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DFSMC 069: Double Dragon (1994)
Todd and SteveG from the Your Parents Basement podcast join the DFSMC to talk, in the main, about Robert Patrick’s hair. Also, TB and SG do some Robert Patrick improv, TB calls out Jackee and we chat about the Street Fighter and MortalListen

DFSMC 068: Idiocracy (2006)
On today?s pod, Special Guest, “No, Cannot Have!” aka Rob joins us. Jackee?s confused about the movie and how time works, we hear about the Inception (and Interstellar) of Idiocracy and ponder the dystopian world of selfies, Kardashians, Fuddbuttfuckers and Murrica!Listen

DFSMC 067: The Fifth Element (1997)
Its a No Holds Barred episode as we cover The Jengapocalypse, Jedi Confusion, George Lucas the costume thief, dodgy west country accents and Discount Willis. Paul channels Dr. Doolittle, SG respects That Guy From Police Academy, we all disrespect gentleman loverListen

DFSMC 066: Tremors (1990)
Cock-slugs and octopi are on the lunch menu when we take a visit to a little town called Perfection for a chat about Tremors and The Michaels Winner, Caine, Jagger and Palin [61 minutes] On today’s show Octopus lunch chat with MichaelListen

DFSMC 065: Mr. Baseball (1992)
Todd teaches pronunciation and how to spot racism, big hair stories, Magnum PI’s bakery and International restaurant etiquette, all on today’s Mr. Baseball DFSMC! [63 minutes] On today’s show The dodgy movie posters Baseball hair TB explains racism TB ironically teachesListen

DFSMC 064: Bloodsport (1988)
Kumite! Kumite! Kumite! JCVD’s undies, our Kumite moves, pulling nuts, body hardening, poofy hair and Jayson Blair, dodgy admirals, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude. It’s time for Bloodsport! [65 minutes] On today’s show We discuss our Kumite fighting moves TB develops KumiteListen

DFSMC 063: Coyote Ugly (2000)
Who ordered water?! We all tell stripper stories, John spends too long in the bathroom, Todd orders a pizza and Steve applies for a job at Coyote Ugly [72 minutes] On today’s show The R-rated stripping version Steppin’ on the SteegListen

DFSMC 062: Batman & Robin (1997)
Special Guest Josh AKA JGdmn joins the DFSMC to chat about Baaaaane, Batfleck, Wonder Woman, Austin Powers, Cats, Starlight Express and oh… Batman and Robin!  [78 minutes] On today’s show Josh AKA JGdmn guests Joel Schumacher’s Godson TB calls inListen

DFSMC 061: Road Hard (2015)
Jackee rates the men, Todd is drunk, Neil is an Audio Nazi and Paul is sad as we chat about Nipple Budgets, The Road Hard Paradox and Adam Carolla’s brand new movie! [79 minutes] Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe onListen

DFSMC 060: I, Frankenstein (2014)
  Paul joins us for a historically Gothic chat about Hoodie Frank, a 50 Shades of Grey honeymoon, demon nail care and a bouncing genius. [63 minutes] On today’s show Oscar-winning performances from The Jovials! Paul’s 50 Shades of GreyListen

DFSMC 059: O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000)
  Erik Marshall joins the regulars to chat about harridans, The Birth of a Nation and cows in our most offensive podcast to date?! [79 minutes] On today’s show Erik Marshall from the That’s a Wrap! and WET podcasts is ourListen

DFSMC 058B: Interview with Liam: TMNT Expert
A special bonus episode in which Paul interviews World Renowned Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Expert, Dr. Liam from the University of Nebraska, who was generous enough to do a comparative analysis of the 1990 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and the Teenage Mutant NinjaListen

DFSMC 058: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)
  Steve writes some pages, there’s an extensive discussion about TMNT videogames and we chat about Paul’s Henson Dream and filthy New York. It’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Time! [68 minutes] On today’s show A thrilling and creative radio play fromListen

DFSMC 057: Valentine?s Day (2010)
  The Jovials get a little romantic, Todd gets very angry and Steve conjures up a Pretty Woman sequel on a Very Special DFSMC anniversary show! [65 minutes] On today’s show It’s our first Anniversary show! Time for sham-pag-nee and roses… Steeg ? TaylorListen

DFSMC 056: American Anthem (1986)
  We get sweaty in the woods and chat about Sweet Trash, Cousin Quasimodo, Mrs. Gretzky and Bowl Cuts on a very athletic podcast!  [58 minutes] We recommend renting American Anthem, but you could probably just watch this 7 minute condensed version, asListen

DFSMC 055: Left Behind (2014)
   Special Guest Patience (Mrs. Paul) joins the DFSMC and we chat about our religious upbringings, evil toys and our personal relationships with Jesus. [56 minutes] We recommend renting Left Behind, but you could probably just watch the trailer… On today’sListen

