Beer Day Britain and beer sommelier/evangelist Jane Peyton joins us to talk about the beer, history and why we need a Beer Day […]Listen

Episode 110 ? Pamplemousse
This week we head to the green green grass of home for our next 6 nations of beer stop … Wales, where we sample the amazing Pamplemousse from the Waen Brewery. In the news we chat about award winners, events and round up the latest beery podcasts. Mark is lost for words in this week’s […]Listen

Episode 109 ? Krakatoa
  Our 6 nations tour takes us back to Italy this week with Retorto’s Krakatoa IPA, courtesy of the fantastic folk from Beers From Italy. In the news we chat festivals and new bars, and for our new ‘Hop Topic’ feature we discuss how much you’d be willing to pay for a meet the brewer […]Listen

Revisited 02 ? Southwold Bitter
  We look back into our past at the first beer we ever reviewed: Adnams Southwold Bitter. How will be like it now? Well, that’s somewhat the point of these specials… Click here to listen back to the original review in episode 1Listen

Episode 108 ? Polar Vortex
  This week our Six Nations season takes us to Ireland for 8 Degrees Brewing’s Polar Vortex. We chat about our beery/non beery weeks and there’s an exclusive chat with Indy Man Beer Con in the news. The Craft Baker returns and we have another first time winner in the #prizelessprize It’s Beer O’Clock!   Quick reminder about our […]Listen

Episode 107 ? Broadside & Skull King
  After the shortest break ever, we’re back for season 7 and the 6 nations of beer! On this week’s show we get stuck into two great English beers in Adnams Broadside and Beavertown Skull King. We look forward to what’s to come this season, talk about the United Craft Brewers Association and there’s loads of […]Listen

Episode 106 ? Revolution Red & Dark Arts Porter
  It’s the end of another season, and while you find a tissue to wipe the tear from your eye we enjoy the final two beers of our Irish selection, Kelly’s Mountain Revolution Red and Trouble Dark Arts Porter. We’re joined one last time by our Irish co-hosts Wayne & Janice Dunne and Sarah Finney […]Listen

Minisode 01 ? The United Craft Brewers Association
  We thought we were just heading to Brooklyn Brewery’s London Mash at Beavertown for an evening of great beery chat… This minisode of the Beer O’clock show features exclusive interviews with renowned beer writer Roger Protz, founder of Brooklyn Brewery Steve Hindy and Beavertown Founder Logan Plant about the annoucment made at the beginning of […]Listen

Episode 105 ? Export Stout London 1890
  This week we’re joined by beer writers Chris Hall and Justin Mason (appearing for his hat trick third episode!) to review Kernel’s Export Stout London 1890. In the news we talk new beer releases, the Great British Home Brew Challenge, Beer Marketing Awards and there’s *breaking news* with an exclsuive interview with The Captain […]Listen

Revisited 01 ? Wild Raven Black IPA
  It’s the first in our Revisited series, where we go back to beers we reviewed way back when we started, and experience them with more seasoned taste buds. This episode we go back to Thornbridge’s fine black IPA, Wild Raven (once called simply ‘Raven’). Click here to listen back to the original review in […]Listen

Episode 104 ? Hook Island Red
  This week we dive into a bottle from the fine London brewery, Five Points Brewing – a red rye ale called Hook Island Red. We also take a few sips of something special that makes Mark’s lips a bit numb, yes folks we tackle Brewdog’s Sink The Bismark. There’s a news section that makes […]Listen

Episode 103 ? Blacks of Kinsale Black IPA
  This week we feature another beer from our line-up of Irish craft, and we’re joined by another of our Irish friends, Sarah Finney of 5 Minutes of Finney to review the Black IPA from Blacks of Kinsale. We talk about the most non-craft beer drinking week ever, Mark tells us how he got completely Moosefanged, the […]Listen

Episode 102 ? Er Boqueron
  This week the lads dive head first into the ocean of beer with Er Boqueron’s 4.8% cerveza brewed with sea water. We look back at a very beery week that included the launch of Steve’s dream collaboration between Adnams and Magic Rock and we chat to Fergus Fitzgerald about what Adnams have been up […]Listen

Episode 101 ? Rua
  This week we once again turn our tastebuds towards Ireland, with the latest installment of our Irish craft scene coverage. We try Bru Brewery’s Rua along with Wayne & Janice from the Irish Beer Snob. Despite a bout of manflu #PoorMark survives a show where we discuss Can Gate, we give our co-hosts news that […]Listen

Episode 100 ? Beer Geek Daydream
  It’s episode 100! No, we can’t believe it either. And we celebrate by reviewing the rare Mikkeller/Siren Beer Geek Daydream white stout. There’s some news, some messages from our listeners and a new contributor takes the coveted show 100 #prizelessprize A huge thanks to everyone who has been a part of the show over […]Listen

