a recently nominated Conversational, honest filled podcast, with variety+geek tinted humour, hosted by Steven Hesse in Newcastle

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Hosted: New years part two!
Its part two of our first new years hosted! Steven and Ricky continue their talk about random thoughts, such as Jeremy Kyle, trump, america, their favourite interviews, Opie and anthony and Howard Stern!!Listen

Hosted: New years part one!
Its our first shows of 2017! Ricky (@vividRicky) and I (@Geek_Apocalypse) gather together to try and reminisce about 2016! We also discuss talk shows we love, British people trying to make it in america, stevens love of poker, our mutual love of David Mitchell plus a whole host of random tangents!!Listen

Neil Gibson (Tpub Comics)
Neil Gibson (www.tpub.co.uk) joins Steven for the last show recorded in 2016!! We talk his comic book series Twisted Dark, How he started his business, being a writer and editor and his influences! Steven talks interview techniques i.e if he gets a difficult guest and the guys discuss the various way to make and write a comic!! They have a competition going right now where you can produce a video production for Neils Twisted Dark Series! for more info go to Tpub website homepage for your chance to win 500 dollars and more!Listen

Xmas Special!
Its our merry merry merry episode......ok xmas ranting episode! Steven (@Geek_Apocalypse) And Ricky (@vividRicky) talk the fun and stresses of xmas shopping and how Christmas feels as you get older. The guys share stories past and present about the holiday period and talk their favourite films and songs related to xmas! Fun ranting episode! Merry xmas and happy holidays from everyone at Geek Apocalypse!Listen

Ken Turner
Animator, VFX artist, BBC drama maker and freelancer Ken Turner (www.designimage.co.uk) joins Steven (@Geek_Apocalypse) on the show! We talk to Ken about working on the video games Aliens versus Predator and others for reflection Studios for other a decade, directing the video games Crysis, plus motion capture and how the process works! We also talk making horror B movies like Parasite and working on the roleplaying book broken Shield with Gunnar Roxen and doing Drama for the BBC, plus much much more! A perfect interesting fun guest for the podcast, a really great episode! Listen

Richard Kirby
NHS worker and mental health activist Richard Kirby joins Steven on the show!!! We talk his personal challenges for the time to change charity that he has been doing since jan 2014, his experience on Mentally Sound (Stevens other podcast), his own personal experiences and stories and we also talk a little sport, amongst other things!!! Really enjoyed catching up with him, a fun episode!!! to see all of Richards challenges, please go to http://www.richardkirby.org/ for more info! Listen

Gunnar Roxen Returns!
Novelist and friend of the show Gunnar Roxen returns to the show!! He talks to Steven About working on his roleplaying book broken Shield based on his Agency Files books,his influences such as Red Dwarf/ sci fi, fighting illness, going to conventions and other geeky stuff in between!! Super fun episode!! for more info, you can check out Gunnars Site at http://www.gunnarroxen.com/ Listen

A Solo Experiment
A very different Geek Apocalypse Podcast as Steven (@Geek_apocalypse) Does a Solo episode!!! Steven answers some questions sent in by Talking Starting/maintaining an independent podcast like this one, facebook friends versus close friends, the right to not vote as opposed to voting in elections, plus upcoming guests on the show and the annoyance of people who do gimmick things just to make money. Listen

David Kingsbury
The personal trainer of Hugh Jackman David Kingsbury joins the podcast!! We talk how he met Hugh, working with Michael Fassbender on Assassins Creed, how he started his business, meeting Chris Hemsworth, working on hollywood films and starting a gym at Pinewood Studios!! To find our more about David and his online fitness courses etc go to http://www.davidkingsbury.co.uk/ for more info!Listen

Alex Hall (Dark Souls)
Hugely fun episode as Alex Hall from Steamforged Games (http://steamforged.com) joins the show to talk Dark Souls the board game!!! We talk Alex designing the game, his career and how he got started at Steamforged, the hugely successful kickstarter for Dark Souls, the joy of an unwelcome Windows update, tattoos and ofcourse, we talk video games and board games too!! you can have a look at the kickstarter for Dark Souls here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steamforged/dark-soulstm-the-board-gameListen

Hosted: I'm 29 Agh!!!!
A birthday Special of the show As Steven turns 29! Steven (@Geek_Apocalypse) And Ricky (@VividRicky) talk ageing, Ricky talks about his love of Ken Loach, they both share their opinion of Donald Trump winning the Election And Steven talks his new girlfriend and his birthday celebrations!! Listen

Wayne Madden returns!
Stevens old friend Wayne Madden returns to the podcast!! We talk about Wayne deciding to doing a masters this year, hulk hogan, being in a relationship, using twitch, going to mcm last year and much more random awesome talk!!! really funny and laid back!Listen

Manu Intiraymi
Manu Intiraymi aka Icheb from Star Trek Voyager joins Steven on the show! We talk his new project The Circuit on kickstarter-(http://kck.st/2d0Iaxq) plus We talk about working on Voyager, His scene in J Edgar working with Clint Eastwood and Leonardo Di Caprio plus the pros and cons of living in LA. We also talk visiting the Uk, working in Hollywood and some of his guest appearances on other shows! Really great fun interview!!Listen

The Engage Podcast return!
Our Friends over at The Engage Podcast Jamie,Philip and Simon join Steven to talk their one year anniversary plus all things Star Trek! We talk how the podcast started, how the guys became friends, we dive into the the last Star Trek film and also, we talk to the guys about old series and what they think about the new TV series Discovery, coming soon to our screens! We encourage you subscribe to both shows and also you can find the guys on twitter and at http://www.theengagepodcast.com/Listen

Gary Pollard returns!
our friend Gary Pollard from mentellhealth returns to the podcast. We talk playing in a football tournament together, his website www.mentellhealth.org, his love of comic books and fantastic four, plus mental health debate and more geeky chat! you can follow Gary @mentellhealth and us @geek_apocalypse ! Listen