DFSMC 054: Totally Tropical Quiz & Movies We?ve Seen
  It’s play at home fun this week with another Totally Tropical Quiz! Also, TB becomes “Mr. Skin” and we gossip about dear, dear friend, Mike Carano. On today’s show Jacki insults royalty Everyone is exasperated at the theme Neil forgets how numbersListen

DFSMC 037: Ernest Scared Stupid (1991) TEST2
Neil gurns, Steve tries to not get wood and Todd gets a rimshot from a dog as we “mug” our way through the Kiddies’ Halloween Classic, Ernest Scared Stupid! On today’s show Jacki’s best movie synopsis so far! (?) The Ernest franchise TB’sListen

DFSMC 053: In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale (2007)
  Did you ever wonder what would happen if Ray Liotta, The Transporter, Shaggy and Burt Reynolds made a medieval fantasy movie? Wonder no more? the result is a huge turd, and it’s called In The Name Of The King! OnListen

DFSMC 052: Totally 2014 Quiz
  Steeg gets angry at the squirrels and Jackee doesn’t know what squirrels are in a Special Totally 2014 Quiz! Featuring squarrels. Also, beavers. On today’s show A clip from Huell’s Haberdashery Hangout Hour Steeg gets angry at the squirrels Jackee doesn’tListen

DFSMC 051: Totally Christmassy Quiz
  Neil forgets to finish the quiz prep, Paul forgets what’s in his hand, Dreamitri forgets how quizzes work and Todd forgets to cheat in a thrilling Special Totally Christmassy Quiz podcast! Merry Christmas from everyone in the Dimeforscale Movie Club!Listen

DFSMC 050: The Santa Clause (1994)
  Jackee stands up for Elf Rights, John does some dodgy math(s) and Teeb thinks the whole thing is… STUPID! Ruh-ruh-ruh! It’s time to power up the sleigh for The Santa Clause! On today’s show Will Sasso’s vines Chat aboutListen

DFSMC 049: Snowpiercer (2013)
Paul and Dreamitri sniff each other’s Kronoles and put shoes on their heads in the “WORST” (or funniest?) DFSMC EVAH! Be the shoe. On today’s show Never seen Snowpiercer? You should! But, if not, virtually everything we discuss is in thisListen

DFSMC 048: Totally Tropical Quiz & Movies We?ve Seen Recently
Pascal’s Pager AKA Paul joins us for a Totally Tropical Movie Quiz! Also: Neil and Teeb mangle accents and a breakfast fit for a Serial Killer… Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today’sListen

DFSMC 047: Krull (1983)
Pascal’s Pager AKA Paul joins us to defend the Honour Of Krull as we run through pink cheeked Freudian passages and climb in to red Freudian caves. Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today’s show NeverListen

DFSMC 046: Doom (2005)
Pull up a she-boy and listen to the DFSMC crew chat about our love for Rosamund Pike, Cacodemons and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today’s show She-boys vs. LadyboysListen

DFSMC 045: The Hunt For Red October & Crimson Tide
Former U.S. Navy Submarine Lieutenant, PBR and currently serving U.S. Marine Corps Captain, Jovial John join us little ducks for a special double movie episode! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today’s show JackeeListen

DFSMC 044: Harry Potter and the Philosopher?s Stone (2001)
We break out of the cupboard under the stairs for a magical podcast about crappy child actors and real-life Quidditch! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today’s show Jackee makes some noise The Sorting HatListen

DFSMC 043: Jack and Jill (2011)
We did Jack and Jill without Jackee and John. And you can listen to this pod without even watching the movie first. In fact, we recommend it. The clips below are enough. Srsly. Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  SubscribeListen

DFSMC 042: Fright Night (1985)
On this week’s Special Halloween Episode, we discuss Sexy Vampires, Scary Movies and Evelyn “Champagne” King. It’s a Fright Night! For real… Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today’s show The Unofficial Fright NightListen

DFSMC 041: The Program (1993)
We welcome back The Jovials for a chat about fudge packing, bad hair, crimes against fashion and College Football! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today’s show Sports movie clichés The deleted “dare”Listen

DFSMC 040A: Totally Musical Quiz (Bonus Episode)
A special bonus Totally Tropical Musical Quiz! Available for a limited time only…. For Play At Home Fun, you can use this cheat sheet! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link Movies We’ve Seen RecentlyListen

DFSMC 040: Purple Rain (1984)
Dearly beloved, we are gathered here 2day 2 talk about this thing called Purple Rain. Listen to find out what it sounds like When Doves Cry and how TB parents his kids! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe onListen

DFSMC 039: Billy Jack (1971)
We put on our snazzy hats to take a trip to a town full of Freedom Hippies, Cowboys and Indians and stick our tongue out at The Man. Put down that flour, maaaaaaaaan! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes Listen

DFSMC 038: Starship Troopers (1997)
We jump out of the communal showers to fondle some brain bugs and chat about fascism and hair crimping. It’s time to enlist with the Starship Troopers! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today’s show BuenosListen