Episode 99 ? Homebrew Special #4
  It’s time again for another of our Homebrew Specials, wherein Steve and Mark are both schooled in the arts of homebrew chemistry, while also getting to taste some frankly amazing beers. We’re joined by Steve Dawson from Learn to Brew UK, David Bishop and Chris Russell. There’s a return to form in the #prizelessprize […]Listen

Wee Beastie 02 ? Bitter & Twisted / Thistley Cross Cider
  We’re back for another instalment of our Beastie O’Clock series, with another round of special beers from our friends at Harviestoun. This time we have 4 beers – the original Bitter & Twisted, and then 3 variations of B&T aged in Thistley Cross cider barrels with various fruits. We also have an interview with Amy, […]Listen

Episode 98 ? Jarl
  This week we’re joined by one of the original British beer casters – Richard Taylor from the esteemed BeerCast. Together we review Jarl, a hoppy blond ale from Scottish brewer Fyne Ales. We preview the next Wee Beastie tasting event from Harviestoun and look forward to the Sheffield Beer Week and our appearance at […]Listen

Episode 97 ? Bo Bristle Amber
  It’s time for another beer in our series of Irish ales, and this week we have Bo Bristle’s Amber. Joining us are Mrs Beer Snob Janice Dunn and Sarah Finney from 5 Mins of Finney. We have a look back at our beery week including a trip to Adnams, Craft Beer Rising and the release […]Listen

Wee Beastie 01 ? Barley Wine & Engineer?s Reserve
  It’s Wee Beastie time! In a fun little collaboration with Harviestoun, we’re really bloody pleased to bring you a spin-off series of the Beer O’clock Show (but all still on the same feed) featuring a line of one-off beers from Harviestoun, brewed under the Wee Beastie moniker. In this episode, we have Shaun from […]Listen

Episode 96 ? Ticketybrew Dubbel
  This week we’re joined by beer blogger and homebrewer Connor Murphy (@likethemurphys) to review Ticketybrew’s Dubbel. Plus there’s guest pips and Steve gets bored half way through the news. The wee beastie approaches and there is a dubbel with the Instagram #prizelessprize It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 95 ? Tutti & Frutti
It’s what everyone (well, Mark at least) has been waiting for… Andy Parker (@tabamatu)’s Tutti Frutti Saison! Except it’s not quite that simple… Listen as the boys tuck into the master homebrewer’s Tutti American Pale Ale and Frutti Saison! Plus there’s all the news, a preview of Craft Beer Rising and another first time winner […]Listen

Episode 94 ? Of Foam and Fury
  We’re back for Season 6, and kicking off what promises to be a jam-packed season with an Irish focus, we review Galway Bay’s Of Foam and Fury. We’re joined by Janice and Wayne from the Irish Beer Snob podcast, and our old mate Ian from the 11pm Somewhere podcast. Plus an extended news, loads […]Listen

Season 6 Preview
  We’re back on the 6th of February for an action-packed Season 6, but we both wanted to record a little something to let you all know what treats you’re in for! It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 93 ? Mystery Beer Live Episode
To cap off Season 5 the Beer O’Clock Show went live to the YouTubes to record the grand unveiling of the end-of-season Mystery Beer that only Steve knew about. Listen to the polished version show via the usual means, or watch our little faces from the YouTube recording below as we break open and enjoy […]Listen

Episode 92 ? Homebrew Special #3
  It’s the season 5 Homebrew Special featuring Ady Goodrich, Carl Marshall and Dave-Harrison Ward with their delectable selection of beers. Also this week, we have more news about the #12BeersofXmas and another first time winner in the #PrizelessPrize. Don’t forget that next week’s season finale (with mystery beer) will be streamed live so you can […]Listen

Episode 91 ? Nora
  This week we feature the last of the beers from our Italian beer selection with Baladin’s eqyptian-influenced ale ‘Nora’. Joining us to drink it are Andy and Geremia from Beers From Italy. There’s also a review of Matt Curtis’ recent Darker Days event and we go into festive overload with news about the Crimbo […]Listen

Episode 90 ? Five Points IPA
  This week we’re joined by Peter McKerry from Drunken Cinema to review the newly released Five Points Brewing Co’s IPA, now available from Ales By Mail. There’s an interview with Doreen from Five Points, we chat with Peter about his blog and marvel at the majesticness of his beard. This plus the return of the pips, news about the […]Listen

Episode 89 ? Vienna IPA
  Oh VIENNAAAAAAAAAAA! (Sorry about that) This week we review the winner of the Thornbridge/Waitrose homebrew contest, Graham Nelson’s Vienna IPA (stockists here). We’re also joined by Graham and Thornbridge head brewer Rob Lovatt to chat about the beer, competition and brewing in general. There’s hardly as news this week as Brewdog didn’t write anything for us, but we […]Listen