The Bipolar Chronicles: A 2 year reflection
In a one off special, Steven solos the podcast to reflect positively and negatively about 2 years since being in hospital. He talks openly about mental health, dealing with bipolar disorder, the misconceptions with it,the difference between social and individual responsibility, the stigma and discrimination people with mental health face and how we can better deal with the issue overall for the better of everyone. We hope it helps anyone that listens! Listen

Marty and Fran Return #3
Fun Episode as Marty and Fran return to the podcast!! We talk about their new publishing deal for their book gum on my shoe, which is now called high tide low tide!! We also discuss the new name change, bipolar disorder, the writing process, internet relationships, and advice for helping a friend with a mental health issue. Really honest, fun and open chat, really like talking to them! their book High tide: low tide will be released in early october! For more info, check out their website at www.gumonmyshoe.com ! Listen

Best of Mentally Sound
A special episode this week, As instead of a regular sit down conversation with a guest, this is a compilation/best of edition of Mentally Sound, a mental health podcast/radio show that Steven also hosts. The idea being, that if you like what you hear, to subscribe to that show as well as this one. It is broadcast every second friday every month where we have interviews, debates, pre recorded segments, live guests, songs, live performers around the theme of mental health. So I guess not as tangent filled as this podcast normally is. The episodes features clips/interviews or segments with Steven Hesse, Ricky Thamman, Sharon Race, Jules Clare + Victoria, Steve o driscoll, Jenny Wallwork, Steven warberton, Jason(ex army veteran), holly and jo from nhs Humber, mick (a judge who nominated us for awards and more! It also ends with stevens most recent song 'new beginning' which has not been played on this podcast! you can follow us @geek_apocalypse and the show @_mentallysound on twitter!! Listen

Claudia Christian
Amazing and fun episode as Steven (@Geek_Apocalypse) and Ricky (@vividricky) are joined by Claudia Christian!! (@claudialives).We talk about Babylon 5, how she got the role,her acting career in general, plus her guest appearances in shows like castle and Quantam Leap! We also talk her decision to move to the uk, becoming a writer, her book Wolfs Empire, voice acting for World of Warcraft/ Call of Duty and her C3 Foundation which uses the Sinclair method to treat alcoholism.Fascinating to hear about! Also, Steven puts his foot in his mouth when complaining that a geordie was misrepresented on Castle, with hilarious consequences! Its amazing this was only an hour, shes super nice and interesting! For more info about Claudias foundation, go to http://cthreeeurope.com/ and http://www.cthreefoundation.org/ on how they can potentially help you for free!!Listen

Hosted: can ye understand me??
Really fun hosted episode!! Ricky (@vividricky) join Steven (@Geek_apocalypse) to talk accents, the english language, the pros and cons of dating, dealing with being moody and tips to deal with someone like that, and steven reveals to ricky that someone he is a fan of is doing the next episode!!!Listen

Laura Napran
Laura Napran from Writing for Wellbeing (www.writingforwellbeing.co.uk) joins Steven on the show! We talk How her business started, How writing really does help your well being, mindfulness and its definition, how Laura came here from Canada and our mutual love of poetry and history you can follow(we both have history degrees!) We also talk what her sessions involve, dealing with grief and depression and how turning even the hardest things into a positive. I found Laura fascinating which is why it was hard to end the podcast!! You can follow Laura on twitter @write4wellbeing and us @geek_apocalypseListen

Alix Holly + Jo Harris (NHS)
Steven is joined by Alix and Jo from NHS Humber (thats national health service for none uk peeps) !!! We talk NHS in general, service users, dealing with mental Health, helping people vs helping yourself, Jo and Steven geek out about Derren Brown, we talk hobbies and much more random tangents! really fun debating episode! Listen

Hosted: Euro 2016 Special!
Steven's good friend Ricky Thamman @VividRicky (co host of mentally Sound on Itunes) joins Steven (@Geek_Apocalypse) to talk about all things football! Thats soccer to Americans! We talk Euro 2016, England teams throughout the years, Our dismal performance in these euro 2016 in France, We talk the tournament in general, alittle about our team Newcastle, and as always, we debate other tangents too!!! Great fun, if you like sport debate, this is fun! Listen

Lawrence O Brien returns!
Friend of the show Lawrence O Brien from Wotan Games returns to the podcast! We talk Uk Games Expo 2016, We finally talk about UK leaving the European Union, the affect its had on Lawrences industry, Why Lawrence delayed his new kickstarter 'War of the 9 realms', advice/debate on kickstarters in general, and much more random fun times! Great guest, I laugh a lot in this episode. Lawrence's new Game War of the 9 realms is being kickstarted end of this month! go to www.wotangames.com for more info and sign up and follow them on twitter @Wotangames!Listen

Jessica Hawke
Jessica Hawke from Geek Syndicate joins Steven on the podcast! We talk cosplay, liking unconventional things, going to conventions, being a women in geekdom, making your own costumes, writing, blogging, playing games, going to conventions and much more! super fun episode, she is really awesome! You can find her blog/ videos on Geek Syndicate and she is on twitter @JessHawke92 !Listen

Scott Haring (Car Wars)
Steven chats to the legend car wars boss Scott Haring!!! we talk bringing the car wars game back to life,the board game industry,working for Steve Jackson and what he is like behind the scenes, writing for Ghostbusters and forgotten realms, starting a magazine from scratch and ofcourse,all the past editions of car wars plus car wars new edition due next year!! Really enjoyable podcast, hope you guys like!! Want more Steve Jackson info?? you can head to their website http://www.sjgames.com/ ,after listening to the show first....obviously ;)Listen

