Join Mark as he tells his stories about his time in the woods. Whether it's a recent camping trip or explaining his gear, tips and tricks on Bushcraft or Survival skills. he'll share it all with you.


Episode #25 The Silent Killer Carbon Monoxide
One of my favourite times of the year to take my scouts camping is in the autumn, nice and crisp mornings and cozy and relaxing around the warm campfire in the cold evenings is just magical, On a recent autumn camp, even though I spent the previous few weeks telling the scouts to wrap up warm in the evenings, bring a nice warm jumper, hat, scarf etc and explaining that we loose heat though our head and a hat is a must at night time, some scouts still forgot warm clothes at night time. The next morning i asked the scouts if they slept well and warm during the night, a few muttered that they was quite cold during the night. I suggested that they wrapped up warm at night & wear a hat during the night. 1 scout suggested heating in the tent, so I questioned this scout on what heating he would suggest. After some ?heated? debate on the subject, 1 scout came up with the idea of a mini heater, he had recently read about a sad story which involved a family, the children of this particular family sadly lost their life?s were scouts. We got onto the subject of ? the silent killer? Carbon Monoxide Poisoning. I remembered a post I read and it suggested that thousands of campers even though they are aware of the silent killer still bring into their tents lit barbecues, this could be due to the unpredictable weather whilst camping or re using the BBQ after they have cooked their dinner to warm up their tent. Even when the BBQ?s aListen

Episode #24 Why I love being a Scout Leader
In Podcast Episode 24 , I discuss why I love being a Scout Leader, from teaching new skills to the young people to making amazing Adult leader friends from around the world not just here in the U.K www.frontierbushcraft.comListen

Episode #23 Feng Shui
In Episode 28;- I chat about my recent Scout Camp with the "newbie?s" both scouts and leaders. We had a back to basics camp where the Scouts did everything themselves, cooking on open fires for example. The highlight being on Saturday night they played " Ready, Steady, Cook". This was the teams receiving random ingredients and then having to come up with a meal. The boys came up with stuffed chicken breasts was I was like WTF! But it turned out to be very very yummy. This weekend, myself and Producer Grace had an indoor camping session, O.K it was indoors and we didn?t quite camp in the usual camping way, Infact we abandoned the tent and just slept in out beds. So Infact it was us sitting around a LED Campfire and eating Marshmallows. Last not least, why is this Vlog called Feng Shui? Well producer Grace is struggling to sleep the whole night in her bed and the other night she had a horrible nightmare. So me & my wife was googling for answers when my wife stumbled across Feng Shui for kids bedrooms. So i moved her bedroom around according to Feng Shui placement. Will it work? We will have to wait and see. Anyway..... That?s it for this podcast See you in the next episodeListen

Episode #22 Twinkle Twinkle
Published on Oct 16, 2016 Here's a run down of what me & Grace chat about in Vlog 7 Vlog 7:- Twinkle Twinkle little star Bear Grylls Endevour Tour -Wembley Arena Camping Lantern Review what is the point in Geocaching? New woodland ways shop- Bakewell Wilkos- Blox Toy review Hints & tips for taking young people camping Grace ends the vlog by singing 1 of the songs shes been singing at school- twinkle twinkleListen

Episode #21 Pooooooootato
In Vlog 6, I talk about Gilwell Reunion, The Outdoor Trade show, my scout programme and competitions. Gilwell Reunion The Outdoor Trade show was held in Warwickshire a few weeks ago. The Outdoor Trade Show has come a long way since it began in 2006, where 46 exhibitors and 621 visitors were hosted in one hall at Stoneleigh Park. The show presents a fantastic opportunity for retail visitors to see a wide variety of outdoor brands presenting clothing, footwear and accessory products in the exhibition halls, at the same time as allowing camping and caravanning retailers to browse through the hundreds of tents and caravan awnings on display outdoors. It?s a great event to see new camping toys, gadgets and get a sneaky peek at what?s coming out in 2017. Here?s a few of my favourites The Aquaforno: The Ultimate in Outdoor Cooking Stoves, A Pizza Oven, BBQ Grill, Smoker with internal water boiler. An all in one ? for you to take anywhere. Retailing at 395- will be available on scout shop very soon. Keen- Uneek Paracord shoes: These retail for approx 80- depending on the style Fixnzip is a zipper repair product that requires no tools or sewing. Its universal design can be used on teeth, coil, metal and plastic zippers. Applied in seconds, FixnZip makes ?zipper repair anywhere? possible; currently unavailable in the UK, but coming soon. Dexshell continues to take the market by storm, developing accesListen

Episode #20 I'm back!
So after 4 months away for various reasons, manly having a new addition to The Yates household, Baby Thomas. I?m back podcasting and vlogging. In episode 20 I discuss about:- 1) The Bear Grylls Live Show 2) Phone chargers 3) Bear in the Air at Hargreaves Scout Campsite 4) The new Paul Kirtley video 5) The Big Little Tent Festival 6) Bushcraft Boy Plus a few other bit and bobs Happy listening. P.S. I also do a video version of this podcast, which can be found on my YouTube channel or via my websiteListen