Episode 88 ? KeTo Reporter
  This week we dive into another of our Italian beers courtesy of Beers From Italy with a very interesting one indeed – KeTo RePorter. Joining us for this review is #SomeRandomBlokeOffTwitter and the Legendary Palate himself, Justin Mason. In the news we bring you up to speed with what’s been happening at Brewdog and there are some […]Listen

Episode 87 ? Bad Kitty
  This week we’re joined by YouTube megastar Rob from Hopzine to sample an interesting little beer in ‘ Bad Kitty’ from Brass Castle. Plus we have an interview with Phil and Ian talking about the beer and the brewery. There’s our beery news, competitions and don’t forget to check out Ep 41 of 11pm Somewhere for […]Listen

Episode 86 ? Nazionale
  We’re back with another of our beers from our Italian selection this season with Birra Baladin’s ‘Nazionale’ in a huge-ass bottle! In the news we look at the launch of Brewhouse & Kitchen Islington and the Coming of IHL. We take a look at beer subscription services from Craft Rebellion, Desk Beers, Beers From Italy, […]Listen

Episode 85 ? Hibernation IPA
  This week we get cuddly with a Bear Hug Brewing Hibernation IPA, take a little walk through an historical London beer story, and have plenty of beery news and chatter! All this PLUS the #PrizelessPrize! It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 84 ? Isaac
  It’s our Indy Man Beer Con special! Featuring an exclusive interview with Jonny Heyes the founder of Indy Man plus a host of assorted bloggers help Steve review some special beers… Toccolmatto / IMBC ‘Delta Red Disorder’ with Justin Mason Magic Rock ‘Pith Head’ with Connor Murphy Against The Grain ‘Citra Ass Down’ with […]Listen

Episode 83 ? Halcyon
  The poorest-kept secret in beer podcasting… this week, the boys review Thornbridge’s Halcyon (cue HALCYON KLAXON) with guest host, beer blogger and all-round hop monster Rowan Molyneux. Also a round up of what is going to happen at the Indy Man Beer Con (hint: carnage), the #prizelessprize and all the news. It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 82 ? ReAle
  It’s the second Italian beer of the season, again courtesy of the lovely blokes at Beers From Italy, this time a 6.4% American pale ale called ReAle. How will it fair when under the scrutiny of the hop-monster Steve? To celebrate Podcast Day, we round up the best beercasts around, including 11pm Somewhere, The […]Listen

Episode 81 ? Rodenbach Grand Cru
  This week we’re joined by trouser-adverse beer blogger Matt Curtis to review a beer of much repute: Rodenbach’s Grand Cru. In the news we look at the upcoming Winter Beer Fest, Pilsner Urquell’s lastest tankovna, the Good Beer Guide 2015 and the recent Indy Beer Can Competition. We discuss Matt’s foray into blogging, look back at […]Listen

Episode 80 ? My Antonia
We’re back with Season 5, and what better way to start it off than a continuously-hopped Imperial Pils? I know, right! Fresh from Italy courtesy of our friends at Beers from Italy, it’s My Antonia – a collaboration ale from Dogfish Head and Birra del Borgo. Joining us, and kindly supplying this week’s bottle and […]Listen

Episode 79 ? Summer Special ? Magic Stone Dog
It’s our summer special! Now an annual feature (funny that), and this week with have a double-helping of summer goodness – not only do we review the Magic Rock / Stone Brew Co / Brewdog collaboration ‘Magic Stone Dog’, but we also have the sunny presence of Ian from a funny little place called Ireland and the […]Listen

Episode 78 ? Good King Henry Special Reserve 2011
It’s the end of Season 4, and with great sorrow… we open what can only be described as a very special beer indeed. This week we tuck into Old Chimneys ‘Good King Henry Special Reserve 2011’, the highest rated beer on RateBeer.com and one that makes many a beer geek sweat. In the news is Britain […]Listen

Episode 77 ? Orval
This week is every craft wanker’s dream beer (apparently), Orval. Joining us is the BEER OVERLORD from The Swan pub in Stratford St Mary (in Essex/Suffolky way), who gives us some insight into the beer and joins us for plenty more beery chatter. Plus, Steve delivers the most self-indulgent news section ever including an interview […]Listen

Episode 76 ? Bishops Finger
A return to days of olde, with a supermarket staple this week – Shepherd Neame’s Bishops Finger. We’re joined by beer blogger and all-round good bloke, Glenn Johnson. We look forward to the GBBF and Steve champions the cause of his local beer festival. Plus we chat to Ian from 11pm Somewhere podcast about the forthcoming […]Listen