Joe Schaak and Mary Jo Pehl (Renfest)
Mary Jo Pehl and Jo Schaak join the show to talk about their comedy show Renfest, about a women named elisabeth hilariously trying to restore authenticity to a very uninterested crew at a renaissance festival, thats currently looking for funding on kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/renfest/renfest . We talk how the project started,improvisation, working on passion projects, the premise of the show and its influences like the office, also differences in american culture, working in LA and ofcourse how Renfest was made as well the kickstarter!! plus working with William Shatner and Shaq cos I am a fan of both and much more more fun conversation! If you would like to know more info about the series other than kickstarter, you can find it here: http://www.renfest.tv/ I apologise for the sound issues towards the end of this, I officially hate skype right now and i took as much as I could out of post. Listen

Ryon Day returns! part 2
Part two of our interview with the great Ryon Day (Geek and Sundries Co-optitude) which we did live on twitch. We talk america, the joys of dating, staying healthy, team hooman, streaming on the internet plus much more conversation!! plus we take questions from the audience as well as the people on the geek and sundry forums!! really enjoyed this was super fun!!Listen

Ryon Day returns! part 1
Ryon Day (Geek and Sundries Co-optitude)returns to the podcast broadcast a couple of weeks ago live on twitch! In part one, we catch up with Ryon over the last year about his life, we debate defining things like geek,his fans Team Hooman, we talk photography and also a little about co-optitude plus much more random talk! we are long lost brothers! Co-optitude is available on Geek and Sundries youtube channel every monday and Ryon Day is on twitch https://www.twitch.tv/ryonday Listen

Steve O'driscoll
Steve O'driscoll, author and contributor to our mentally sound radio show, joins Steven and todays co host Ricky to talk the show, mental health, dealing with abuse, and we share fun stories about life!! We also debate friendship, whether dedicating one day to things is a good idea, how to turn your life around, we tease Ricky about being smug about being the permanent co host of mentally sound and to end, Steven tells a story about mentally sound being nominated and how the award ceremony two weeks ago was not all that it seems!!! Mentally Sound is a monthly award winning show about Mental Health that Geek Apocalypse produces that is also available as a podcast!! So we obvious encourage you to subscribe to both!Listen

Andrew Hackard Returns
Andrew Hackard, the Munchkin Tzar himself from Steve Jackson games, returns to the podcast!! yay! We talk new Munchkin marvel, plus all the new editions thats coming out including the guest editons and re issues. We also talk stand alone editions, his daily job, steve jackson, chez geek, advice on getting into the industry, and ofcourse, board games in general and random tangents in between. Really fun episode, he is a super nice guy! for more info on Munchkin, you can go to Steve Jackson games on the interwebs and also, you can follow Andrew on twitter @RedPenofDoom ! Listen

FCD recap with The Engage Podcast
Steven is joined by simon, jamie and Phil from the Engage Podcast for a joint show to recap FCD 2016! we talk meeting in person, we recap the whole convention from start to finish, we debate how the convention went and share stories, we share opinions about the guests and conventions in general and Steven has a bromance with phil throughout the show and ofcourse, we talk about a load of random geeky stuff too! I encourage people to not only subscribe to our show, but The Engage Podcast on Itunes too!! Listen

FCD 2016 with Claudia Christian,John Corrigan, J G Hertzler
Steven travelled down to Telford for FCD 2016 to talk to Claudia Christian about Babylon 5,her fans, the trouble with conventions,her own Claudia con and doing Playboy. We talk to stuntmen John Corrigan about Bruce Lee, Gene Roddenberry encouraging him, and working on Independent work amongst other things! We finally talk to the great J G Hertzler about playing Martok, politics in America, visitng england,which series was his favourite plus episodes he guested in, and he ends the show speaking klingon!Listen

Kit Cox
writer, artist and Union-verse creator Kit Cox joins the show to talk writing the characters Major Jack Union + Benjamin Gaul,life philosophies, influences and more! We talk meeting at MCM, our love of B movies, the writing process and video/board/card games such as his game 'Evil Ted' published by Steve Jackson that may be coming back! really in depth friendly, funny episode :) For more info, you can download some pdfs and more by going to Kits site www.kitcox.com! Listen

Catharina Jorgensen
Fun international episode recorded a couple of weeks ago as Steven talks to Danish Drawer, illustrator, and DIY Geek Catharina Jorgensen (@Tonniecat)! We talk her involvement in our web series Looking Forward to Failure, how her love of drawing started, her fondness for cooking, generational differences, her heritage, growing up in Denmark, Drawing for other people and ofcourse, we talk being Team Hooman members! I love doing this podcast!Listen

Richard Evans (Star Trek Risa)
Really fun star trek themed episode as Steven talk to Risa group founder and also creator of fan site Star Trek Risa Richard Evans! We talk Star Trek Series,how his Risa project started, us both being FCD media partners, being starstruck when meeting Garrett Wang, FCD last year, and who would be our ultimate crew across all star trek franchises!! love geeky episodes this was super fun. for more info you can checkout www.startrekrisa.com and follow them on twitter @startrekrisa ! Listen

Alex from Battlebards Returns!
A great friend of the show Alex Jarzinski from Battlebards (www.battlebards.com) returns to talk about the upgrades to their sound mixing software, their logo/design change,kickstarter campaigns and roleplaying in general. we also talk the pressures of running a business, the benefit of a understanding support network and joke throughout what we would do if a famous person wanted to be part of one of our ideas. Its a quality episode, I laughed a lot during this!! for more info about Alex and his team please go to www.battlebards.com for more info and a free trial!! Listen

Chris Warburton Brown
Delayed episode finally released where Steven Talks to his good friend Chris Warburton Brown about how we met,our mutual love of board games, family and his unique job involving permaculture!!! really fun episode with a very fun human being!!! Listen

Mark Stay (Robot Overlords)
Really geeky fun robot themed episode as Steven reveals he is actually a robot...only kidding!! Mark Stay (@markstay), Screenwriter of the film Robot Overlords staring Gillian Anderson (x-files) and Sir Ben Kingsley (everything good), talks how the film started, the stress of casting, how the book written after the film expands on the universe and the pros and cons of making a British film. We talk influences, independant versus mainstream filming and also future projects, including maybe a sequel to Robot Overlords!! ( suspense drum roll!) you can find marks blog at http://unusuallytallstories.com/ really great episode!! Listen

