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Kirk Pickstone - Duggystone

This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Kirk Pickstone.

Kirk is a self proclaimed international dyslexic superhero who at 44 discovered he was dyslexic. His mission is now to change the perception of dyslexia and encourage more dyslexics to become entrepreneurs. He is also a presenter, columnist, speaker, business mentor and host of the Duggystone radio show and podcast.

Kirk tells the emotional story of how he found of he was dyslexic, how he attained qualifications in spite of it, potential advantages to having dyslexia, how he would like it to be perceived in addition to his thoughts on success, purpose and legacy.

A brilliant interview with a truly inspirational individual. 

02.00 Kirk?s background and career
07.10 Dyslexia challenges during his career
10.00 How it went undiagnosed
13.00 Further education
15.00 How Kirk attained qualifications in spite of dyslexia
17.30 People in history with dyslexia
19.10 Possibl [...]


Jade Saab - Reformer

Our latest guest on Inspired Edinburgh is Jade Saab.

Jade is an entrepreneur and experienced HR consultant who has worked with clients ranging from small third sector organisations to large multinationals. He?s a speaker and a writer and he recently co-founded Reformer, an online magazine created by the need for greater equality, liberty, and diversity across the world.

A brilliant interview which covers a wide range of topics such as growing up in the Middle East, the media, parenting, millennials and Jade?s political views.

You can find Reformer at:

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Voices In The Dark - The 48 Laws Of Power

This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Voices In The Dark.

Voices In The Dark is a podcast founded by Andrea (Dre) Domenichini and Jon Waterlow with a focus on ?learning how to human?. They have been breaking down Robert Greene?s book The 48 Laws Of Power and discuss how understanding and implementing these Laws can enrich ones life personally, professionally and spiritually.

They have also done guest interviews with the likes of top body transformation coach Jamie Alderton and entrepreneur Peter Sage and have appeared on the Shredded Brainiac podcast with Ru Wikmann.

One of my favourite interviews to date, we go deep on a plethora of topics from the human experience, understanding people, psychedelics in relation to autism and depression as well as exploring the backgrounds of Dre and Jon. A fascinating conversation and a perfect way to maximise two hours!

You can find Voices In The Dark at:
ht [...]


Lucy-Rose Walker - Entrepreneurial Spark

Our latest guest is Lucy-Rose Walker.

Lucy-Rose is the co-founder and CEO of Entrepreneurial Spark, the world?s largest free business accelerator for early stage and growing ventures. Their vision is to inspire and enable positive social change through the action of Entrepreneuring.

In 2016 Lucy-Rose was listed on SBNN?s 40 under 40 list and she?s grown Entrepreneurial Spark from one Hatchery with 25 Chiclets to 13 Hatcheries across the UK with over 800 Chiclets. The businesses supported by Entrepreneurial Spark have now turned over £176m and secured £151m in investment.

Lucy-Rose gives a fantastic insight into the work Entrepreneurial Spark are doing, her vision for the organisation and the mindset required to be a successful entrepreneur.

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Christian MacLeod - Inside CM

Our latest guest on Inspired Edinburgh is Christian MacLeod. 

Christian is a professional golfer turned luxury accessory designer. His pioneering range of belts have wow?d the fashion world and have featured in hundreds of magazines including iconic Mens lifestyle magazine GQ. 

Christian has had celebrity support from Golf British Open winner Paul Lawrie, Actor James Sutton and Footballer Derk Boerrigter, he?s partnered with BMW, Aston Martin and Rox and his collection is stocked in Glasgow?s most premium department store, House of Fraser. 

He was nominated for ?Accessory Designer of the Year? at the 2014 Scottish Fashion Awards and won the Retail Trust Scottish Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.

An incredibly poised, gracious and inspirational individual, Christian talks candidly about his personal journey, vision for the brand as well as views on success, purpose and legacy. 

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Maureen McGonigle - Scottish Women In Sport

Our latest guest on Inspired Edinburgh is Maureen McGonigle.

Maureen is the Founder and CEO of Scottish Women in Sport, an organisation whose vision is a Scotland where females of all ages, abilities, ethnicities and walks of life are participating in sport or physical activity; within a positive, equitable culture where their achievements are promoted and celebrated.

She is also a Director of Scottish Sports future, a consultant, a columnist, the only woman to have received a long service medal from the SFA Council and was a finalist for Sports Leader of The Year at the Scottish Sports Awards 2016.

We talk in detail about the vision for SWIS, the perception of women?s sport, the disparities which exist between men?s and women?s sport, as well as getting a fantastic insight into Maureen?s background, mentality and leadership qualities.

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Gavin Bell - Edinburgh?s Casey Neistat

This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Gavin Bell.

Gavin is Founder and Managing Director of Blue Cliff Media, a social media agency that generates real business results through scaleable digital marketing campaigns.

