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Episode 11- Evin O?Riordain
The Kernel Brewery sits at the heart of the Bermondsey beer community alongside a number of other producers including cheese makers, bakers, butchers, coffee roasters and honey makers. Evin O’Riordain, the founder of The Kernel, has not only built a great brewery but a sense of community amongst these local producers. I sat down with … Continue reading "Episode 11- Evin O’Riordain"Listen

Episode 10 ? Tom Palmer
Welcome to Episode 10, with Tom Palmer from Mondo Brewing Company. One of things I love about doing this podcast is hearing the story of how people got into beer. I am lucky to sit down and talk, usually over a few beers, about how people began their beer journey. For some it?s a pub … Continue reading "Episode 10 – Tom Palmer"Listen

Episode 9 ? Sam McGregor
Welcome to Episode 9 with Sam McGregor, Co-Founder of Signature Brew. Beer and music are a great match. But they aren’t often presented well together – why is the beer always terrible at gigs and festivals? This was a question that Sam was trying to answer when exploring the concept of their brewery. We explored this and … Continue reading "Episode 9 – Sam McGregor"Listen

Episode 8 ? Matt Curtis
Matt Curtis is a thinker, an obsessive, and envelop pusher. He?s also one of the best and busiest beer writers in the country. Whether its commissions in magazines, beer events or more impressively the fact he was handpicked by Michael Kiser to be the UK storyteller for Good Beer Hunting. Matt is also a talker and in … Continue reading "Episode 8 – Matt Curtis"Listen

Episode 7 ? Wilf, Co-Founder of UBREW
It’s fair to say the UK has always had a home brew culture. Many craft brewers started out as home brewers and with the beer revolution we’ve seen more and more people take an interested in brewing. Sometimes taking the first step can be intimidating. Luckily, there are more and more places to obtain advice and materials, … Continue reading "Episode 7 – Wilf, Co-Founder of UBREW"Listen

Episode 6 ? Jonny Garrett
Welcome to Episode 6 with Jonny Garrett, Co-Founder of the Craft Beer Channel on YouTube. All the best ideas are thought up in the pub. It takes a special person or group of people to see that pub idea through. That’s exactly what Jonny and his Co-Founders did. Since launching in 2013 they now have … Continue reading "Episode 6 – Jonny Garrett"Listen

Episode 5 ? London Brewers Market
  Welcome to Episode 5. Something different for todays podcast. I did a feature on the London Brewers Market. Saturday 2nd April saw the first of three markets for the year. I wanted to understand the story behind it and what it means to the brewers who attend. I sat down with Doreen Barber, Co … Continue reading "Episode 5 – London Brewers Market"Listen

Episode 4 ? Mark and Steve from the Beer O?Clock Show
I sat down with Mark and Steve from the Beer O’Clock show – the UKs leading beer podcast. The Beer O’Clock show podcast started just under 4 years ago – It’s rise in popularity seemingly mirroring its subject matter. In that time Mark and Steve have a built and large and loyal audience and an even … Continue reading "Episode 4 – Mark and Steve from the Beer O’Clock Show"Listen

BushCraftBeer Podcast ? Episode 3 Tom Hutchings
Welcome to the BushCraftBeer podcast Episode 3 with Tom Hutchings, Co-Founder of Brew By Numbers. Over the next hour you’ll hear about how Tom and his Co-Founder Dave Seymour started Brew By Numbers including how they ended up in Bermondsey, arguably the centre of craft beer in London. You’ll also hear how they decide what beers … Continue reading "BushCraftBeer Podcast – Episode 3 Tom Hutchings"Listen

BushCraftBeer Podcast Episode 2 ? Phil Harding and Charlie Pountney
Welcome to the BushCraftBeer podcast. This is episode 2, where I sit down and chat with Phil Harding and Charlie Poutney from Boutique Bar Brands. We sat down with a few beers, at their new hot desking cum micro bar, out of office in Battersea, started doing a sound check and just kept chatting so it’s … Continue reading "BushCraftBeer Podcast Episode 2 – Phil Harding and Charlie Pountney"Listen

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