The 100th part two!
part two of our celebration of the 100th show (technically 101 but hey, whose counting...), we play a live version of the 100th song 'save the world' and talk/share stories/reminisce to Drew Gotobed,Gary Pollard (blogger: www.mentellheath.org),Alex Jarzebinski(creator:www.battlebards.com),Harry Bentley(founder:www.dragonhoard.co.uk) Gunnar Roxen (author/writer, wyld hunt+dead angels), Chris Birch (modiphius games) and the hosts of the Engage podcast!! super long extended show, but stick with it its great and a fun way to celebrate 100/101(really)Listen

The 100th! part one!
Its finally here! 99 shows and around 2 and a bit years and we've hit 100 episodes! So happy :) we are a century old!!! not bad for a show that started in someones bedroom aka mine i wasn't a burgler! So for part one to celebrate: we play a song I wrote for the 100th called 'share the world' and talk to our friends Drew Gotobed, Clive Burrell(Some kind of Star Trek), Laurence O Brien( Wotan Games) and Marty and Fran (Gum on my shoe) about the 100th, their episodes they were involved in and we share some fun stories :)Listen

Jules Clare (poet/storyteller)
A friend of the show Mr Jules Clare joins Steven for Geek Apocalypse Festive Edition!!! We talk jules growing up in Wales, living in Birmingham, being a poet, city versus country living, the generation difference, we debate bipolar disorder and mental health and Jules gives a great story about his late friend PDO darts Player Phil Nixon. he also ends on some poems!!! you can follow jules on twitter, @jewelster999 and The Jewelster on facebook and his website www.julesclare.blogspot.co.uk!Listen

Gary Pollard (mentellhealth)
Great last minute replacement for the show as Gary Pollard from mentellhealth.org discusses with Steven mental health, his accident, how the site started. they also get their geek on about star wars, battlestar gallactica and talk blogging and treatment and being open about things :) super fun and honest! please go to www.mentellhealth.org for more info about gary and also all things mental health!! Listen

Dave Cousins (north and south Games)
A returning friend joins Steven on the show as Dave Cousins, founder of North and South Games comes on to chat his board games,the convention Essen and how he got literally robbed, uk games expo, running a business and we talk the best board games around!!! really fun friend of the show! to find all of Daves games and about his business, go to www.northandsouthgames.com for more info and follow them on twitter @northandsouthgames ! Listen

John Kovalic (munchkin. Dork Tower)
yay!! been wanting to interview John for a While! Steven talks to John Kovalic about drawing for Steve Jacksons munchkin Series, his online Comic book series Dork Tower, going to conventions, how he got started in the business, his love of games and his experience being on tabletop! Super fun!!! you can find john on twitter @muskrat_john and at www.dorktower.com to see his comic book series!!! follow us on twitter @Geek_apocalypse for all things GA! Listen

MCM London (RJ mitte, Nolan North, Edward james Olmos, Danny John Jules + more)
Wow one of the best guested podcast we've done. Steven and Wayne travel down to london to talk to Nolan North (unchartered, last of us, destiny) R J Mitte (Breaking Bad), Danny John Jules (Red Dwarf) Bob Layton (ironman, marvel, x men) Edward James Olmos(Battlestar Galactica,bladerunner) Zonic Cosplay, Mark Stay (Robot Overlord), Kit cox and much more!! Video version will be released soon with extra content!! and huge thanks to MCM London for the opportunity!Listen

Julie Grady Thomas
Great podcast before we head to mcm london as Steven talks to stand up comedian Julie Grady Thomas in her home in Benwell!! we talk growing up in america just outside boston, our mutual love of conan o brien and the film tremors, how julie ended up in England, being a female in comedy and much more! Really loved talking to her super fun! You can follow her on twitter @jgradythomas and support her at select gigs the stand comedy club in november. :) we are off to MCM London for the next show, hope to see you guys there!!Listen

Ricky Thamman
Fun Episode as Steven travels to Benwell just outside Newcastle to visit his friend Ricky from our Mentally Sound Radio show!! we talk rickys involvement in our Mentally Sound, PTSD, Howard Stern, newcastle, graphic design and share stories of our past, both good and bad, funny and serious.really enjoyable, plus on the road again! :) you can follow Ricky on twitter @VividRicky and subscribe to our mentally sound radio show on itunes!!Listen

Paul Cram + Robert Scott Norton
Superly fun awesome episode as Paul Cram (actor) and Robert Scott Norton come on the podcast to talk about Roberts mystery horror novel 'The Face Stealer' of which Paul did the audiobook version!! We talk how The Face Stealer came to be, how Paul and Robert met, american vs english accents, being a geek, character development, Paul acting with Woody Harrelson, independant publishing, favourite tv shows and much more. I loved this episode, super fun guys. You can purchase the face stealer on amazon and by going to www.robertscottnorton.com to find all the books Scott has wrote. you can find more information about Paul by going to www.paulcramactor.com or checkout his IMDB page!Listen

Hosted: MCM london Announcement!!
hugely enjoyable episode this week as Wayne and Steven record a live hosted episode on twitch 18/9/15!! We talk about being media for MCM London, wayne being irish, how he ended up in Newcastle, what the best games console ever is, and much much more fun stuff. I love doing these shows, we are going to do more!! Wayne is going to podcast with us doing a show called 8bitgaming, coming soon!! stay tuned for more, and follow us on Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/geekapocalypse for more live podcast and gaming content!!Listen

Clive Burrell (Some kind of Star Trek)
Fun episode as Steven talks to Clive Burrell from SKOST live on twitch (10/9/15) where we talk star trek, growing up a geek, family influences, and how Some kind of Star Trek Started. We also talk the 80's, things we liked growing up, good and bad TV shows and debate star trek crew members, the tv shows and independant versions plus we joke about star trek inconsistencies. Awesome show, Clives a great guest!! You can find Clive over at his website http://trekclivos79.blogspot.co.uk/ and also @TheWarpCore on twitter! if you'd like to watch some live #podcasting you can do so on our twitch http://www.twitch.tv/geekapocalypse Listen