DFSMC 036: Under Siege 2 (1995)
We jump aboard Steven Seagal?s Scenic Railway for a chat about Thunderbox, mustaches, satellite porn and running like Phoebe from Friends as we come Under Siege!?.2! On today’s show Gary Busey in drag SG resists perving on an under-age HeiglListen

DFSMC 035: Snatch (2000)
Big Hollywood Lawyer, Backsack, jumps off his trampoline, rips off his clothes and joins our Cockerney gang to talk about fackin? Snatch! Also, the Totally Tropical Quiz is back…for one week, at least! On today’s show TB does a perfectListen

DFSMC 034: The Wicker Man (2006)
Huell joins the DFS Movie Club as we put on our bear suits and fly over to Summersisle for a bicycle ride with Nic Cage. On today’s show TB tells us a Real Estate American Horror Story A new song by TheListen

DFSMC 033: Hook
SG, TB and Jovial John fly away to Neverland to hang out with those hot mermaids.  On today’s show Julia Roberts – nuts or hot? Young SG lusting after young girls TB’s love of BBWs Cameos from people we don’t likeListen

DFSMC 032: Popeye (with SGreenwell and Jovial John)
Steve (Poo-Poo-Psudio) Greenwell watches Popeyes untils he can’ts stands no more! John doesn’t even bother watching and TB gets all emotional in an All-New DFSMC Show! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today?s show:Listen

DFSMC 031: Totally Tropical Quiz and Movies We?ve Seen (with Jovial Jacki & John and Todd)
The Jovials return from Down Under to regale us with stories of exotic drinks and then battle it out with Todd for mastery of the Totally Tropical Quiz. Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher linkListen

DFSMC 030: Super Troopers (with Jovial Jacki & John and Todd)
OK, miaow. The Jovials, Todd and Neil all down a bottle of maple syrup with a LeederoCola chaser and go for a mustache ride! Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  Subscribe on iTunes  |  Stitcher link On today?s show: We’reListen

DFSMC 029: Totally Tropical Quiz and Movies We?ve Seen (Guest: Stephen Greenwell)
Today’s quiz was one of our most entertaining, but for all the wrong reasons! Also, TB fails to acknowledge a genius, a stupid Loveline listener calls in and we talk Imogen Poots ‘n’ Toots. Download the show  |  RSS Feed  |  SubscribeListen

DFSMC 028: Vanilla Sky (Guest: Stephen Greenwell)
Stephen, Todd and Neil look in to the mirror and don’t like what they see. They see someone who just watched Vanilla Sky. On today’s show: The Spanish original that none of us watched. Tom Cruise’s vanity Tom has beenListen

DFSMC 027: Totally Tropical Quiz and Movies We?ve Seen (Guests: Victory Gin & Stephen Greenwell)
On today’s show: a very exciting quiz! Plus: Campfire and Funfetti stories from VG and DP’ing with Mr. Pfister. Movies We’ve Seen Recently Victory Gin A River Runs Through It (1992) I Like Killing Flies (2004) Star Trek V: TheListen

DFSMC 026: Demolition Man (Guests: Victory Gin & Stephen Greenwell)
  LIVE! From New York! Victory Gin joins TB, SG and NT, as we all put down our seashells and discuss our boggle with Demolition Man.   On today’s show: Yes, Minister/Prime Minister The heir to the throne Frida Kahlo and MadonnaListen

DFSMC 025: Totally Tropical Quiz and Movies We?ve Seen (Guests: Beeney & Stephen Greenwell)
On today’s quiz: Todd tries to cheat again! Plus a last-minute comeback from one contestant. Movies We’ve Seen Recently Beeney Europa Report (2013)   SG Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1982) MontyListen

DFSMC 024: Sharknado (Guests: Beeney & Stephen Greenwell)
Beeney and SG pick up their chainsaws and leap in to the 2013 SyFy classic, Sharknado. GoGoGoGoGoGoGo, run away from the Sharknado!   On today’s show: Jem and the Holograms She-ra Thunder Cats Iron vs. Ian. A Welsh version: http://inogolo.com/pronunciation/d1501/Ioan_Gruffudd Corey MonteithListen

DFSMC 023: Totally Tropical Quiz and Movies We?ve Seen (Guest: Stephen Greenwell)
On today’s show: a thrilling and unpredictable quiz! Movies We’ve Seen Recently Todd B Non-Stop (2014) The Jovials The Frozen Ground (2013) SGreenwell Blazing Saddles (1974) The Naked Gun (1988) [Police Squad is also discussed] Neil [Most of these are carry-oversListen

DFSMC 022: Europa Report (Guest: Stephen Greenwell)
On today’s show: Dwinking Uwine. Todd and SG’s thumbs are in places they shouldn’t be. Europa Report vs. Gravity. In Space, No-one Can See A Black Man? “Ooh, Katya!”. Space-Ninjas. Physics. How Does It Work? bourbonphantom’s Europa Report lessons. TheListen

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