If you enjoy random ramblings and ravings, then this is the podcast for you! You never know what to expect when you listen to DATS Life!

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DATS Life 45 - Tom had a Birthday - Again!
Dave and Tom are back with another brand new episode. They discuss Tom's recent Birthday, Dave's long weekend in London and ask the question on everyone lips... Do you shower naked..? That's right, hard hitting topics from DATS Life!Listen

THE VOTE - Best Moment of 2016
If you would like to vote for the best DATS Life moment of 2016, listen to the 4 moments here and then vote on the DATS Life Twitter page! But hurry, voting ends on Monday 20 February 2017!Listen

DATS Life 44 - The Best of 2016 Special
Dave and Tom are looking back over the 10 best moments from 2016. But that is not all. They have picked their favourite four moments and you, that's right you, can vote to decide which moment takes the spoils. It could not be any more exciting! To vote, check out the DATS Life Twitter page. Listen

A TAD of DAT - How Many Maltesers Can You Fit in Your Mouth?
How Many Maltesers Can You Fit in Your Mouth? On the Best of 2015 Special, Tom puts this to the test!Listen

DATS Life 43 - The New Year's Special 2017
Happy New Year! What do you mean a bit late? It's still the new year isn't it? In the first episode of 2017, Dave and Tom are recording together for only the third time on DATS Life podcast. Starting with a Live Video on Twitter, which got double figure views, they look back at high and low points of 2016 and look forward to the year ahead. And of course sing Auld Lang Syne - it wouldn't be a new year without it!Listen

New Years 2017 Teaser
Ok, so it's the 5th January, not exactly New Years Day, but the New Year Special is simply not ready! So quit your moaning and listen to this Teaser instead! Hopefully the actual episode will be uploaded very soon!Listen

DATS Life 42 - Christmas Special 2016
It's that time of year again, and the DATS Life Christmas Special is bigger and better than ever before! With Christmas songs throughout, Dave and Tom discuss Christmas Day plans before taking on a festive edition of Flashbacks! DATS Life podcast wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year!Listen

DATS Life 41 - Dave's Icelandic Adventure
Every wanted to go to Iceland? Well now you don't have to! Dave spills all from his week in Iceland, from the Blue Lagoon to the Northern Lights, this episode is not to be missed! Unfortunately Dave talked for so long that there wasn't any time for anything else. But don't worry, its only one week until the Christmas Special...Listen

DATS Life 40 - Dave's Facebook Withdrawl Challenge
In the last episode, Dave was challenged to a week without Facebook! DId he manage it? Find out here! Also in this episode, Dave and Tom catch up on some events thatListen

DATS Life 39 - Dave's Birthday Bonanza - with Special Guest
It's Dave's Birthday once again, and to celebrate DATS Life welcome a guest on to the show for the very first time! Dave, Tom and special guest Marc play some party games, they discuss Donald Trump and Dave is set a challenge like nothing he has ever faced before! Wish Dave a very Happy 28th Birthday and listen to this fun filled episode of DATS Life.Listen

Dave's Birthday Teaser!
Today is Dave's Birthday, so make sure to listen to the Birthday Special coming very soon!Listen

DATS Life 38 - Just a Couple of Months Late...
As the title suggests, this episode was recorded slightly over 2 months ago! But don't worry, Dave and Tom are at their best as they look back at the notes they made before the first episode. Plus, Dave reveals what happened to him and his bike on a seemingly normal ride home and Tom tells a funny story (not about him for once!)Listen

DATS Death - The Curse of the Highly Strung Tennis Racket - Halloween 2016
Happy Halloween once again! Dave and Tom return for their favourite night of the year, discussing Halloween costumes, telling some not-so-spooky stories and they use a Plot Generator to prepare the next best seller... 'The Curse of the Highly Strung Tennis Racket' made Dave cry with laughter, and the blurb can be read below! - but only read after listening of course! http://www.plot-generator.org.uk/bbj172/curse-of-highly-strung-tennis-racket.html Listen