He?s also a blogger with articles published in The Huffington Post and, an exceptionally good vlogger, a speaker, a former Young Entrepreneur of The Year and he recently won the WeDo Scotland Award for ?New Start Business of the Year?. 

We talk about Gavin?s growing up in Shetland, his learnings from Peter Jones? Enterprise Academy, pivoting his business and a raft of other topics including his purpose, legacy and definition of success. Gavin is an incredibly driven and talented young man who is destined to go far.

You can find Gavin on social media @MrGavinBell

Please si [...]


Mike McGrail - Velocity

Our latest guest on Inspired Edinburgh is Mike McGrail.

Mike is the founder of Velocity Digital, a digital marketing consultancy that has worked with brands such as Skyscanner, Postcode Lottery, Mercat Tours and Float. He is also non-executive Director for Creative Edinburgh and in 2016 was working as Marketing Director for ed-tech startup Administrate.

Mike is also a speaker, a blogger, host of The Velocity Marketing Podcast and is alleged to have created teeth, trees and skiing!

We talk in depth about social media and marketing, the Edinburgh startup scene, overused words, Gary Vaynerchuck as well as Mike?s purpose, goals and legacy.

Mike is highly entertaining and and refreshingly forthright in his views, we?re sure you?ll enjoy this interview.

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Faith Canter - Loving Yourself Inside And Out

Our latest guest on Inspired Edinburgh is Faith Canter.

Faith is a therapist, nutritional consultant, food intolerance specialist, health coach and a self-love lover who changes people?s lives. She is the author of ?Living A Life Less Toxic? and the recently published ?Cleanse? and is currently in the process of writing her third book ?Loving Yourself Inside And Out?.

Faith was mentally and physically unwell for much of her life and was eventually diagnosed with ME/CFS which left her housebound and often bedbound. She managed to cure herself by using a whole life approach - addressing toxicity of the mind, body, home and environment. She now supports other people to do the same and lives a life filled with passion, energy and love.

Faith is a true inspiration and we hope you enjoy hearing about her amazing story.

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P [...]


Jamie Ramsay - British Forrest Gump

This week on Inspired Edinburgh we have Jamie Ramsay. 

Jamie is a British endurance adventurer who in 2016 completed a circa 17,000 kilometre solo and unsupported run from Vancouver to Buenos Aires in aid of CALM, Macmillan and WaterAid. 

Unfulfilled in his work, Jamie decided to quit his job and follow his heart. His motivation was a desire to live life on his own terms: running was already his passion, and this would enable him to do something physically demanding and see the world. 

This is a fascinating conversation with an incredibly inspirational person. We talk about minimalism, materialism and the book Stuffocation by James Wallman as well as mental health, mindset, purpose and success.  

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Tom McDonald - Exsel

This week?s guest is Tom McDonald. 

Tom is Managing Director of the Exsel Group, Scotland?s local technology expert and mobile partner of the Scottish Football Association. In 2016 he was listed on SBNN?s 40 under 40 list and over the last two years has grown the Exsel Group from a sub £100k business with 3 people to a 50 person strong organisation with turnover in excess of £3m.

A highly astute business leader with some great insights and fantastic advice.

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Tony ?Jack The Bear? Mantz - Transformation

This week?s guest is Tony ?Jack The Bear? Mantz.

Tony is a Melbourne based music mastering legend and founder and owner of Jack The Bear?s Deluxe Mastering. He?s an inspirational speaker, a mentor, host of the Melbourne Unreal podcast and creator of the Jack The Bear Foundation - a foundation set up to serve the community by raising money for various charities through mastering drives.

A self confessed ?late bloomer?, Tony owes much of his transformation to his mentors Brad Burton and Peter Sage. He talks openly about his metamorphosis and the challenges he has dealt with and overcome in life.

This is a raw and deep conversation with a truly amazing person - thank you Tony for your honesty and authenticity, it was a pleasure to have you on the show.

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Martin Georgiev - Charmfinity

This episode features Martin Georgiev - an entrepreneur, rocket scientist and super-connector!

Martin is the founder of Charmfinity (, creating the life you want by using proven principles of success and happiness and has numerous courses on motivation and success on online learning platform Udemy (

In this episode we cover Martin?s backstory, how he sought mentorship from online learning guru Jimmy Naraine and enlightened entrepreneur Peter Sage as well as his future goals and purpose.

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Inspired Edinburgh - A Brief Introduction

A short introduction to Inspired Edinburgh.

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Edinburgh Real has now officially rebranded as Inspired Edinburgh!

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Stay tuned for some great interviews!



Zara Janjua - Working in TV

Zara Janjua is a video journalist, reporter and presenter for broadcast network STV. She has worked on a number of programmes such as The Late Show, Live At Five, The Fountainbridge Show, Tea For A Tenner and City Safari.

This episode also features world record breaking extreme unicyclist Jason Auld as a special guest co-host.

We everything from work as a broadcast journalist and the role of the media to spirituality and paranormal activity.

