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A Rifle Through the Dailymail
In this latest installment of our occasional feature “A Rifle Through the Dailymail”, we discuss the DM’s obsession with women’s “assets” (their word, not ours), the always delightful mix ‘n match style… Read more A Rifle Through the DailymailListen

Episode 38 ? The MTV VMAs from 1985
So we decided, after the 2016 VMAs, to go and watch the VMAs from 1985 and talk all through THAT as well. Oh, and I had been on the drink and Good Teeth was massively ill, just to add an air of jeopardy to proceedings… Anyway, here it is: [Download here (right-click and save): Episode 38 – […]Listen

Episode 37 ? The MTV VMAs
So we thought it’d be fun (for us) to watch this year’s MTV Video Music Awards ceremony and provide a “live” running commentary as the unfolding events confounded our middle-aged minds. Spoiler alert: there was a lot of ass. So. Much. Ass. But who’s complaining? Certainly not these hardcore MTV VMA fans!   Anyway, here […]Listen

Episode 36 ? Brothers Not In Arms
Welcome to episode 36, which centres on feuding sibling band members, represented in this inexplicable photograph taken on a small Pacific island which will only really make sense once you’ve listened to the whole thing: Have fun… [Download here (right-click, “save as”): Episode 36 – Brothers Not In Arms] .Listen

Episode 35 ? Confessions, Brexit and Trump
We didn’t really have a theme for this one, so we’ve kind of reverted to our pet subjects of bodily mishaps and politics, in particular the EU Referendum and the unprecedented rise of Donald J Trump. There’s also some chat on the slightly less-worse Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton: All of which is preceded by a […]Listen

Episode 34 ? Conspiracy Theories (part two)
The concluding half of our look at conspiracies, which includes a healthy dose of flat earth fun, along with more NASA “lies” proven, as ever, by someone in a bedroom on a laptop SAYING so:   Oh, and let’s not forget this blatantly impossible, yet entirely unfathomable explanation of day and night: So, for all […]Listen

Episode 33 ? Conspiracy Theories (part one)
Welcome to our 33rd episode, in which we discuss, among other things, this guy: And his obsession with: While skirting over other popular conspiracies such as the 9/11 truth movement and those who don’t believe space exists… Yes. Yes it is. As is this episode, which you can feast upon here: [Download here (right-click, “save as”): Episode […]Listen

Episode 32 ? New Order/Joy Division (part three)
The final part of our New Order/Joy Division trilogy covers, in the most part, New Order performing live in Miami on 23rd March 2016, which looks like this:   Help yourselves: [DOWNLOAD HERE (right-click, “save as”): Episode 32 – New Order/Joy Division (part three)] .Listen

Episode 31 ? New Order/Joy Division (part two)
Episode 31 sees us continue our delve into Joy Division and New Order, having read and watched just about everything available anywhere on these bands. In particular, we look at the (bizarre) love triangle between Ian, Debbie and Annik, together with the two main films covering this part of musical history (24 Hour Party People […]Listen

Episode 30 ? New Order/Joy Division (part one)
Episode 30 sees us delve into our mutual love of New Order and Joy Division, and centres on the autobiographies of two of their founding members Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner.     In homage to our heroes, we had several mishaps involving electrical items during the recording of this, although unlike Hooky and Barney, […]Listen

Episode 29 ? Double Album From Hell: part two (US)
Episode 29 covers part two of Volume VII of the GBTB Double Album From Hell, where Good Teeth gets her (good) teeth into these: Mmmbop – Hanson Two Princes – Spin Doctors Grease Megamix Jump Around – House Of Pain Fuck It (I Don’t Want U Back) – Eamon All Star – Smash Mouth Tonight […]Listen

Episode 28 ? Double Album From Hell: part one (UK)
Welcome to DAFH Volume 7, part one, otherwise known as episode 28 of the Good Teeth, Bad Teeth Podcast. In this episode Bad Teeth ploughs through a selection of UK tracks procured anonymously (as ever) for him by none other than Good Teeth. They are as follows: Dance With Me Tonight – Olly Murs All […]Listen

Episode 27 ? The Swap (part two)
Episode 27 is the conclusion of our house swap special and features, as ever, a wee-related mishap from Good Teeth together with a shark “attack”, a car crash and a wealth of food-snob experiences: Oh, and this one features spouses, too, because we had problems remembering a lot of what happened in an unprecedented move on […]Listen

Episode 26 ? The Swap (part one)
Episode 26 is a South Florida/West Cornwall swapsy extravaganza, during which we begin discussion on our recent HOUSE SWAP – a life-changing journey involving Good Teeth, Mr. Good Teeth, Good Teeth Bestie, Bad Teeth and Mrs. Bad Teeth. In short, some Americans experienced places that look like this: And some Brits enjoyed these kinds of surroundings:   So […]Listen

Episode 25 ? A Rifle At The Mail
We were at a bit of a loose end this month, so we decided to read the Mail Online and see what happened… Turns out most of it nowadays is paid advertorials, but hey, at least they’re not openly trumpeting fascism anymore, so that’s good. [DOWNLOAD HERE: Episode 25 (right-click, “save as”)] .Listen

Episode 24 ? Couples Therapy
Episode 24 sees us delve into series 1 and 2 of popular VH1 series Couples Therapy.   A show in which a bunch of nobodies host of leading US stars of music and television congregate in a holiday villa to further their careers rectify their troubled relationships, and hilarity ensues…       Here it is, people: [Download here (right-click, […]Listen