Episode 75 ? 01/01 Saison Citra
Fancy beer time! This week it’s Brew By Number’s 01/01 Saison Citra, and to discuss the style is someone who loves it – our old friend, Emma from Crema Brewery. In the news there’s more from (yawn) Brewdog and we look forward to London Beer City with an interview with creator and coordinator Will Hawkes. The #PrizelessPrize […]Listen

Episode 74 ? Orach Slie and 2nd Birthday Special!
It’s the Beer O’Clock Show’s second birthday, and what a beer to celebrate with – Harvistoun’s Orach Slie. See what the lads think of a beer they’ve been holding on to for months just for this show. Also, birthday messages akimbo, the release of the GBBF beer list and the #PrizlessPrize Instagram of the week! […]Listen

Episode 73 ? Beavertown Special
This week we’re lucky to not only have 5 – FIVE – Beavertown Brewery beers to try (in cans, no less!), we were also joined by #SomeRandomBlokeOffTwitter and esteemed beer blogger, Justin Mason. Also, an interview with Beavertown founder and brewer Logan Plant and Justin talks about his new project Beer East Anglia. Plus a […]Listen

Episode 72 ? Hogstar Lager and Montezuma?s Chocolate Lager
This week we’re joined by David Patterson from Hogs Back Brewery to sample their two lagers: Hogstar Craft Lager and their Montezuma’s Chocolate Lager. No, seriously! What do the lads think? Listen and find out. There’s also a chance to win a mixed crate of the beers, just answer the question posed in the show […]Listen

Episode 71 ? Anchor Steam Beer
As a little treat for the Fourth of July, we have a review of an American beer we’ve been meaning to review for, well, forever. It’s the Anchor Steam Beer from Anchor Brewing in San Francisco – does it live up to our hopes and dreams? Listen and see! In this weeks news we talk […]Listen

Episode 70 ? Pumphouse Pale Ale
The latest in our Breweries of London series, with a Sambrook’s Brewery beer from South London – it’s the Pumphouse Pale Ale. We also have an interview with the head brewer for Sambrook’s, so be sure to stay to the end! This week’s news includes Craft Rebellion and British Guild of Beer Writers Awards. Make sure […]Listen

Episode 69 ? Jolly Jester
This week the boys sample a beer from not only a new British brewery, but one featuring a new British hop! It’s Jolly Jester from Gloucestershire-based Hillside Brewery. We have Peter and Paul from Hillside along to taste the beer with us. We also discuss ice cream – important stuff! In this week’s news we […]Listen

Episode 68 ? Marble Dobber
This week the boys tuck into the beer that won the Beer O’Clock Show’s “UK’s Top IPA” poll, Dobber IPA from Marble Brewery. Will they appreciate its award-winning hoppage? Also! An interview with Marble Brewery and your very own chance to win a bottle of Dobber – listen to find out how! In this week’s […]Listen

Episode 67 ? Homebrew Special #2
It’s time for another Homebrew Special – and this time we have a trio of amazing beers from Daz Oakley, Connor Murphy and Andrew Hobbs: an american pale ale, a black IPA and a chocolate orange imperial stout (yes, you read that right!). We discuss all manner of homebrewy things with the lads, and hopefully […]Listen

Episode 66 ? Camden Town Hells Double-Up
We’re back for part 2 of season 4, with a London double-up: Camden Town’s Hells Lager and Hells USA Unfiltered Lager. Can Mark tell the difference? We also go through all that’s lined up for the remainder of the season, and Mark reminisces on his beery adventures in the wilds (or, rather, suburbia) of Australia. […]Listen

Episode 65 ? Fuller?s Special
It’s the end of part 1 of Season 4, and what better way to mark the midpoint of a London-themed season than talk to the brewery that leads the London ale scene: Fuller’s of Chiswick. The boys were lucky enough to get time with Fullers’ Director of Brewing, John Keeling, for a super-long interview and […]Listen

Episode 64 ? Sequoia
This week is Season 4 Part 1’s penultimate show, and the boys tuck into a big bottle of Thornbridge Sequoia, an American Amber Ale. What did they think? Was it a hop bomb, or was it too… amber-y? Or something else? This with the usual beery news and chatter – it’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 63 ? London Sour
This week we have a cheeky entry to the season’s beer list, following a last minute schedule change, and a cheeky guest – in order, The Kernel’s London Sour, and London beer blogger Chris Hall! Plenty of beer chat, and beer news – it’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 62 ? Black Mountain
This week the boys sample Black Mountain, a black IPA from Brains Craft Brewery – and have a special guest, from YouTube sensations* The Craft Beer Channel (co-creators of this week’s brew), Jonny! With thanks to Jonny and Brains Craft Brewery for supplying the beer. Listen to them chat about the inspiration and aims for […]Listen