This is the final Edinburgh Real episode - the next episodes will be under our new brand. We hope you?re as exicted as we are!


Gavin Oattes - Tree of Knowledge

Gavin Oattes is a speaker, comedian, children?s author, columnist, inventor, former Young Entrepreneur of the Year and has featured on renowned BBC show Dragons? Den.

With a background in primary school teaching and a successful career in stand-up comedy Gavin is now regarded as one of the most talented and sought after speakers in the UK, regularly delivering keynote speeches at conferences and exhibitions around the world.

He talks in detail about his career to date, the education system and his thoughts on entrepreneurship. A great conversation with truly a fascinating and accomplished person.


Chris Marr - TCMA
Chris Marr is Director & Founder of The Content Marketing Academy. 

Chris is the leading voice of the growing Content Marketing movement in the UK. His pioneering work has helped countless organisations grow through content marketing. His drive comes from a desire to help people break free from the world of interruption marketing.

He shares amazing tips and advice as well as his views on a range of subjects from social media to education and entrepreneurship. Highly engaging and supremely entertaining!


Russell Dalgleish - BRAVE
Russell Dalgleish is one of the foremost speakers on Entrepreneurship in the UK today and was recently ranked 25th most influential Entrepreneur in Britain. 

Russell is the Managing Partner of Exolta Capital Partners, Chairman of WeAreTheFuture and holds a number of Director and Non-Executive Director roles. He operates across a range of sectors, taking the role of Investor, Advisor, and Entrepreneur to a portfolio of SME and Start-Up businesses. Home is Scotland but his career has primarily been based from London and Overseas.

Russell has helped deliver e [...]

Sharon Jacobson - Earth To Cosmos

Our latest episode features Sharon Jacobson.

Sharon has over 25-years experience producing, dramaturging, directing and writing for theatre and film. She has worked collaboratively with a diverse range of groups to create performance pieces, as well as designed and delivered interactive workshops in a range of settings including prisons, universities, public and private sector organisations. She has post-graduate degree qualifications in Theatre, Screenwriting and Gestalt Therapy.

Sharon is also a Kundalini Yoga teacher, mentor and the innovator of Mantra Jam, a yoga, meditation and sound current experience, and Galactic Shift, a powerful multi-dimensional workshop experience that fuses Kundalini Yoga, symbol, ritual, trance, mantra and music for the purpose of healing and transformation. She is also involved in creative projects and ideas that support the emergence of new paradigm thinki [...]


Mel Sherwood - Grow Your Potential

A valuable and insightful conversation with Mel Sherwood.

Mel Sherwood is the founder and director of Grow Your Potential, an organisation that help entrepreneurs, business professionals and ambitious individuals to communicate more effectively. Mel has over 20 years? experience in public, private and not-for-profit organisations. 

She is a qualified trainer, mediator and NLP Practitioner and has worked as an actor and singer both in Australia and the United Kingdom. Mel is also a multi award winning speaker and was awarded the Profes [...]

Tabi Jayne - Earthself
Tabi Jayne is Founder & CEO of Earthself, creator of The Nature Process®, host of the podcast Sustainable. She is a strategist and paradigm shifter whose vision is to have a nature-centred approach in all human policy, practice and procedure so that we can evolve into a new era of connection, collaboration and abundance.

Tabi has an undergraduate degree in psychology, a masters in applied ecopsychology, she is a member of the British Psychological Society and is a certified professional coach. She is currently studying for her second masters in consciousness, spirituality and transpersonal psychology.


Brad Burton - Life. Business. Just Got Easier.

A raw and powerful conversation with UK?s number one motivational business speaker, Mr Brad Burton. 

Referred to by Theo Paphitis as ?A Northern Anthony Robbins?, Brad founded international business networking group 4Networking in 2006 and to date has written three bestselling business books with nearly 600 five star reviews on Amazon. 

Brad?s no nonsense style is a breath of fresh air and he gives fascinating and candid insights into his shortcomings and successes. 

Josh Quigley - The Tartan Explorer

After surviving a suicide attempt in May 2015, Josh Quigley (The Tartan Explorer) is cycling around the world to raise awareness of suicide prevention and mental health. 

On the 26th May 2016, exactly one year to the day after his suicide attempt, Josh left Scotland on a global mission. With his second chance at life Josh will be cycling to over 80 countries on six continents, telling his story and encouraging people around the world to talk about mental health. By cycling around the world, Josh aims to inspire pe [...]


Mark Beaumont - The Man Who Cycled The World

A remarkable and inspirational conversation with Mark Beaumont. Mark is a record-breaking long-distance British cyclist, adventurer, broadcaster, documentary maker and author. He held the record for cycling round the world completing his 18,297 miles (29,446 km) route on 15 February 2008, having taken 194 days and 17 hours. On 21 May 2015 he rode from Cairo to Cape Town (10,000 km) and broke the World Record for fastest solo ride for the length of Africa by finishing in 42 days and 8 hours.

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