Lawrence O Brien (Wotan games)
Lawrence the owner and runner of the great Wotan games joins Steven on the podcast to talk Camelot the build/court, board games and their upcoming expansion for the build and some new games! Also we share video games we like, we tell funny anedotes about MMO's and shooter games, and we also chat about the pros and cons of kickstarter and deciding to run your own business. note:I apologise for the fan noise in the background, we tried to stop it as much as we could although it was Lawrence laptop, I got rid of as much as I could in post. i hope you can live with it as its a good show. to find more info about Lawrence and his board game company, go to their website www.wotangames.co.ukListen

Simon Cordell
Really fun show this week as Simon Cordell from the Engage Podcast joins Steven live on GA's twitch to talk about their star trek podcast The Engage! We also talk star trek,FCD2016, Next Generation, Voyager, uk podcasting, how Simon met his cohosts and we debate funny stuff about star trek and conventions! its a really enjoyable listen! you can find the video version of this podcast by going here http://www.twitch.tv/geekapocalypse/v/13267054 to find more info about Simon and his crew, you can go to http://www.theengagepodcast.com/ :) Listen

Alec Peters (Star Trek Axanar)
Really Awesomely great fun geeky episode in which Alec Peters actor, writer, executive producer from Star Trek Axanar joins Steven on the show. we talk star trek franchises, the writing process, how Axanar came to be, the great actors involved (such as the great Gary Graham!), the prelude to Axanar,Alecs history and how you can still donate! Speaking of Donate, If you'd like to donate to star trek axanar, you can here! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/star-trek-axanar their website:http://www.startrekaxanar.com/ this was broadcast live on twitch, follow us to watch more live content! http://www.twitch.tv/geekapocalypseListen

Wil Ross and David Limburg
Really awesome podcast as David and Wil founders of FCD Events join us live on the podcast! we talk conventions, star trek, building a community, we debate playfully which sci if series are awesome, celebrity guests and ofcourse we talk FCD2016 in Telford 1st weekend of april! plus much more! to find out more info, you can go to http://www.fcd2016.com/ and BREAKING NEWS Geek Apocalypse we will be there helping !!! :) so excited!!!!!!!!!Listen

Marty Baker and Fran Houston
wow, one of the best podcasts from start to finish I think weve done! Steven talks to writer, bloggers and skype ambassadors Marty Baker and Fran Houston about their book and website GumOnMyShoe, in which the book is about marty helping his best friend Fran from america even across the pond deal with her bipolar disorder. its the most open, brilliantly honest podcast talking friendships, how to treat people, how you can be friends with people with a mental health issue and also, how mental health is real, and those that live with it are worthwhile, and worth caring about. i cant tell you how proud I am of this podcast. I sincerely hope it helps you. you can find the guys on twitter @GumOnMyShoeBook and their website http://www.gumonmyshoe.com/, i highly recommend you checkout their stuff! Listen

Wayne Madden
A really fun Episode as Steven catches up with his old mate Wayne Madden! we talk yradio, kickstarter, wrestling, the undertaker, how we became friends, the works of Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, leonardo di caprio, star trek and many more tangents! great fun, gonna do more in the future! video version coming soon on our youtube! you can find Wayne on our twitch channel www.twitch.tv/geekapocalypse 9pm till 12pm thursday nights playing xbox one games. he is also on twitter: @WayneGMadden ! Listen

Special: Matt Dawson Interviews Steven Hesse
A very unique Geek Apocalypse Podcast as Steven Hesse, the founder and host, gets interviewed by Matt Dawson from one up gaming podcast. We talk about how the podcast started, my work before Geek Apocalypse started, my career in youth work, branding, twitch, running a business, my thoughts on the internet and I share some exclusive reveals of what im focusing on behind the scenes! huge thankyou for Matt for doing this, it was fun :) Listen

post e3 review with Keiran (kooldude)
lots happened with e3, some amazing releases, so with us now having a twitch account, games are more important than ever :) so kooldude and I review all the conferences from all the comoanies, talk about the pro and cons of e3 and what we are most looking forward to *cough unchartered 4 *cough* kooldude is on our twitch monday nights and saturdays! follow us on twitch www.twitch.tv/geekapocalypse Listen

Anna Cail
Anna Cail aka G33kGrrly_gaming joins Steven to do a live podcast broadcast 12/6/2015! super awesome! We talk starting on twitch, how anna started, building a community/audience, being a girl gamer, the great Team Hooman,Geek fleet and her great travel show idea!and we take questions from chat! Super brilliant fun extra long show! huge thanks to everyone that was in the chat! we urge you to checkout Anna's twitch www.twitch.tv/g33kGrrly_Gaming and we will be doing more live shows so please follow our twitch www.twitch.tv/geekapocalypse and ofcourse, don't forget to subscribe!Listen

Uk Games Expo 2015
its our 3 year at uk games expo 2015!!! and we have as always a great fun long podcast :) we catch up with a bunch of friends and some new folks too including Steve from Librium games (http://libriumgames.co.uk/), Andrew Harmen (frankensteins bodies, really great game! http://www.yaygames.uk/) James Swallow (star trek, stargate, independant writer/author) steve from dice sports about Z war one http://www.zwargame.com/ , douglas and randall from the next great american board game http://www.tabletopmovie.com/ , chris birch from modephius games http://www.modiphius.com/, dave cousins from north and south games http://northandsouthgames.com/ , and rob burnham who edites tabletop magazine!! huge thankyou to richard for inviting us again this year! we love the expo annd we love games!! Listen

Paul Gerrard (hollywood concept designer)
Steven interviews hollywood concept designer Paul Gerrard about working on clash of the titans, battle La, teenage mutant ninja turtles, hellraiser plus how to get your work noticed, his career so far, and his future plans!!! really awesome show!!! you can find examples of pauls awesome work on his website http://www.gerrardart.com/ ! Listen