Halloween 2016: The Teaser
Returning for the third year in a row, Dave and Tom serve up a Halloween feast. This is just the teaser, but make sure to check out the 2016 Halloween Special... 'The Curse of the Highly Strung Tennis Racket'Listen

DATS Life - The 2 Year Anniversary Montage
On 12th September 2014, Dave and Tom released the first ever episode of DATS Life podcast. 2 years and 36 full episodes later, the show is stronger than ever! In this special montage to mark the anniversary, every episode features in chronological order, creating the story (so far) of DATS Life podcast. With so many memorable moments it would be almost impossible to fit every one in, but we gave it a good go! From musical interludes to coughing fits, embarrassing stories to life changing moments, this montage will take you on a journey!Listen

DATS Life 36 - I Don't Work Here!
Dave and Tom are on fine form as they discuss their recent trips away, quiz each other on classic British sayings and share some embarrassing stories!Listen

DATS Life 35 - Pretty! Pretty! Pretty!
Dave and Tom are back with their first "normal" show in a while! They talk about Euro 2016, Wimbledon and the British Grand Prix, along with a brand new game called 'Flashbacks'. Listeners who don't like the long episodes will be pleased as technical difficulties cut this one short!Listen

DATS SPORT 4U2U EURO 2016 SPECIAL - Spain V Turkey Commentary Highlights
Listen to Dave and Tom's Live commentary highlights of the Group C tie between Spain and Turkey. Listen

DATS SPORT 4U2U EURO 2016 SPECIAL - #8 Predictions
Better late than never, here are Dave and Tom's pre-tournament predictions for Euro 2016. This was recorded with all the other episodes so absolutely no cheating going on! Promise!Listen

Dave and Tom look at the the final group for Euro 2016, containing one of the greatest footballers on the planet. Remember to tune in to the other episodes for the low down on all the groups! Listen

The Euro 2016 Group Previews continue with Group E featuring the highest ranked team in the competition. Remember to tune in to the other episodes for the low down on all the groups! Listen

With only days to go until the start of Euro 2016, Dave and Tom take a look at a 'tasty' group featuring the holders Spain. Remember to tune in to the other episodes for the low down on all the groups!Listen

On to Group C now where the World Champions Germany will meet one of the home nations Northern Ireland. Remember to tune in to the other episodes for the low down on all the groups! Listen

Dave and Tom take a look at England's group for this summers Euro's, with fellow home nation Wales alongside them. Remember to tune in to the other episodes for the low down on all the groups!Listen

Dave and Tom preview the four sides in Group A, including the hosts France, and go to 'Past Tom' for the key statistics you need to know! Remember to tune in to #1 The Preview, where Dave and Tom preview the whole tournament!Listen

DATS SPORT 4U2U EURO 2016 SPECIAL - #1 The Preview
Welcome to the first of 8 preview episodes for Euro 2016! With only one week to go until the opening game in France, we will be counting down with a new episode every day! In this opening conversation, Dave and Tom discuss the rules of football, look at some key statistics and even have time for a laugh at a former Manchester United manager! Remember to check out the rest of the series of previews coming this week, with every Group analysed before the final predictions episode on the eve of the tournament!Listen

DATS Life 34 - DATS Life on Tour
Dave and Tom discuss their weekend at Silverstone watching the first round of the 2016 World Endurance Championship. Plus, Tom sings an Eric Clapton cover and DATS Sport 4U2U returns with the latest sporting headlines. Listen

A TAD of DAT - Shopping
Ever been shopping with your girlfriend, FOR your girlfriend? If not, Tom gives the lowdownListen

DATS Life 33 - The Eggs-tremely Late Easter Special
So Easter finished over a week ago... doesn't me the fun stops there! Dave and Tom discuss the origins of Easter, they launch a brand new segment and a lady called Ariane makes an unforgettable appearance!Listen

