Life is sometimes a true story. So why not let Jeannie tell you her own?


Burning Down The Church
The big day has arrived and a 27 year old Kathryn is preparing to marry the man of her dreams. However, first she must overcome the creeping flames of a nearby candle; not to mention the creeping realities and expectations of day-to-day married life. Listen

Frauds, Hawaiian Bikinis and Mannequins
As a teen, Kathryn had already lost one pageant but won another which allowed her to attend the finals in Hawaii. However, although it was full of excitement, it was also undeniably tinged with the emotions of feeling like a fraud. It would take a few more lessons yet, before she could begin learning the art of being authentic.Listen

Plucking Plasters
In the midst of all her beauty pageants. A 17 year old Kathryn had a memorable experience in Las Vegas. In the moment it seemed very insignificant though embarrassing and confusing. However later in life she saw it as a turning point and a time that defined her. Listen

Fish Coffee on Ice
Kathryn needed to take a break after university and decided to go on an adventure to the other side of the world. She found herself in a land of snow and ice, filled with Russians in the middle of Siberia. Not only did she meet the Mafia and have a few cultural mishaps, she also discovered that there are more sides to countries and people than we all realise. Listen

Spitting Watermelon and Inconsequential Fortunes
His name was ?Gunner Mac?. A highly distinguished gunnery sergeant who commanded tank units in World War II and the Korean conflict. He was wounded in battle several times and received three Purple Hearts. He was also a politician, a Louisiana rancher and one of the strongest men; both in muscle and pride that I ever knew...Listen

The Crown That Slipped Away
Kathryn, known as Katie-Beth in her teens, had just walked off the ?Miss North Texas? runway with the prized rhinestone crown. All the previous winners had gone on to win the main state pageant and Kathryn knew she wouldn't be any different. Until a disaster hit, changing not only the competition, but her own view of herself... Listen

Touching Toes and All that Jazz
Kathryn and Michael seemed to have everything they could want as they set off on their honeymoon to the US West coast. However during the eight hour drive from Seattle to California, tensions start to rise. That is until Kathryn meets Billie, and finds herself falling in love all over again...Listen

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