Battlebards part 2
Alex and Mike from Battlebards return on the podcast to talk about the new kickstarter, why they had to change it and start again, plus games, RPGing and being an entrepeneur! heres their kickstarter! it has of this release another 3 days to go! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/battlebards/battlebards-epic-fantasy-audio-for-tabletop-rpgs Listen

Ruth Wheeler
Great episode this week as Steven catches up with truxxe trilogy sci fi writer Ruth Wheeler! We talk writing, the trilogy, red dwarf convention, he upcoming projects and we geek out about allsorts of fun stuff :) you can buy her books (that she personally signs!) and other info about Ruth on her site http://www.truxxetrilogy.com/Listen

Laura Hutton (reflection Studios)
The fantasticly fun Laura Hutton from Ubisofts Reflection Studios right here in Newcastle joins us to talk about playing video games, being in the industry, being a girl gamer, and the games shes worked on! we also end on a fun top 10 quickfire quiz :) checkout ubisofts game that laura is working on the latest Tom clancy game!! Listen

Ed Jowett
ED Jowett from shades of vengence join us to talk about his new unique fantasy RPG Era Lyres, its kickstarter (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/shadesofvengeance/era-lyres) plus publishing games,Tabletop RPG's, D & D, being a small business and going to conventions! plus much more!! we have a shop now! :) http://bluecyborg.com/official-merchandise/geek-apocalypse/?tracking=5535a2268cc97 (copy and paste so we get our cut) heres the video version of the show!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gdFk_uvr9AListen

Episode 74: Battlebards
Fun Episode this week as Steven (@geek_apocalypse) talks to Mike and Alex from Battlebards (@battlebards/www.battlebards.com) We talk board games,'geeky' subjects, share some fun gaming stories and talk about Battlebards, how it improves roleplaying and announce their kickstarter project!! If you'd like to see their Kickstarter, you can find it here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/battlebards/battlebards-fantasy-audio-for-tabletop-gamers-doneListen

Episode 73:tabletopday special
Its tabletop day!! Steven goes to his regular board game club Newcastle gamers to celebrate tabletop day and bring his podcasting equipment to talk to his friends about the day and board games and why its important to play more games! with Michael Boterill,Drew Gotobed, Erin Slack (drew and erin plays on youtube), Kyle and Nicholas LLoyd Listen

Episode 72:Ryon day returns!!
The awesome and honest Ryon Day (@Ryon_Day- www.twitch.tv/ryonday) returns to the podcast to talk Co-optitude,Geek and Sundry, life and its struggles, his relationship with his sister, streaming on twitch, the fans and everything in between! Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=GeekApocalypse website:https://geekapocalypse.com Twitch: http://en-gb.twitch.tv/geekapocalypse twitter: https://twitter.com/Geek_Apocalypse Acoustic stuff: https://stevenhesse.bandcamp.com/rele... mentally sound radio show: http://pca.st/SGN9Listen

Episode 71:we're back
We are back!! Steven has an emotional solo podcast talking about the last 6 months and plays a song from his album Looking forward to failure!!! the video version of this podcast is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPFaBqDyA1k to hear Stevens music listen here: https://stevenhesse.bandcamp.com/releases to hear mentally sound radio show hosted by Steven: http://pca.st/SGN9 to follow us on twitch here: http://en-gb.twitch.tv/geekapocalypseListen

Hosted: uk games expo recap
Steven Erin and Drew sit down and reminisce about UK games expo, talk about their favourite board games and the whole weekend and share a few stories and catch up :) Listen

Sarah Boulter
Great fun and lovely times episode this week as Steven talks to the uber fun actress Sarah Boulter! We talk being part of our web series 'Looking forward to failure', kissing my friend Alix Alexandra (jealous!), family vs career, the musical Avenue Q,our love of puppetry (which we both share!) and also upcoming projects! Super fun girl welcome back anytime! Steven is performing this tuesday 11th march at the lowlights tavern in north shields! also our next event we are runnning is Stephen friz Frizzle live album recording that you can find here:http://on.fb.me/1kDgMkDListen

Live at space2
so its happened! We did a podcast with an audience! This was part of Geek Fest Version 1.0 where steven interviews Josh Heyde from Ubisoft and Nigel Auchterlounie comic book extroadinaire from Dennis the menace about their industries, how they got started, advice for young geeks and answers questions from the audience!! You can find Nigels blog at http://spleenal.blogspot.co.uk/ and some pictures from geek fest here https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.225156167673878.1073741830.115522948637201&type=1Listen

Hosted: talking about life!
Extra Episode! Steven and co host Wayne talk about Life, relationships. lust or love, money, waynes new relationship and We talk about our event Geek Fest this saturday the 22nd! If you'd like to know more about geek fest, please have a look at our facebook event here! https://www.facebook.com/events/493974687389226/?ref=5 Listen

Dr Wendy Allen (discovery School)
Really interesting podcast this week as we talk to Dr Wendy Allen from discovery school! We talk the progress of the school being built for september 2014, science, why engineering is important, STEM learning, why the funders selected Newcastle, the application process, age range and how she became head principal! plus loads of other things obviously!!!! geeks unite! if you would like to know what discovery school is up to and for more information, please go to www.discoveryschool.org.ukListen

Hosted: just telling the truth....
* hosted episode as Steven and James catch up and talk terrible wedding videos on youtube,wedding in general,reheating food, photography and some epic freelance and random stories! really fun upbeat podcast, I missed doing hostfuls!!. *the episode is dedicated to Gareth Barham, who was part of our gaming group Newcastle gamers, who sadly died recently due to heart failure and there is a special introduction by Steven talking about gareth and also to meantion his parents have set up a fund with the British heart foundation you can donate to by going here http://lastinghope.bhf.org.uk/garethbarhamListen