The Eggs-tremely late Easter Teaser

DATS Life 32 - The 2016 Formula 1 Season Preview
And it's GO GO GO!!! With the new season just around the corner, Dave and Tom are discussing what could be in store for 2016. Dave has some questions nobody was asking, Tom analysis' some fun F1 statistics and they both make their Top 10 predictions! Listen

DATS Life 31 - The Best of 2015 Special
And the winner is... Count down with Dave and Tom to the best DATS Life moment of 2015!Listen

DATS Life 30 - GOAL!
DATS Life starts at 30... In another milestone episode, Dave and Tom discuss winning at all costs, Tom looks back over a recent trip to London and throughout the show bring regular updates on the evenings football. Listen

A TAD of DAT - Naming the Podcast
From the very first episode of DATS Life, Dave and Tom discuss what to name the show.Listen

DATS Life 29 - Formula 1 2015 Season Review Awards
Another Formula 1 special from Dave and Tom who look back over the 2015 season. From memorable moments to fashion statements, they get down to the nitty-gritty and have a laugh whilst they do so!Listen

DATS Life 28 - New Years Eve 2015/New Years Day 2016 Special
Happy New Year everyone! Apologies for the late release of this episode, but it is still a new year and you can still enjoy another brand new show! The first show of 2016 has Dave and Tom evaluating each others performance on the show whilst looking back over 2015. Plus, they discuss their Christmas Day festivities, look forward to 2016 and the return of the un-resolutions! Listen

DATS Life 27 - The Christmas Special 2015 - A Lonely Orbital Christmas
In what turned out to be a very different recording, Dave and Tom get to work on writing a Christmas hit single! After much discussion, Major Tim Peake and his adventure into space became the theme for the DATS Life Christmas song 2015, and after a couple of hours of writing and recording, they end up with this! Wishing you a Merry Christmas from DATS Life podcast!Listen

Tom?s Musical Moment 5 - Feed The World (Band Aid Cover)
Get into the Christmas spirit with Tom's cover of Band Aid! Listen

DATS Life 13 - The Christmas Special 2014
It's Christmas and Dave and Tom are back with a festive special of DATS Life! With Christmas memories, Christmas jokes and a Christmas TMM you can't fail to get into the spirit of Christmas!Listen

Tom's Musical Moment 9 - Is It True?
Another one of Tom's original songs makes its way on to the show.Listen

DATS Life 26 - Dave's Fat Challenge
A brand new segment is born as Dave is looking to get into shape before Christmas. Tom looks back over a memorable weekend away and 'Tom's Musical Moment' returns with a never before heard song!Listen

DATS Death - The Halloween Special 2015
Don't be afraid... No, really, don't be afraid! With more laughs than frights, Dave and Tom are back with another Halloween Special! Amongst the scary stories, Dave and Tom also discuss Movember and take on the Akinator!Listen

The Halloween Special 2015 Teaser
Not long to wait now, so get in the spirit of Halloween with a glimpse of what is in store for the Halloween SpecialListen

A TAD of DAT - How Would You Propose?
Have you ever proposed? Has someone proposed to you? Dave and Tom discuss the best and worst ways to pop the question!Listen

A TAD of DAT - Police Van
In another memorable conversation, Tom gets a bit of a surprise on his Saturday night walk home!Listen

DATS Life 12 - Let the TADventure begin!
Introducing a brand new segment to the show, TADventures! Also on the show, Dave and Tom reminisce over children's television, past and present, and dive into some Fake-Mail. Plus, with Christmas just around the corner, they get into the spirit with a festive TMM. Listen

A TAD of DAT - Naked Wrestling
The first of a new series of memorable conversations, where Dave enlightens Tom about a "famous wrestling scene".Listen

