A round-table discussion about videogames, with a different genre to talk about each episode.

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Episode 18 - Just draw the line

The gang subject each other to a few things.


Episode 17 - How does one have a good time with a horse?

The gang discuss the rhythm of some spooky horses that they feel bad about killing.


Episode 16 - Magic Hair Nakedness

The gang talk about some spooky games that are not really all that spooky


Episode 15 - Tom Is Dead To Us

The gang try to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Tom. Is it really due to Metal Gear Solid 5? It?s all a little too quiet.

They also talk about their nominated games for this episode!

Episode 14 - Wiggle it About

The Gang (minus Leanne) discuss Nintendo and really appreciate Satoru Iwata.

Please understand that we?re professional podcasters.

Episode 13 - You can?t judge a ninja by a shank

The gang discuss a few things in a very calm way.


Episode 12 - Things you can get on the deli counter

The gang subject each other to the worst things they can find.


Episode 11 - Get the poon

The gang discuss their ball control.


Episode 10 - Your Own Sister

The gang discuss their prey of choice.


Episode 9 - A waft of sweat and lilac

The gang get into the topic of dating simulation games, and how to best develop a romance.


Episode 8 - Contrived Block Theme

The gang talk about platform games, which are not at all like Dark Souls.


Episode 7 - I Started Caring About Video Games Again.

This month?s episode is a summary of what games we, truly, enjoyed playing in 2014. 


Episode 6 - I know your balls

The gang attempt to talk about Christmas games. They drink eggnog instead.


Episode 5 - Lovey-dovey exchange

Lo and behold, it?s Cyber Pleasure Podcast!


This time, we try out a developer centric episode, focusing on Double Fine. Pete presents Middle Manager of Justice, Tom decides on Stacking, while Leanne opts for The Cave.


Episode 4 - Boys are icky

Never knowingly underperforming, Cyber Pleasure is back just in time for Hallowe?en!

Naturally, it?s all about spooky games this time. Pete talks about Alan Wake, Tom chooses Alien Isolation, while Leanne opts for Costume Quest.

Join us for all these and more!


Episode 3 - My dad does butts

Later than planned, but still on schedule, it?s episode three of Cyber Pleasure Podcast!


The genre of choice for this month is God Simulation games. Pete goes for King of Dragon Pass, Leanne talks about Unholy Heights, and special guest star Matt chooses Spore.


Episode 2 - Sassy Crusaders

Time for some role-playing games!

Pete presents Last Ranker, Tom opts for Demon?s Souls, whereas Leanne chooses Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader.


Episode 1 - Throbbing Colour

Welcome to Cyber Pleasure Podcast!

In our first episode, we talk about the incredibly broad subject of indie games.

Pete talks about Hotline Miami, Tom chooses Secrets of Rętikon, while Leanne opts for Long Live the Queen.


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