Episode 61 ? Pistonhead Lager
This week the boys do a double-up of Pistonhead Lager, trying it from both bottle and can – do they differ? Will one be nice than t’other? Listen and see! That, and much more beery chatter and news – it’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 60 ? Fade To Black
A HUGE episode this week, where not only do the boys review Weird Beard’s black IPA Fade To Black, but they’re also joined by Andy Parker (@tabamatu) of Elusive Brewing and award-winning home brewer, but we have two – count ’em! – interviews: first with Fergus of Adnams and Alex of Camden Town, talking about […]Listen

Episode 59 ? Bengali Tiger
This week the boys have a can each of an American beer making an appearance on UK shores in JD Wetherspoon pubs around the country: Six Point Brewery’s Bengali Lancer. Listen for their thoughts on this, as well as lots of beery news and chatter. It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 58 ? Hop Mountain Pale Ale
This week the boys take a break from the fine beers of London and sample an ale from the other side of the water: Old Dominion’s Hop Mountain Pale Ale. How will it go down? Listen and see! (or, rather, hear) That, plus beery chatter and news – it’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 57 ? Riwaka Hop Mule
This week we head to the grassy hills of Hobbit-filled New Zealand… via a London brewery called Honest Brew, who have used rare NZ hops in this week’s beer, Riwaka Hop Mule. Will we enjoy the tastes of Aotearoa? Listen and learn! Also with plenty of beery news and chat, it’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 56 ? Hogs Back T.E.A.
This week we venture to Surrey for a supermarket staple: Hogs Back Brewery’s T.E.A (Traditional English Ale). Our review of that, as well as some beer-related man-flu remedies and other beery chatter. It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 55 ? The Ridge and Broken Dial
It’s a Scottish triple-header this week as not only are we joined by #1 fan, and actual Scottish person, DOODY (aka Michael), but we have TWO (count ’em!) beers from favoured Scottish brewery Harviestoun: The Ridge and Broken Dial. What do our trio of beer reviewers think? That, plus we catch up with how the […]Listen

Episode 54 ? Hop Stuff Renegade IPA
And we’re back! And we are kicking off Season 4 with the first of what will be a few beers sourced from breweries in London (with a mix, throughout the season, of beers from other parts of the country, naturally!). This week it’s Hop Stuff brewery’s Renegade IPA! Plus plenty of beery chat! It’s Beer […]Listen

Episode 53 ? Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale
It’s the end of Season 3, and end of 2013 for the Beer O’Clock Show (in audio, anyway!), and we top the season off in style with a much-anticipated ale from US brewer, Stone. All this, and beery chatter about our Crimbo Crawl, with audio clips from various attendees, and much more – it’s Beer […]Listen

Episode 52 ? Black Tongue
This week, we dive into a murky black sea of ROCK AND ROLL as we taste Signature Brew’s double black IPA, Black Tongue, brewed in partnership with taking-over-the-world heavy-smiths Mastodon! The boys are also joined by Signature Brew’s brewer, Tom! This and our usual beery chatter – it’s Beer O’ClockListen

Episode 51 ? Rogue Mocha Porter
This week we review another ale from the Colonies – Rogue Mocha Porter from Orgeon! Joining us in the virtual BOC studios is @SaintGlenn from http://beer-writings.blogspot.co.uk – a gentleman and a scholar, make no mistake! All this, and a bonus interview at the end! It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 50 ? Fullers 2012 Vintage Ale
We’re 50! Well, 50 episodes old at least, and it’s a very special episode with a very special beer: Fuller’s 2012 Vintage Ale. How will Steve and Mark enjoy a beer they’ve been holding on to for over a year? Will they drift off into hours of reminiscing? How have they last this long, anyway? […]Listen

Episode 49 ? Kona Fire Rock
Another trip across the pond, and feeling the sand between our hairy toes as we walk the beaches of Hawaii (at least in our minds) for this week’s beer: Kona’s Fire Rock Pale Ale. Also, updates on all manner of Beer O’Clock Show goodness! Upcoming milestones, christmas crawls, and more! It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 48 ? Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Ale
This week we paddle across the pond (and across land a bit) to the Sierra Nevada mountains in California for a barley wine style ale as another feature of this season’s US Beer Adventure. It’s a Bigfoot Ale from Sierra Nevada. We’re joined this week by Mark Kelly from the Beer Boutique in South London […]Listen

Episode 47 ? Homebrew Special #1
It’s a huge show this week, with FIVE guests joining Steve and Mark in the BoCS studios for our first ever Homebrew special, with four – FOUR – different beers. Hoo boy. We have the mighty DOODY from Still Thinking with his saison Monarch. Chris and Emma from Crema Brewery and their Red Snow Rye […]Listen