Episode 23 ? The Bottom Half Of The Internet/A Little More Midlife Crisis
Episode 23 is a bit of an interim one where neither of us felt 100%. Luckily, the comment threads of Yahoo and the Daily Mail roused us to the point where we were almost functional:   . Oh, and we also stray back into midlife crisis territory towards the end: Anyway, knock yourselves out… [Download here: Episode […]Listen

Episode 22 ? Multi-Level Marketing
Do YOU want to make £££s working from home? Do you ever wish you could be your own boss? Enjoy UNLIMITED earning potential? Well, then for fuck’s sake don’t get involved in multi-level marketing. Unless you’re Kenny Loggins: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrWu4STtETI Do you get off on this kind of obfuscatory PowerPoint bullshit?     Can you clear some space […]Listen

Episode 21 ? The Midlife Crisis Special
Join us in Episode 21 as we mercilessly judge the lives of celebrities old enough to be their lovers’ father/mother/grandfather. Celebs, such as these:   And HIM:     Enjoy… [Download here: Episode 21 (right-click, “save as”)] .Listen

Episode Twenty ? The Pub Quiz From Hell
Join us as we challenge each other on sport, films, politics and popular culture, over a soothing musical bed of entry-level techno. Who will win? God only knows… [Download here (right-click, save as…) Episode Twenty] .Listen

Episode Nineteen ? Live Aid (part four)
OK, so this is it – the FINAL installment of our Live Aid series. And we’re all Phil Collinsed out: Fuck it, let’s all get on the stage… ….and hold aloft our humble, unassuming saviour:   Anyway, here, as ever, are our efforts. Endure: [Download here: Live Aid (part four)] [Or here] .Listen

Episode Eighteen ? Live Aid (part three)
Welcome to part three of the Live Aid Special. Do YOU have your boarding pass?: Yeah, there’s gonna be plenty more of him unfortunately. Here’s a picture of Not Robert Palmer: Q: What do you get if you cross a ginger mullet, an inability to sing in tune and minimal guitaring ability? A:   Anyway, […]Listen

Episode Seventeen ? Live Aid (part two)
So, this is the second of our four-part Live Aid opus. We’ve literally flown across the Atlantic on the same day by Concorde to bring you this epi…..yes, we KNOW there’s no such thing as Concorde anymore… Why are we doing this? Because we’re MAD, that’s why: We was in England this afternoon…..funny old world, innit? […]Listen

Episode Sixteen ? Live Aid (part one)
You know how in the last episode we had this impetuous idea of “hey, let’s do a Live Aid special, where are they now?” kind of thing? Well, we’ve only gone and bloody done it. To such an extent that we’ve spent days watching every bit of footage we could lay our hands on, and […]Listen

Episode Fifteen: 2014
Join us in episode 15 for a review of the year, in which we end up discussing about 5 of the things that happened during 2014…     Yeah, so time got away from us a bit in the end. I suppose we COULD have covered EVERYTHING that went down, but neither of us had 48 […]Listen

Episode Fourteen: What Went Wrong With Eminem?
In Episode Fourteen we discuss the post-2000 downturn in Eminem’s output – was he a visionary genius who increasingly lost his way, or did he just have everyone fooled by releasing, essentially, the same three records* over and over again for the last fifteen years? Whoa, Jeez! That’s one creepy looking fuc…….think I’m just gonna […]Listen

Episode Thirteen: Dogging Tales
In Episode Thirteen we spray ourselves more or less directly into the armpit of the British institution of dogging, via a Channel 4 documentary from 2013 entitled “Dogging Tales”, a programme I’d been meaning to watch when it came out, and, unsurprisingly, a show Good Teeth had never seen before. [Dogging’s answer to Adam & […]Listen

Episode Twelve ? Embarrassing Bodies
Ever wondered what simulated diarrhea looks like while being poured into a martini glass? Been dying to see a load of mis–shapen breasts without having to resort to watching specialty porn? Or perhaps you were thinking about giving yourself a coffee enema and were wondering if it was a good idea*? Ok, us neither but that […]Listen

Episode Eleven ? The Big Reunion
For episode eleven Good Teeth and I watched two entire series of ITV2 pop-reformation reality hit The Big Reunion. These are our findings…: [Download here: Episode Eleven] And here are some choice pics from the show for you to drink into your retinae:Listen

Episode Ten ? Double Album From Hell: Rest Of The World Special pt. 2
[Download here: Rest Of The World: Part Two (N-Z)] Episode Ten finds Bad Teeth sifting his way through the following musical sewage: The Look – Roxette The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script How Bizarre – OMC Stars On 45 Medley – Stars On 45 Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira Mysterious Ways – U2 […]Listen

Episode Nine ? Double Album From Hell: Rest Of The World Special
[Download episode here: Rest Of The World: Part One (A-M)] Episode Nine is the first of a two-part special in which we swap ten tracks from what we’ve termed “the rest of the world” (in this case, every country other than the US, the UK, Canada and Australia), which is really just an excuse to get […]Listen

Episode Eight explores the misdemeanours and meltdowns now prevalent across social media, together with a selection of terrible memes dissected for your aural amusement: Plus, as a kind of bonus or whatever, please feel free to judge our Roger Daltrey Meme-Off which was conceived during the course of our recording: Bad Teeth:  Good Teeth:  . Anyway, […]Listen

Episode Seven: Ink Master
In episode 7 we tattoo our thoughts on to the body of a reality TV show called Ink Master, specifically the recently-aired fourth series: All you have to do, listener, is survive for the two hours of this month’s podcast without “tappin’ out” or fainting. Do YOU have what it takes… to be [listening to a […]Listen

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