DATS Life 11 - Two Naked Men, One Awkward Fireplace
Dave is now one year older, and as he reflects on another Birthday looks forward to a weekend in Dover to celebrate his girlfriends Birthday! Plus a brand new song from Tom in TMM, a glance at Formula One's latest double World Champion and conversation goes off on a worrying tangent!Listen

DATS Life 24 - DATS Life is Back!
Yes, it has been over 3 months since the last podcast, but DATS Life is back. Rambling and raving once again, Dave and Tom manage to talk for almost an hour without really saying anything!Listen

DATS Life 10 - Happy Birthday Dave!
Join Dave and Tom for the 10th episode of DATS Life, which happens to coincide with Dave's Birthday! Between the usual ramblings and ravings there are Birthday games, Birthday memories and a unique Birthday present in store!Listen

DATS Life 9 - I Have an Important Question to Ask You?
Dave and Tom return for another installment of DATS Life, talking about marriage proposals, meeting their ancestors and give a Movember update. Tom's Musical Moment also returns for a second week with a Tinie Tempah cover!Listen

DATS Life 8 - Tom's Musical Moment
It's Movember, and Dave and Tom are rambling and raving once again! Plus Tom's Musical Moment, a brand new segment on the show, makes its debut!Listen

DATS Life 7 - The Soulmate Quiz
Dave has the answer to all of Tom's problems with an online quiz, plus they discuss things that annoy them and give a random discussion generator a go!Listen

DATS Death - The Halloween Special
Welcome to the Halloween Special with Dave and Tom. If you are easily frightened then this episode will not be a problem for you! Listen

DATS Life 5 - Moments of Pling
Dave and Tom are feeling musical, and between their explosions into song they talk food festivals, marathons and breaking the law!Listen

DATS Life 4 - The Third Wheel
Dave and Tom talk dragon boat racing, phone interviews, freshers week at university and an unexpected extra joins the discussion!Listen

DATS Life 3 - Shot, Short, Pint
Dave and Tom are putting their friendship to the test with a 'how well do I know you competition' about each other!Listen

DATS Life 2 - Set The Scene
Into their second week as students of the podcast world, and Dave and Tom have a handful of stories to tell!Listen

DATS Life 1 - Insert Name Here...
In their first ever podcast, Dave and Tom discuss what on earth to call the show, their recent travels in Europe and get an unexpected phone call!Listen

DATS Life 23 - Cough-tastic

DISCLAIMER: This episode starts with a lot of Dave coughing? and Tom laughing hysterically!

Once he got himself sorted out, Dave looks back on a trip to Belgium, Tom gives the answer to the very first installment of ?What If? and the guys take a look at the goings on in the sporting world!
Plus, here are some links that were mentioned during the episode:

DATS Life 22 - The Stag Weekend

Can Dave and Tom really talk about anything? It would seem so! Admist the usual ramblings and ravings, a new segment ?What If? is born.

Dave turns to the internet once again to try and discover what he and Tom are actually meant to do with their lives? and Dave looks back on a memorable stag weekend in which he claims to have rediscovered his manhood!

Paintball - Episode 22 TEASER!

Dave talks about his first experience of paintball in the new episode, and not all goes quite to plan!


Tom?s Musical Moment 8 - Quadcast

Listen to the specially written song for our podcasting friends ?The Quadcast?. You can find them on Twitter, or on Youtube or on the Quadcast Website


DATS Life 21 - Being British

Despite this episode being recorded weeks before release, DATS Life is back with a brand spanking new podcast all about being British?apart from the other not so British sections!

If you missed the second and final instalment of ?From Across the Pond? you can hear it here, plus a special TMM about the Quadcast! 

It?s good to be back! - Episode 21 TEASER

The latest episode is almost ready?but not quite! So here is a teaser to get you in the mood!


From Across The Pond 2

It has been a while, but From Across The Pond is back. In this, the concluding episode, Dave and Tom answer questions from the Quadcast and send a final few back across to the States!