Episode 46 ? Red Rocket Ale
It’s Beer O’clock, and time for another trip across the pond. This week, the boys sample Bear Republic’s Red Rocket Ale from Sanoma County in California. PLUS Steve gets an extra review in of one of his new favourite beers from the Stone brewery. PLUS!! Steve also gets a chance to talk to one of […]Listen

Episode 45 ? Snake Dog IPA
Steve and Mark venture across the pond yet again, this time for the Snake Dog IPA from the Flying Dog brewery. Also in this episode, Steve’s interview with crowd-sourced brewery, Hop Stuff. All this, and the usual beery chatter you’ve come to know and love (right?), it’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 44 ? M&S Citra IPA
It’s Beer O’Clock, and the boys are joined once again by #3 (formerly #1) fan, Stath AKA Cricket Geoff. Eh? They drink an easy-to-get Marks & Spencers Citra IPA, and along with the usual beery chat and banter, we also have some clips from the Harviestoun  brewery tap takeover recently held in some pub in […]Listen

Episode 43 ? Odell 5 Barrel Pale Ale
WIth the first of their special selections from the USA, Steve and Mark dive head first into that hydra of beers, the 5 Barrel Pale Ale from Odell. How will they find the kick-off of beers from the other side of the pond? And also, usual beery news and catch up on everything going on […]Listen

Episode 42 ? Hardknott Infrared
We venture into the wilds of Sainsburys this week, for the Great British Beer Hunt, and a bottle of Hardknott’s red IPA, Infrared. Along with special guest Dave (@pixellated), Mark & Steve sniff and ponder and sniff again as they try and decide just what the beer smells like using Special Beer Snob sniffing techniques! […]Listen

Episode 41 ? Harvistoun Schiehallion
Mark & Steve take a trip north of the border – if only via the wonders of internet communication – to catch up with #2 Fan, DOODY, as they all taste that Scottish Craft Lager – Schiehallion by Harvistoun. Includes bonus real Scottish accent! Plus your usual beery news, facts, and opinions.Listen

Episode 40 ? Goose Island IPA
The boys are back for Season 3 of the Beer O’Clock Show, with a supermarket staple AMERICAN ale, all the way from Chicago – Goose Island IPA.  Will they be able to handle such exotica? Listen and see! Plus the drawing of our Innis & Gunn giveaway, and the usual beery news and chatter. It’s […]Listen

Episode 39 ? Summer Special
We’re back with a one-off special, featuring news from the Great British Beer Festival, catch-ups for Steve and Mark on what they’ve been drinking since the last episode, as well as a featured review of the Innis & Gunn Canadian Cherrywood Finish! It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 38 ? Un-human Cannonball
It’s the final episode of Season 2, and Steve and Mark are joined once again by #1 Fan, @Stath79 – aka Ant – for the beer to end all beers (and to end all beer podcasters as well, perhaps). Magic Rock Brewing’s Un-Human Cannoball, a 660ml 12% TRIPLE India Pale Ale, it promise a true […]Listen

Episode 37 ? Golden Glory
This week the boys tuck into what is one of Mark’s favourite beers, Badger’s Golden Glory, for a refreshing burst of peachy… Oh wait. Perhaps it doesn’t go entirely well. Tune in to find out! Also an interview with Dragon and Flagon Tours’ own Vic Norman. It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 36 ? Sa Bona Birra American Red Ale
Get your suncream, passport and funny hat, cos we’re going abroad to sunny Menorca! Well. In spirit, anyway, as Steve and Mark ponder the qualities of the Sa Bona Birra American Red Ale on this week’s Beer O’Clock Show. Also featured: news on some new B’OS ventures, preview of what’s coming in the final episodes […]Listen

Episode 35 ? Adnams Special
This week, Steve and Mark take a look at two new bottles from Steve’s favourite Suffolk brewer – Jack Bran Clump Sagin, and Adnams Native Britten. Will they continue the love affair Steve has with the Southwold brewers? Or will they finally slip off their hoppy crown? Also – the return of #1 Fan, and […]Listen

Episode 34 ? Marston?s Ashes Ale
This week the boys are joined by #1 Fan, and Sussex legend, @Stath79 to review what can only be described as… a beer. Ashes Ale from Marstons, not at all a cynical cash-in on the Test series… no no no. This and our drawing of the Mashtag competition, and more surprises! It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 33 ? #Mashtag
This week the boys dive into a democratically-brewed Brown Ale from our favourite Scottish Beer Punks, Brew Dog with their American-style Brown Ale #Mashtag. This along with the results of our Iron Maiden competition, your chance to enter a NEW competition, lots of beery chatter and… Mark does an accent. It’s Beer O’Clock!Listen