Chris Birch
Steven talks to Modiphius Games founder Chris birch about the upcoming 3rd edition of Mutant Chronicles, plus a roleplaying game based on Pablo Parentes DUST universe and ofcourse Achtung Cthuthu! We also talk Uk games expo 2013 and 2014,their new podcast Modiphius Calling, other board games we enjoy such as Lords of Waterdeep and how to make a successful kickstarter project! Real Fun one! you can find info on what Modiphius is up to by going to www.modiphius.com ! Listen

Jason Francis
The creator of Snooker Legends Jason Francis comes on the podcast to talk the legends tour beginnings, his friendships with Alex Higgins and Ronnie O sullivan, Barry Hearne and ofcourse snooker in general. we also talk this weeks master snooker,our own snooker memories, and jasons event legends cup 2014 of which last years version was broadcast on eurosport! Really fun podcast as I'm a super snooker geek! Snooker legends will be in the north east for the first time at the pennymoor leisure centre in Durham on the 23rd January! for more information you can go to www.snookerlegends.co.uk! tickets are going fast so book now to avoid disappointment (I'm not just saying that they really are!) Listen

Andrew Leckonby and John Raine
Cool podcast this week as Steven talks to Andrew Leckonby and John Raine, writers and creators of Bad Samaritan must die which is awesome! We talk making the film, self financing, writing, production companies Lost Weekend and Hydra X Films and their upcoming prequel Dawn of the Bad Samaritan! really fun podcast! For more info on the film you can go to www.thebadsamaritan.com to find out things (after listening to the podcast obviously! you can also find them on facebook here-http://www.facebook.com/thefirstbadsamaritanstory Listen

Hosted: the apocalypse is coming!
hosted episode to start the new year! Drew talks about his new show on the Geek Apocalypse network Podcast against humanity @podcastagainsth and we also talk Stan Lee, Marvel, podcasting, big bang theory, netflix and anything that comes to mind! We also talk about the internet show Gaming apocalypse that We are currently developing! you can follow the new show on twitter @podcastagainstH and can follow Drew @the_imagesmith! you can also follow our upcoming web series @failureseries and ofcourse us @Geek_Apocalypse!Listen

Andrew Hackard
Great podcast for christmas week as we talk to the Munchkin tzar himself Andrew Hackard from Steve Jackson games! we talk meeting at uk games expo, working for Steve Jackson, Andrews experience being on the great board game web series Tabletop, his friendship with Wil Wheaton and thoughts on Geek and Sundry! We also talk the Munchkin franchise, conventions, new upcoming games such as ogre and its upcoming expansion, as well as upcoming games Munchkin Adventure Time and the remake of car wars! and really everything else board games related! super fun podcast and a real interesting guest! we recommend you have a look at www.sjgames.com to find more info on everything Steve Jackson games is up to! You can also follow Andrew on twitter @RedPenOfDoom !Listen

Kirsten Murray Borbjerg
Fun extended Podcast this week as we talk to the lovely Kirsten Murray Borbjerg! We talk Comic books, youth work, her danish heritage, english characteristics, big bang theory,being a geek and much more! really lovely women! p.s I will be blogging a photo of the doll that kirsten meantions later today, man its creepy! Listen

Hosted goodness!
Drew and Steven record at Drews house in gateshead to talk world war z, we also share cameras and production stories, thoughts on Brian Griffin's death, photography, film and comic con and much more geeky fun times! that should be a newspape-geeky fun times! note to patent office... you can follow Drew on twitter @the_imagesmith and the new podcast @podcastagainsth and ofcourse us on twitter @geek_apocalypse. We have also made an account for the new web series @failureseries !Listen

Claire Kelly
Fun show this week as Steven visits Jazz singer and entrepreneur Claire Kelly in her home in Newcastle! We talk how she got into jazz music, her charity work in Malaysia next year,Her business ventures including making clothes for circus performers and being a youth worker! We also have a fun debate about being an entrepreneur and working as a freelancer and also Claire talks about The Jazz Man Documentary currently on kickstarter. You can find all the info about Claire by going onto her site www.randomskills.co.uk! Please donate to the jazz man documentary we meantion here http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1686853993/the-jazz-man-documentary only 64 hours to go so all the help will be appreciated! Listen

Andrew Neale
This week Steven talks to Andrew Neale, Actor, performer and ehem....fellow star of Denatures music Video time available here: http://vimeo.com/67790054. We talk Acting, working with green screen and Andrews brilliant performance group Spark! We also mention Enchanted Parks that Andrew is a part of this year that is on from the 11th till the 14th December. For more info please go to http://www.newcastlegateshead.com/winter-festival-2013/enchanted-parks! Really fun podcast! Listen

Simon Bamford and Barbie Wilde
Cool Episode this week as Barbie Wilde and Simon Bamford from hellraiser 2 join Steven on the podcast! We talk Hellraiser franchise (really?!) ,Simons epic international theatre tours, Clive Barker, Barbies great new novel 'The Venus complex', charity calenders, Deathwish 3 and also we play the I cant believe its not james lipton game, but actually is James Lipton game! Fun Times! interested in Barbie's book? you can find more info by visiting www.barbiewilde.com! For more info on Simon Bamford please visit his site www.simonbamford.com fun times! Listen

Birthday Special
Special extra Episode this week. Steven turns 26 today and so decided, what better way to celebrate than having the people that know him most! Graham Dunn (Geek Apocalypse website creator) Phill Gordon (website) and Scott Ireland (logo creator)talk years of friendship, schools, football years, share stories and the epic grand Theft Auto feud they are currently having. Graham and Scott also try and convince Steven and Phill about Breaking Bad and talk tv and films, hoping that phill's seen at least one of them! One of a kind podcast!Listen

Lee Paul Band (Brian, Alex, Ian)
Extra episode this week! Brian Alex and their manager Ian from Lee Paul Band drop in to talk to Steven and Robbie about their sold out gig at Caedon Hall in Gateshead this saturday! We also talk record labels, headlining 02 Newcastle, their new album and also upcoming festivals that they will be part of! you can find all the info about the band through their website www.leepaulband.com and on facebook https://www.facebook.com/LeePaulBand!Listen