Despite only allowing themselves a strict 8 minutes, they still managed to go over! But don?t worry, it?s podcast gold all the way! 
?ahhh who are we kidding, it?s more like an overachieving Silver!

DATS Life 20 - The Formula 1 Season Preview - Part 2 of 2

Following on from Part 1 of the DATS Life Formula 1 Season Preview, which you can listen to here, Dave and Tom are back for more.

After a look back on the opening race of the new season, Dave talks about his interview with Mercedes F1 team, Tom quizzes Dave on his F1 knowledge and someone interupts the show?yes that?s right, it?s Kerry!

DATS Life 19 - The Formula 1 Season Preview - Part 1 of 2

Yes, we are aware that the season started last weekend, but part 1 of the DATS Life Formula 1 season preview was actually recorded before a single wheel was turned. 

In the first half of this Formula 1 themed episode, Dave and Tom take a look at every team and every driver who will be on the grid this season. 
WARNING: If you don?t like Formula 1 you are unlikely to like this episode. If you do like Formula 1? it?s touch and go! 

DATS Life 18 - The (very belated) Valentines Day Special

Almost 3 weeks late?but don?t worry, you haven?t missed much! 

In this Valentines Special, Dave and Tom talk romance, the best and worst chat up lines and perform a Bruno Mars duet (yes it is as terrible as it sounds). 
Plus, find out who on earth Chocolatey Shatner and Sweaty Butcher are!

The (very belated) Valentines Day Special TEASER!

This is an example of the excellent quality of podcast that you can expect from DATS Life! A sneak peak into the upcoming (very belated) Valentines Day Special!


Tom?s Musical Moment 7 - Anything Goes

The first TMM of 2015 brings an original song from Tom with the title ?Anything Goes?.


DATS Life 17 - Technical Difficulties Part 2

Despite troubles with Tom?s internet connections, DATS Life are back! They talk new Thunderbirds, Swedish sex education videos and there is a brand new TMM!


From Across The Pond 1

What makes you laugh, makes your cry, and only takes 8 minutes??

From Across The Pond is a brand new segment where DATS Life and the Quadcast take it in turns to ask the other question about there native lands. With the Quadcast already proposing some questions in their latest show, Dave and Tom reply with their answers and fire back some questions of their own! 

DATS Life 16 - Technical Difficulties Part 1

Why hello there and welcome to the first (non-special) podcast of 2015! Unfortunately we have been having technical difficulties in the new year?but nevertheless we have a brand new podcast - split into two parts.

In this first installment, Dave and Tom evaluate the year so far and introduce some new friends of the show; Quadcast! Plus, a new segment to the show makes it?s debut, the first ever ?Dave?s Game of the Week?. And if that just wasn?t enough there is much more to come in part 2!

DATS Life 15 - The Best of 2014 Special

Since their launch in September 2014, DATS Life have had plenty of laughs! In this ?Best of 2014? Special you can hear the top 8 moments as voted for by? Dave and Tom! But next year it?s down to the fans!


Outtakes and Deleted Scenes 1

Enjoy an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes of DATS Life Podcast! All the mistakes and bloopers, the pre-show conversations and the bits that just didn?t make it to the final edit! 


DATS Life 14 - New Year?s Day Special

It is 2015 and Dave and Tom are kicking off the new year off with an extra special podcast where, for the first time on DATS Life, they are podcasting face to face?

Another Christmas has been and gone and they look back over the festive period, Dave has his very own Musical Moment with his rendition of a Christmas classic and a game of Countdown concludes the first show of 2015!

New Years Special Teaser!

It?s not quite 2015, but here is a taste of what is to come in the DATS Life New Years Special


Tom?s Musical Moment 6 - Things Could Only Be This Good At Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone! This is the TMM straight from the Christmas Special, where Tom sings his very own Christmas Classic! To see the video, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87T6S4LO0IE


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