The Maverick SEO show is a weekly podcast hosted by Anthony Hayes & Robert Phillips covering whats really working now in search engine optimization and web traffic today. Anthony Hayes is the owner of Commando SEO Software Ltd (UK) &


Ranking Strategy 1 - Hangouts & YouTube Live Events
Ranking Strategy 1 - Hangouts & YouTube Live Events Following on from the what's working now podcast last week, where we discussed several SEO strategies that we use successfuly in our campaigns, we start digging deeper into each one. The first strategy is Hangouts on Air & YouTube Live Events. There is no doubt that these rank faster than normal youtube uploads. What we use are two of my Commando SEO Tools to stream through hangouts and Youtube Live events for faster rankings. YouTube Live Commando Hangout Publisher Commando Robert is also giving away a great free bonus this week which you can find at This is his collection of high paying niches. Combining this with video marketing via hangouts and youtube live can get you some excellent paydays! Listen

Whats Really Working Now In SEO
Get free Commando SEO tools at the end of the podcast The Top Whats Working Now Strategies: In This Episode Of the Maverick SEO Show Anthony & Robert Discuss: Using Hangouts & YouTube Live Events For Fast Rankings... Discover 2 low cost tools that automate streaming of pre recorded videos to hangouts and live events for super fast rankings! Press Releases (Increases Referral Links, Unique IP Links Plus Traffic & Fast Rankings)... Discover an affordable premium press release service! On Page SEO Is Huge!... Done Properly (Get Google To Optimize Your Content)... We touch on some key things you need to use in on page seo including how to get Google to optimize your content for you! Social Signals For SEO (Re-Shares Are Huge!)... Discover the secret sauce that influencers and authority sites use for super fast rankings and how you cab replicate it. Guest Posts On Influential Sites are huge...If you know how and where to get them, listen as we discuss this strategy for a massive SEO and traffic boost by getting links from people who have authority rank with Google. Private Link Networks (Independently Owned But Not a Public Membership).. This is a little bit underground, but you can discover how to get these links. Private Blog Networks (Your own sites)... A lot has been said about using private blog networks recently, including the recent Google algorithm update, listen as we discuss some Listen

The Maverick SEO Show Episode 1
In this first episode Anthony Hayes discusses what to expect from the podcast show and some background about his experience as a serial SEO software product creator as well as more info on where to get free high quality SEO training.Listen

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