Hosted! Zombies!!! Everywhere!
Robbie Lee Hurst and Steven have a hosted fun time talking Zombieland, the Walking Dead, Zombies in general and what would we do if a Zombie Apocalypse happened in general and if it happened during the podcast! plus other non zombie related topics! Robbie is starring in the play influence at the lowlights tavern this week! for more info go to http://www.cloudninetheatre.co.uk/!Listen

Dan Willis
Steven pays a visit to JamJar Cinema's Dan Willis at the cinema in Whitely Bay! We talk where the idea of Jamjar came from,how it has developed, Dan's history, being a self employed entrepreneur, film licences and of course discussions on Movies and TV! Great conversation really enjoyed it, god bless sound proofed rooms! You can follow JamJar Cinema on twitter @JamJarCinema and pop to their website www.jamjarcinema.com to find out whats on and other fun things! We've been and it's awesome!Listen

James Cook (with Karen Taylor in the background)
This week we talk to producer, writer and director James Cook (with his producer Karen chipping in in the background) in his home in Durham! Thats right we are touring cities! I made it ma! We talk to James and Karen about their brilliant sci fi project Cassini II, James writing process, past and future projects, TV versus film, independent projects versus mainstream, a good indepth look at creating content in the 21st century. Its a great podcast and having seen the teaser, this project Cassini is definately worth supporting. You can find more info by liking their facebook page here and following them on twitter @ProjectCassini !Listen

Screencon 2013
Screencon 2013 from park hotel in Tynemouth is here! :) we talk to Pam Rose (star wars,batman,superman) about george lucas, her role in star wars a new hope and working with David Tennant! Paul Gerrard (Battle LA,Wrath of the titans) about being a concept designer, how to promote yourself as an artist and exclusive talk about future projects Teenage mutant ninja turtles and Hellraiser. Ian Whyte (AVP,Harry Potter,Game of thrones, prometheus) talks to us about being the predator in AVP,Harry Potter,his career in basketball, working with Ridley Scott and upcoming projects Hercules with the rock and the bbc soap doctors! We then talk to Caroline munro (jamesbond, dracula) about the spy who loved me,british horror, horror studios recent comeback, and advice for young actresses! And if thats not all, we talk to Chris Barrie (red dwarf, tomb raider, brittas empire) about Red Dwarf Dimension Jump Convention, an exclusive response about the new series and All things red dwarf, with Chris doing a very special ending to the podcast!! now breathe! Listen

Hosted on ya bike!
Hosted goodness this week Steven and James Oxbourough talk about Steven being hit by a bike, urban food festival, sleeping patterns, phone hacking MMORPG's, mobile apps and the wonder that is Grand Theft Auto! Plus other random tangents! You can follow us on twitter @Geek_Apocalypse and you can follow james @JamesOPhoto!Listen

adam Lumley
Steven talks to ex stand up and british wrestler Adam Lumley! We talk British independant wrestling,his character Adam Christ, watching American wrestling growing up and ofcourse geeky subjects that we love such as Star Trek, William Shatner,WWF/WWE and everyday geekiness! Adam is on the card for Full Tilt Wrestling on October 4th at four lane ends social club. For more information please go to their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/FullTiltWrestling. Adam is also part of Maximum pro wrestling here: https://www.facebook.com/MaximumProWrestling! well worth a look! Listen

Drew Gotobed
This week Steven is joined by fellow Newcastle gamer Drew Gotobed! We talk D&D, boards games like Lords of Waterdeep and Zombiecide, how we became members of Newcastle gamers and a healthy debate on video games versus board games. We also talk Drews current projects including his zombie photography and his current jobs as photographer and social media guru! Really fun podcast expect more of Drew on Geek Apocalypse related stuff!! you can follow Drew on twitter @the_imagesmith and on tumblr here!Listen

Jan Wagner
In this extra Episode Steven talks to multi talented game developer Jan Wagner! We talk about his production company Cliffhanger Production that makes Jagged Alliance online and how that came about, their current project Shadowrun Online and how the company started. We also talk Jan working with companies vivendi and jowood, working on titles half life and empire earth and a fun interesting discussion on major versus independant video game developers. Super fun podcast really enjoyed it! please check out Jans company here-http://www.cliffhanger-productions.com/ Listen

James Oxborough
James joins Steven on skype to talk our gig night idea, how he got involved in photography, his music and why we love the Ricky Gervais show. We also talk university and college and the pros and cons of working as a freelancer! really fun podcast, you can follow james on twitter @jamesophoto and also find him on facebook! This podcast includes some announcements about Geek Apocalypse so extra news too! yes we really love do like you!Listen

Abi Lewis
This week steven talks to the delightful director/producer Abi lewis,creator of the upcoming keith Crombie documentary 'the jazz man'. We talk growing up in Newcastle,tv shows, her film company agogo, knowing Keith as I child, filmmaking including independant versus....well not independent and random fun bits in-between! Includes a special guest in the form of Abi's dog Carl disrupting the podcast in a fun loving way obviously! You can follow the jazz film on twitter @TheJazzManDoc and Abi @lewisabi!Listen

Cal Fraser
This week Steven and co host for this episode Wayne Madden talk to our old mate Cal Fraser! We have an interesting discussion about film making and influences such as red dwarf, how to tackle script writing, Cal's music endeavours and his film project Meso america that he is currently working on! plus other random tangents in-between...how surprising! great show really enjoyed it! you can follow Cal on twitter @calfraz and follow his film twitter on @mesoamericafilm! Listen

Hosted with Wayne and Steven
Steven and Wayne talk viewing experiences with flats etc including the story of the worse place we have ever seen! we also talk geek week including the knightmare series revival, and talk documentaries about serial killers which apparently we talked about a year ago! guess we dont talk about new things all the time so gutter!Listen

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