Episode #19 Interview with Bushcraft Boy
A few weeks ago I chatted to a young man who goes under the name of ?Bushcraft Boy?. He's 8 years old and his knowledge of camping and bushcraft is amazing. Ray Mears and Bear Grylls better becarefull, Bushcraft Boy is going to be the next be thing in the bushcraft world! In this interview we chatted about his recent fishing trip, his tarp tent video and other interesting things about Camping. Bushcraft Boy YouTube - How to set up a hammock quickly How To Make An Easy Fully Enclosed Tarp Shelter With A DD Hammocks 3x3m TarpListen

Episode 18_2015 xmas review
Here's a special Christmas podcast looking back over the past year of 2015?s of Big Man in the Woods. Here?s q quick recap... Episode 12- Mollie Hughes- 2012 climbed Mount Everest aged 21 Episode 13- my walk around black park in bucks, chat about Paul Kirley?s tree id course, black park used in films and Channel 5 10,000 B.C Episode 14 ? Knife Throwing with John Taylor in god?s country Episode 16- quick catch up, scout camp,The Chilli festival in Essex, interview with crunchy critters, review on the Vatar torches and phone charger- Episode 17- Terry Longhurst- Bush Scout I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a very jolly and happy New Year. All the best for 2016 Cheers MarkListen

Episode# 17 BushScout
In episode 17:- Big Man in the woods talks to Terry Longhurst all about a new idea of his "BushScout" We discover what BushScout is all about:- The practical skills alliance! We are a national community of Scout Leaders who have a passion for teaching traditional and practical Scouting skills to other Scout Leaders. There are many Scout County's involved in Bushscout, each one is set up as its own team and has a nominated team leader who will co-ordinate local training days as well as communicating with the national alliances. competition time;- Your chance to win a petromax wooden spoon and Tunder as also the chance to win Terry's The Haynes Outdoor Adventure Manual It?s all here in episode 17Listen

Episode #16 A big tip if your buying gear from DD Hammocks plus load more chat and 3 prizes up for grabs
In episode 16:- Big Man in the woods talks about a host of things, such as... ?His invitation to the Craghoppers 50th Birthday bash, the talk with Tristan Gooley. ?Varta torches and phones chargers review ?Tip if you?re buying anything with DD Hammocks 3 competitions!! Yes 3 prizes to be won 1.Tristan Gooley book- The walkers guide to outdoor signs and Clues 2.Levison Woods Book- Walking the Nile 3.Camo hand painted fake nails ? It?s all here in episode 16Listen

Episode #15 Tick Tick Tock
Episode 15 sees Big Man in the Woods discussing Ticks and Lyme Disease. We chat to Stella from a Charity called Lyme Disease Action. We discuss ticks, what is lyme disease, tick prevision and treatment of Lyme Disease aswell as how to safely remove a tick Tick Removers:-

Episode #14 Axe & Knife throwing
Little John Taylor as he?s known in the Knife throwing scene, starting seriously throwing knifes not that long ago... Infact in 2005 After some months of throwing on his own he wanted to learn from others so he found the International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame (IKTHOF), based in Austin, Texas, on the internet. They had a tournament in October 2006 so off he went to learn. With world titles under his belt including 1st Place Speed throw. (17 knives stuck in 20 seconds) and also 1st Place 7 meter Tomahawk/Axe throw. Big Man in the Woods travelled up with the guys from I.E.A.T. Scouts for a weekend of Knife, Axe and Tomahawk throwing with John Taylor. It was a great weekend with the boys. I hope you enjoy episode 14 with John Taylor... Johns Website:- We Are Shining X Eliza Doolittle Youtube Video- Featuring John?s Knife throwing

Episode #13 Walk around Black Park
In this podcast, I chat as I walk around the Black Park in Bucks I talk about the new Course I've Just signed up to, the new Bushcraft Journal, a 24hr competition, a new podcast I'm launching A big announcement about our new podcast sponsor- Anevay

Episode #12 Interview with Mollie Hughes
On the 19th May 2012 Mollie became one of the youngest British climbers to summit Mount Everest at the age of 21. After 18 months of rigorous training, 2 months living in the harsh mountain environment and 18 hours climbing in the oxygen less world above 8,000m ? Mollie completed her challenge. She now has a very exciting story to share. Listen to her story aswell as answer questions asked by MarkListen

Episode 11_ Christmas 2014
Here's a special Christmas podcast looking back over the 10 episodes of Big Man in the Woods. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a very jolly and happy New Year. All the best for 2015 Cheers MarkListen