Episode 32 ? Trooper
Scream for me, Beer O’Clock Show… SCREAM FOR ME, BEER O’CLOCK SHOW… It’s Trooper from Robinsons this week, a beer put out under the name of British Heavy Metal legends, and longtime favourites of both Steve and Mark, Iron Maiden. Listen this week as the tour bus veers wildly across the highway to hell, and […]Listen

Episode 31 ? Spitfire
This week we’re joined by Beer O’Clock Show’s #1 Fan, @Stath79 – aka Antony – for a tasting of a Shepherd Neame classic – Spitfire! How will Steve handle such a full-tasting experience with *two* of his protege’s sitting as his feet, awaiting his wisdom? Listen and find out. Coupled with our usual beery chatter […]Listen

Episode 30 ? Leffe Brune
Sourced directly from a Sainsbury’s gift pack, the boys tackle the darker brother of a beer they encountered earlier this season. This week it’s a beer Mark can only describe as… no, wait and see! It’s Leffe Brune this week, into the goblet and under the microscope! Also, the usual beery chatter and pontification. It’s […]Listen

Episode 29 ? Double Chocolate Stout
Steve & Mark venture into the dark, murky corners of the cellar labelled STOUT and review their first pint of darkness ever… How will it go down? This week, it’s Young’s Double Chocolate Stout, and that sounds nice, right? Listen and find out! Also, our usual beery chatter and #1 Fan reporting in!Listen

Episode 28 ? Duvel
We’re joined this week by Beer blogger, and bloke-who-knows-more-than-us, Nate from Booze, Beats & Bites as we review another European ale. This, and our usual beery chatter!Listen

Episode 27 ? Doom Bar
Following on from last week’s pub standard, Landlord, this week we go for another – but one of Mark’s favourite beers: the ever-popular Doom Bar. With a smacking of lips, an mmm-ing of malts, and comparisons aplenty, join Steve and Mark as they down another pint far too quickly. And as always, with beery news […]Listen

Episode 26 ? Landlord
This week, Steve & Mark partake of an old favourite of many, with suprising(ish) results! Plus lots of beer news, chat, frivolity (?!), and #1 Fan reporting in!Listen

Episode 25 ? Craft Lager Special
This week, Steve & Mark venture out into the dark, mysterious world of… lager! With two of them at hand, we bring you a frothy head-to-head between the Innis & Gunn Craft Brewed Lager and Celia’s gluten free Lager Beer. Listen and find out who wins the “can we actually enjoy lager?” challenge! There’s also […]Listen

Episode 24 ? Thornbridge Jaipur
Steve and Mark hit it out of the park this week, courtesy of a beer from one of our favourite breweries. We also talk about the beer we’ve sampled during the week, a pub Mark can’t remember the name of, and much more. Send us your clips! Have a beer review of your own, or […]Listen

Episode 23 ? Tally-Ho!
Tally-Ho! This week we tackle a fine beer from Southwold’s own – Adnams! Also, the usual beery banter from Steve and Mark, and our #1 Fan checking in.Listen

Episode 22 ? Leffe Blonde
We get all continental this week, with our first European beer of the season – the old favourite of many, Leffe Blonde. What will the boys think of it? Will it’s cultured, European sophistication be their undoing, or will it not hold its own against the UK’s finest? Possibly a bit of both? More beer […]Listen

Episode 21 ? Newcastle Brown Ale
We’re back for 2013! After far too long a wait, Steve and Mark are back with Season 2 of the Beer O’Clock Show, and we kick it off with a beer everyone in the world has tasted – except Mark. How will he find it? Also, some clips from a recent Dragon & Flagon pub […]Listen

Episode 20 ? Christmas Special ? St Peters Christmas Ale
It’s our end of Season 1 special, with our special Christmas episode. This week we review the St Peter’s Christmas Ale, and reflect on what Season 1 has brought us. That and our usual beery chatter – Merry Christmas!Listen

Episode 19 ? Badgers Poacher?s Choice
This week we try something that’s we’ve both been circling for a while: Badger Ale’s Poacher’s Choice. Also, Steve’s Beervent Calendar gets another flap opened, and other beery chatter!Listen

Episode 18 ? Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
This week we have a taste of something from across the pond, with the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. This and our usual beery discussion, plus the next instalment in Steve’s Beervent Calander!Listen

Episode 17 ? Melville?s Craft Lager
This week we have something of a departure: not only do we taste and review a lager, but a FRUIT lager. This is the Strawberry-flavoured bottle of Melville’s Craft Lager from Innis & Gunn. That, and our usual beer-related banter and reviews!Listen

