Davian Dent, raconteur, bon-viveur and self proclaimed libertine of the podcast world invites you to turn, tune in and drop off...

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Episode 27 'Disco'
Davian's stereophonic dark comedy returns. Has he gone too far this time?Listen

Episode 26: 'Slow Drowning'
The Bitter Sound returns with a new episode of Davian Dent's surreal and stereophonic dark comedy.Listen

Episode 25: 'The Bitter Sound'
This is a special presentation of The Bitter Sound, and features remastered and edited highlights of the first two years. If you've never heard the show before, this is the ideal place to start...Listen

The Bitter Sound presents... The Kundalini Files Redux
A special remastered and re-edited feature-length presentation of the six part comedy/crime drama The Kundalini Files.Listen

The Kundalini Files #6: "Death Reborn"
Every great story has a start and an end, does this one? Listen to find out what happens to our heroes as they battle to escape the clutches of Dr Lazarus and his mad experiment.Listen

Episode 24: 'Tarred and Feathered'
Davian is rather preoccupied with a problem involving ducks so his room-mate Matt Bubbles hosts this show with contributions from Fenton 0800 and Short Sigh. Special guest is Sharon Houston.Listen

The Kundalini Files #5: Death Has a Name"
The penultimate episode of this future copy drama find our two heros making their way to the secret Lazarus Corporation headquarters.Listen

Episode 23: 'This Is The Way, Step Inside'
Davian Dent blah blah drugs blah blah surreal comedy blah blah Danny Blaze blah blah lot's of aural madness, innit.Listen

The Bitter Sound presents... George George and Morris Worthington Smyth, part one
The debut of two utterly horrid old gits, George George and Morris Worthington Smyth... Please, do not encourage them.Listen

The Kundalini Files #4: "Bang Bang You're Dead"
Big guns, explosions, sex, sex explosions, intrigue and death. All these things are here in the action packed episode of the future copy drama.Listen

Episode 22: 'Languescent Ecstasy'
Making a welcome return to this festival of surreal, ambient and often disturbing audio is Mr David Skitt. A beautiful eulogy is delivered, courtesy of Matt Bubbles and Fenton 0800 sees the light...Listen

The Kundalini Files #3: "A Midsummer Night's Death"
Intrigue abounds when are two would-be heroes take refuge in the mysterious masked man's apartment. She is not who he thinks she is...Listen

Episode 21: 'My Tramadol God'
Davian's erstwhile manager and occasional pimp Stockton Clemens makes a surprise return in this feast of aural uncertainty. Also featuring is the first part of the multiple deaths of Hellman Clerrings. No pandas were harmed in the recording of this show.Listen

The Kundalini Files #2: "To sleep, perchance to die"
Ryan and Eli discover that there is something they should discover, so they try to discover it. Unfortunately they get discovered.Listen

Episode 20: 'A Quintessence of Dust'
It has been said before that an infinite number of monkeys could, if given typewriters, could produce the entire works of William Shakespeare if given an infinite amount of time. This is the sort of thing that would normally interest Davian. So what?Listen

Abstract Eye #2
A second serving of the video compliment to The Bitter SoundListen

Episode 19: 'The Face Of A Sick Ape'
Davian returns with another slice of suicidingly uncompromising audio horror. Food, death, excrement & ejaculate all make an appearance at some point in the show. Debuting here is the first part of the new dark comedy crime drama, 'The Kundalini Files'. Listen

The Kundalini Files #1: "Death becomes him"
The first installment in this new dark comedy crime drama, written by Davian Dent and Jerry T'Waht. Starring Jason Mcnamara as Ryan Jaxton and Davian Dent as Eli Taffis.Listen

Abstract Eye #1
The first videocast from The Bitter SoundListen

Episode 18: 'LSD'
The end of an era, or the beginning of something beautiful? Don't ask Davian, he's rather distracted by the voices in his head. Listen

Episode 17: 'About a Boy'
Choose a socially acceptable podcast if you are faint of heart... The audio chaos continues as Davian is again joined in the studio with Bonn from the Strange Times podcast, who brings an unexpected guest. Listen

Episode 16: ?Marooned in Monkeyland'
In this incident filled episode, Davian is struggling with his new mixing desk, and chats to the one and only Barry From Watford.Listen

Episode 15: 'A Duel Of Personalities'
In this particularly beguiling episode, Davian get interrupted by himself. Confused? You should have listened to show 12 then.The featured guest in this show is Basildon's comedy pop sensation Kunt & The Gang. Listen

Episode 14: 'Benjamin Sometimes'
In this episode of the increasingly bizzare slow-motion audio car crash, Davian employs a stunt double to do his intro, Scott Taylor from DHB Radio gets rather irate about piano cakes and Matt Bubbles makes a drunken appearance to cook for you. Listen

Episode 13: 'Up The Down Escalator'
Davian Dent returns in this, the third and possibly last series of surreal, dark and sometimes disturbing audio cabaret that is The Bitter Sound. In this episode, Davian chats to TV and radio personality Iain Lee, and discusses stuff... Listen

Episode 12: 'The Dark Cabaret'
In this last episode of this current series, Davian is again joined in the studio by Bonn Voyage . The celebrations take a dark turn and Davian reveals his 'secret'. This show is dedicated to Tim Smith of Cardiacs. Get well soon mate. Listen

Episode 11: 'Doppler Shift'
In this installment of the aural surrealfest, Davian has a chat with Danny Blaze and Keith True from The Big & Clever podcast. Listen

Episode 10: 'Trobar Clus & the trial of Marcabru'
Davian teams up with fellow Strange Times Show co-host Bonn Voyage to bring you another ambient and sometimes disturbing serving of aural ecstacy Listen

Episode 9: 'Yellow Bamboo'
Davian teams up with the force of nature that is Kat Sorens from The Rigid Fist and Strange Times podcasts. Listen

Episode 8: 'Womb Apocalypse at the Sleepy Lagoon'
Weird, atonal, surreal. Davian Dent serves up another dish of ambient strangeness. Listen

Episode 7: 'Meta Muse'
Davian Dent returns to bring you a new serving of dark comedy audio... Listen

Episode 6: 'Piano Cakes'
What have we learnt? What has Davian learnt? Does it actually matter? Listen

Episode 5: 'A Serbian Podcast'
Davian Dent tracks down his co-writer and legal advisor, Stockton Clemens Listen

Episode 4: 'Pod Will Tear Us Apart'
Davian is in a rather disturbed state after eating too much cheese and bumping into Mike the Really Happy Snail Listen

Episode 3: 'Intrigue In Cairo'
Davian argues about his soon to be published memoirs, much to the annoyance of anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot. Listen

Episode 2: 'Shortwave Biscuit'
Davian Dent returns to present more shambolic and alternative audio Listen

Episode 1: 'The Blind Pilot'
Davian Dent, raconteur, bon-viveur and self proclaimed libertine of the podcast world invites you to turn, tune in and drop off...Listen

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