Episode #10 Sleeping Bag Guide +more
In episode 10:- We answer a phone call message I got from a listener asking what is a good knife for his 11yr old son. A quick overview of my Scout " Dump" Camp I call up Paul Kirtley to ask about his new podcast he is launching this month. Sleeping bag guide- what are the different types. A newspaper story about a grenade blowing up in a wood stove My DIY Waterproof matches Xmas Big Man in the Woods prize give wayListen

Episode #9 Interview with John Rhyder
John is both Founder and Head Instructor at Woodcraft School. He was appointed as chief instructor for Ray Mears, receiving his antler handled instructor knife unusually after only one season. Prior to his teaching career John worked in conservation management, traditional woodland skills and management practices. He holds formal teaching qualifications and has been instructing in outdoor education and natural history since 1994, mainly in bushcraft from 1997. He has made a full time career in this subject since then. I?m really excited that he?s agreed to speak with me today, so grab a pen as I think you?re going to get a huge amount of value out of the next 30 minutes or so. Welcome to the show, John Rhyder...Listen

Episode #8 Osterley House walk
In this podcast , I chat as I walk around the ground of Osterley House. This was meant to be a video blog, but my camera died when I got home, lucky enough I was able to save the audio. I chat about how to get kids out and about in the autumn, Paul Kirtley's new video.

Episode #7Interview with Terry Longhurst
A while back I chatted to Terry Longhurst , not only is he a Group Scout Leader in Essex, hes a great bloke whose interested in many outdoors activities, such as canoeing, bushcraft, camping to name a few things. In this interview he tells us about his 2 year experience with Woodland Ways as he completes his Woodland Wayer course. Terry also tells us about a book he helped to co write- The Outdoor Adventure ManualListen

Epsiode#6 Tent flys 30ft in the Air
Welcome to Episode #6 Mark visits The world of Bushcraft shop, does a spot of shopping in the Wilko's camping sale, bumps into Bear Grylls and talks about Gilwell Reunion 2014 plus more chit chat. ******************************************** Heres a brief round up of some of the things discussed in this episode. The World of Bushcraft:- So the Big Man headed north to Bedford to visit Woodland ways new shop- The World of Bushcraft. It?s a great shop selling all sorts of things from clothing, knifes, sporks, books to 1 on 1 teaching sessions. Mark ended up using his Christmas vouchers to buy a DD Under Blanket and a willow whistle for his Daughter. Tent hurdled 30 foot across campsite:- A family?s camping trip ended in terror when a mini-tornado lifted their tent 10ft in the air and hurled it 30ft across a field ? as they slept inside. Winds from the tail end of Hurricane Bertha swept through the campsite days into the family?s week-long holiday near Ambleside, Cumbria. ?It was mayhem. I could just see this big spiral on the grass,? said Mr Gardner, 42. ?The next thing I knew it just picked up the tent.? The children were kept under observation at Lancaster Hospital and they were all were treated for cuts and bruises before being released. ?The gear is a write-off but the kids are all alive,? said Mr Listen

Episode 5_CragHoppers review,music nmore
Episode 5 Mark talks about his latest experimenting with Char Cloth and what his favourite material for making char cloth is. Top 10 tips on Camping mistakes/errors article from the Telegraph. How to start a fire using your own urine. Mark also gives a review on the Craghopper BG Soft shell survivor Jacket and a new feature in the podcast, music from an unsigned band.Listen

Episode 4_ Danny Reid Interview
In Episode 4 Mark chats to Danny Reid from A Journey into Bushcraft. Danny has a very popular Youtube channel which is a visual blog about his "Journey into Bushcraft" We find out why Danny got into bushcraft, his favourite piece of camping kit is his Brew Kit and also his latest Claim to fameListen

Episode 3_ Nigel Jingles
In the past Mark used to work on Professional Radio. On one of his old Stations - Time 106.6, Mark used to have a regular caller who started to make some jingles to use. I played only 1 jingle, which is the 1st jingle you will hear! Time and time again, Mark is asked to dig out this jingles are play them. So here?s a short podcast with some of those ?cheesey and rather bad" jingles. Big Man in the woods normal podcast will resume in episode #4 Enjoy the jingles. Bet you won?t stop singing the jingles..... It?s the Mark Yates show on the radio, give him a call......Listen

Episode 2_ Sleep Deprivation
In Episode 2 with are joined with Professor Mary Morrell and Dr Matt Hind from the Royal Brompton Hospital. They explain what sleep deprivation is and how you can prevent it. Dr Hind explains why you should have a great bed on camp and Professor Morrell gives a great tip in you want a good night?s sleep in a hammock. There's plenty more tips on how to prevent sleep deprivation and how to deal with the situation in you find yourself or a camping buddy suffering from it.Listen

Episode 1
An introduction into who is behide Big Man in the Woods. We find out how the Frontier Bushcraft Elementary Course went, we also play a new Big Man in the Woods Game and Big Man in the Woods explains why he uses Army surplus Gear.Listen

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