Episode 16 ? Adnams Ghost Ship (in a can!)
It’s Adnams Week! This week Steve and Mark tackle an old favourite of Steve’s, but in a format he is very cynical about: Adnams Ghost Ship in a can.  How will Steve’s favourite ale go down when poured from The Evil Cylinder? Find out this week. Also we have our Adnams-themed personal assignments, and other […]Listen

Episode 15 ? Thornbridge Raven Black IPA
This week’s featured beer is one that’s recently been voted the world best dark ale, and best Black IPA in Europe: Thornbridge Brewery’s Raven Black IPA. We also have our usual weekly assignments and other general beer-related chatter.Listen

Episode 14 ? Dragon & Flagon Tours
This week we have recordings from our weekend tavern tour with Vic Norman of Dragon & Flagon tours, who do pub tours in London. We also discuss Cambridge Bitter from the Elgood’s brewery.  Listen

Episode 13 ? Bath Ales? Gem
This week, Steve and Mark tackle a beer from a brewery they’ve not sampled before: Gem from Bath Ales. Also, more info on our upcoming ‘on tour’ episode, our weekly assignments, and our usual beer chatter!Listen

Episode 12 ? Wychwood?s Hobgoblin
It’s Halloween! And with it, our special review of Wychwood Brewery’s Hobgoblin, the ‘Unofficial Beer of Halloween’ (according to the label). We also cover our weekly assignments – Adnams Ghost Ship and Wychwood’s King Goblin – and other general beer chatter.  Listen

Episode 11 ? Brewdog Punk IPA
This week’s feature beer: Brewdog Punk IPA Steve and Mark sample a beer mentioned previously on the show but as yet untested in detail, an IPA from a Scottish brewery with character (the brewery or the beer? Listen and find out!) Also our usual weekly personal assignments, listener feedback, and more!Listen

Episode 10 ? Sambrook?s Junction
Featured beer: Sambrook’s Brewery’s Junction. This week, Steve and Mark go through a small London brewery’s lovely bottle. Also, as always, we have our weekly personal assignments and a guest review at the end! Want to be a part of our Regional Review Panel? Listen to the show for details!Listen

Episode 09 ? Innis & Gunn Original
Featured Beer: Innis & Gunn Original Steve & Mark tuck into another I&G, this time their popular Original.  Listen

Episode 08 ? Tanglefoot
This week’s featured beer: Tanglefoot by Badgers Steve and Mark tuck into the ‘steak and ale pie’ beer (according to its label) – Tanglefoot. Also, we go over our weekly, personal, assignments from Adnams and Oakham Ales.Listen

Episode 07 ? Innis & Gunn Winter Treacle Porter
Featured Beer: Winter Treacle Porter by Innis & Gunn A special review this week, of Innis & Gunn’s 2012 winter beer, Winter Treacle Porter. We also go over our weekly assignments – Badger Ales’ Fursty Ferret, and Harviestoun Brewery’s Bitter & Twisted.Listen

Episode 06 ? Bengal Lancer
This week Steve and Mark delve into the amber hoppyness of Fullers’ Bengal Lancer, a very interesting beer indeed! We also go over our previous week’s beery conquests, and introduce our new weekly assignments!  Listen

Episode 05 ? Black Sheep Ale
Featured Beer: Black Sheep Ale Join Steve and Mark as they taste the Black Sheep Ale from the Black Sheep Brewery. Apologies for the sound quality of this episode — it was due to some unfortunate mic hiccups. We appreciate your support! Remember to let us know what your favourite beer of the past summer […]Listen

Episode 4 ? Waggle Dance
This week’s featured beer: Well’s Waggle Dance Join Steve and Mark as they sup the first honey beer of Season 1. Does it go down smoothly? Listen and find out!Listen

Episode 3 ? Old Golden Hen
Episode 3 of the Beer O’Clock Show Featured Beer: Old Golden Hen Join Steve and Mark as they taste the first Golden Ale of the Beer O’Clock Season. Listen as Mark forgets about the whole ‘not drinking too quickly’ thing. This episode brought to you by Purple Panda Media, a web design company in Glasgow, […]Listen

Episode 2 ? Greene King IPA
Episode 2 of the Beer O’Clock Show Featured Beer: Greene King IPA Join Steve and Mark as they discuss the first IPA to ever pass Mark’s lips. Will he like it? Or will be consider it, in the words of one listener, ‘boke’? Grab a bottle, sit back, and relax.  Listen

Episode 1 ? Adnams Southwold Bitter
Episode 1 of The Beer O’Clock Show Featured beer: Adnams Southwold Bitter Join Steve and Mark as they discuss their first beer of Season 1, Adnams Southwold Bitter,  and delight in Mark’s beer noob-ery, and impending drunkenness within 20 minutes. Get yourself a bottle, relax, and drink along with the boys!Listen

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