CrappyCast is a comedy podcast created by Scottish comedy visionaries Fraser McGovern and Cameron Nicolson. There’s comical chat along with recurring segments, celebrity guests and an assortment of other stuff that might make you laugh. Might.


11: Results
Cameron is biting his fingernails waiting for his exam results: will he pass or will he fail miserably? Also, we find out about Cameron’s secret to a happy life, Fraser’s leg injury, dying dolphins, Starbucks and The Queen! There’s no way you can fail by listening to the eleventh CrappyCast! (Unless you fall over or ....Listen

10: CreepyCast II
Oh, back for more are you? Think you can get through this one with your underwear unsoiled? Let’s just see then. This time, your spooktacular hosts “Freaky Frazz McGovern Frankenstein” and “Creepy Cam” find out what they shouldn’t dress up as for Halloween this year, test out some new scary words and share some knee-vibratingly ....Listen

9: Criticism
“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” As the CrappyCast boys are about to find out, this may be the greatest lie of all time. I once smacked my head off a light switch at Scouts, knocked myself out and woke up ten minutes later with everyone really worried ....Listen

8: Special Special Special
Other comedy podcasts do Specials. We’re better than that. The CrappyCast spits in the face of specials. The CrappyCast defecates in the urinal that is comedy podcast Specials. This is the CrappyCast Christmas/Boxing Day/New Year 2014 Special Special Special. This ain’t your grandaddy’s comedy podcast Special. This is a Special Special Special. This is the ....Listen

7: Raw Potato
Want something tasty for your ears? Well, the seventh episode of the CrappyCast certainly won’t leave a bad taste in your mouth. This time we’ve got the return of CrappyCast Challenge and Get Out, stories about crazy people on buses and pornography, and the brand new segment Phunny Newz. We’re also delighted to have the ....Listen

6: CreepyCast
Boo! Did that scare you? If not, then I’ve got something that will: the special bumper Halloween CreepyCast! This time we’re telling a terrifying selection of bone-chilling tales and rib-tickling anecdotes. Boo! Did it get you that time? No? Just listen to the damn episode. Email us! podcast@crappycast.comListen

5: Breakup
Watch out ladies: Cameron is now a single man out on the prowl! Seriously though, all kidding aside he is absolutely heartbroken. This episode has the very first CrappyCast Challenge, a heart-wrenching song by Cameron, discussions about love and P.E. class and a surprise birthday call from Matthew McConaughey. Get the tissues ready. Email us! podcast@crappycast.comListen

4: Marketing
Do you like comedy? Do you like audio? Then you’ll love episode four of the CrappyCast! In this episode: Cameron takes a trip to Poland, we introduce the new segments ‘The Lad Section’ & ‘Oh Is That Right, Aye?’, and we offer some takeaways an exciting business opportunity. I don’t know about you, but I’m sold. Email ....Listen

3: Beer
The drinks are flowing in this episode! The CrappyCast lads have a couple brewskis while discussing some big topics such as politics, the homeless and giving gifts on father’s day. There’s also some fly-on-the-wall audio of Cameron & Fraser’s band in the recording studio, and an exclusive interview with shouty comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Cheers! Email ....Listen

2: Emails
The CrappyCast returns for another half-hour of hilarity. In this episode we have fan emails, phone calls, a clothing-related disagreement, the first edition of our new segment ‘Get Out’ and an exclusive interview with the one and only Kermit the Frog! I’m laughing already. Email us! podcast@crappycast.comListen

1: Monster Jokes
I’d skip this one. Email us! podcast@crappycast.comListen

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